Netgear ExpressVPN app for routers setup tutorial

Netgear ExpressVPN app for routers setup tutorial

Let’s walk through the steps for setting
up the ExpressVPN app for routers on a Netgear router. To complete this tutorial, you’ll need a
computer, a compatible Netgear router, and an ExpressVPN subscription. A full list of compatible Netgear routers
can be found in the video description and on the ExpressVPN Support page. Note that ExpressVPN suggests you set up your
Netgear router as a secondary router. It should also be connected to the internet
from the start of the tutorial. If you are unable to connect your Netgear
router to the internet, contact Netgear support. Begin by visiting the ExpressVPN website and
logging into your account. Click the green button that reads “Set up
ExpressVPN.” On the next page, scroll down and click “router”
on the left. On the right, click the dropdown menu and
select your router model. For this tutorial, we’ll select Netgear
Nighthawk R7000. Make sure to double-check that you’ve selected
the correct firmware for your router model. Loading the wrong firmware onto your router
could break it. When you’ve confirmed you’ve selected
the right firmware, click “Download firmware.” Once the download completes, you can move
it to a location on your computer that makes it easy to find later. Without closing the current page, open a new
tab. You’ll be returning to the ExpressVPN setup
page later. Make sure you are connected to your Netgear
router and visit If that doesn’t work, try typing in your
local host. See the video description for an article on
finding your local host. Next, enter your router username and password. If this is your first time using the Netgear
router, you may also be asked to change the username and password. Skip this step for now—you can do it once
you’ve installed the ExpressVPN firmware. When you reach the Netgear dashboard, click
the Advanced tab. Select Administration on the left, followed
by Router Update. Then click Browse to search for the router
firmware you just downloaded. Select the file and click “Open.” Finally, click “Upload.” A warning may appear telling you the internet
connection will be terminated. Select OK. Another warning may appear telling you that
you are uploading an older firmware version. Select “Yes” to proceed. The firmware installation process will begin. Do not turn off or reset your router. The router will reboot when finished. When the reboot bar fills up, open a new tab
and visit This is the site you will access whenever
you want to manage your router firmware, connect to VPN, or switch VPN locations. Begin by logging in.The default username and
password are both “admin”. If you want to stay logged in for 30 days,
check the corresponding box. Then click “Login.” ExpressVPN recommends that you change the
default login credentials once you’ve activated your router. On the next page, you’ll need to activate
your router. Go back to the ExpressVPN setup page you left
open from before and copy the activation code by clicking the white button to the top right. Then return to the ExpressVPN router window
and paste the activation code. Note that if you didn’t leave the ExpressVPN
setup window open, you can always enable internet without VPN by clicking “Enable Internet
without VPN” and visiting the ExpressVPN website. You can choose to share anonymous connection
data with ExpressVPN by leaving the box checked. If you don’t want to share connection data,
uncheck the box. Then select activate. Once activation is completed, your router
will automatically connect to a nearby VPN location. If you would like to disconnect from the VPN,
click “Disconnect.” To change locations, click “Select another
location.” Finally, to change the default router username
and password, go to “ExpressVPN Help & Support.” Congrats! You’ve set up the ExpressVPN app for routers
on your Netgear router. You now have VPN protection for all the devices
on your network. If you have any questions, ExpressVPN Support
is available 24/7 over live chat. Thanks for watching!


  • Sun KAI says:

    I want to see independent security researchers reviewing the code before downloading the app.

    I want to see the code on Github open source.

    I want to see security bounty program for independent researchers.

  • dirk pinda says:

    NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router with MU-MIMO (R7000P) is not working, would be nice to have firmware for this router too.

  • Robbie G says:

    Hi team, Merry Christmas! I have been using express VPN on my R7000 to good effect for the last few weeks. Trouble is I can no longer access my router. Internet over wifi is working perfectly and all my devices can connect to my netgear network. Any advice?

  • Raúl Rodriguez says:

    I have a NETGEAR Nighthawk R8000 🙁 Will that be compatible eventually?

  • Marnus van Wijk says:

    Hi guys, can you please add support for the Netgear R8000?

  • Josh Cilley says:

    Hello, can you please add support for the Netgear R6400?

  • Luc Desmarais says:

    I would also be interested in finding a VPN Express Firmware for the Netgear R8000P model. Any news on when this may become available?

  • James Watson says:

    By installing this, will all the current features of the R7000 still be available? I regularly use the port forwarding, Dynamic DNS, USB NAS features and the ability to block devices from connecting to the internet. Will these features still work or am I better to install DD-WRT on an old router and use that instead? I'd prefer not to but I can't go without most of the features on the R7000.

  • Todd Scripter says:

    Do I actually need 2 routers? I have the Nighthawk R7000

  • Da Kamsta says:

    Help Netgear R6900 compatability???

  • craig evans says:

    when trying to install the firmware im getting this message 'This firmware file is incorrect! Please get the firmware file again and make sure it is the correct firmware for this product.' even though im downloading the firmware on your website

  • Velondi says:

    can you add Netgear R6400V2?

  • SadFishSandwich says:

    Any support for the R6900?

  • Sugarman Z says:

    Does it work on R7000P?

  • YOLOAcordeon says:

    I have the most expensive cable modem routher C7000 MODEL

  • Nick Choong says:

    Can you clarify and confirm if it is easy to re-install the latest Netgear firmware later on if we choose not to use the ExpressVPN firmware anymore and whether the router will still work after we have re-installed the Netgear firmware.

  • Jeremy says:

    netgear x8 ac5000 supported?

  • M R says:

    I understand that there are two possible expressvpn installations on a router. One is the ExpressVPN app for routers, and the other is ExpressVPN manual configuration on DD-WRT installed on an old router (using the OpenVPN tab). Question: is it true that the manual configuration does not automatically start each time I restart the router? In other words, when the router turns off, do I have to manually go into the commands tab to actually run the startup command?

  • Frank DiMichele says:

    Is there a version that works with any router flashed already to tomato or dd-wrt?

  • TheIVBO says:

    Any support for nighthawk rs6700v2?

  • Marcin Zduński says:

    Nighthawk R7800 when support ?

  • MG MG says:

    Is the R7000 set up compatible with the R7000P? Thanks!

  • oordave says:

    i just bought a r7000 and it wont install the firmware has anyone got this to work recently no forums i have checked have a solution that works

  • Anjali arella says:

    How to login back to netgear router

  • Jarod Majewski says:

    How to login back to netgear router R7000..?

  • SPORTSAXO says:

    Support ModemRouter D7000?

  • James John Faumuina says:

    Please include Nighthawk R6700 v3. Its about the same capacity as R7000.

  • Logan Buckley says:

    Why not on the netgear nighthawk X10

  • yildirim ozpay says:

    it does not work it say firmware is not compatible error messages tech support told me its am TA ending numbers issue

  • dafttone says:

    Don’t do this. It fucked up my amazon video connection and now it says I have a vpn enabled all the time even when I dont

  • mje19D says:

    Terrible effort. I have a Nighthawk R8000 but there is no help in the forums or anything. They support the 7000 but haven’t updated anything in so long. If you have one of five routers you might be ok. Chances are you don’t.

  • Jones Wren, Jr says:

    Hello, when i try to upload the firmware in the advanced settings this message pops up, "This firmware file is incorrect! Please get the firmware file again and make sure it is the correct firmware for this product." Any ideas?

  • A.S. Garcia says:

    I have the netgear R6250. The manual configuration via openVPN is always an option, however it is easier if this router was listed. The dashboard and firmware are almost exactly the same as in this video.

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