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Network of Global Corporate Control7 9 19

all opinions expressed on any program are those of the producer and are persons appearing on the program and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of DCTV all producers and guests appearing on programs provide information and opinions based on information they consider to be reliable DC TV does not affirm the completeness and accuracy all DC TV members agree to adhere to DC TVs statement of compliance and are participants in a community medium form where they are exercising their freedom of speech good evening I'm your host Karen Judas in this series on the network of global corporate control – this show is pre-recorded we're talking about the corruption and the world's money today segment is called the way we live together in our world thanks as always to DC TV – Carmon Stanley studio herbs our she's project director – Maurice Jackson he is studio director and – coucher Starnes audio and teleprompter let's start out with the critical mass of people who know who they are because they are going to lead the rest of us in the way we live together in our world I'm getting some help in summarizing the way that we're ending the corruption in the world's money this week Fred an engineer from the Philippines living in Canada became very upset when I told him that he could not represent me as overseer mandate trustee I'm the lawyer for the world's wealth I'm working together with everybody to end the corruption and the world's money I told Fred it's well known that the overseer and a trustee acts alone all of the world's money the gold the monetary gold reserves and other precious metals and gemstones and too credulous worth of bonds secured by the Federal Reserve Bank in short much of the wealth of the world was placed in trust for over 50 years by the secretary general of the Jesuits Jose Rizal and by Ferdinand Marcos acting as m1 at the end of this period there could not be any dispute about the ownership of this wealth in the global debt facility because any claims would be stale under a Roman concept called the statute of limitations a couple of days when I wouldn't let Fred be my representative Fred then tried to have me arrested by Interpol and to have the global debt facility set aside the banking cartel and the black nobility at its centre have lost their way this is quite a spectacle then I saw a slideshow of tweets that I had posted in the last couple of years in reverse chronological order the slideshow ended with a screenshot at the end of 2017 showing a Marine Expeditionary Unit landing at the CIA's branch offices in Langley Virginia the CIA s headquarters are in Switzerland I'm going to give you the teleprompter for the DC TV segment describing the Marine landing in Virginia yesterday after working on a blog in my social media showing how Ferdinand Marcos and Jose Rizal had established the global debt facility everything was erased I salvaged what I could by simply explaining what Ferren around Marcos and Jose resolve did we are working together so long as I'm okay you know that we're okay and we are working together with the world's wealth in the global debt facility as Jose Rizal and threatened on Marcos intended things are different now we are all working together a video describing the corruption in the world's money coming from the black nobility was posted I don't know who just sent me the two-year-old video it was apparently sent sent anonymously via my website contact page but I never received a copy of the email with the URL for the video the email forwarding the video went up on my screen and it was on my PC after half hour research the email popped back up on my screen and I was able to retrieve it this video is similar to the video that was translated from French the Templars found in Switzerland in 1291 that was the last year of the Crusades the video tells the whole story of the powers that were I translated Shanghai roses video from the French and I broadcasted on DC TV three years ago the bankers have lost the banking hotel has lost the ability to cut reality from view people don't understand who Jose Rizal and Ferdinand Marcos were what they accomplished or what it means when I say that the banking cartel and black nobility have lost most importantly many people don't know who they are let's start out with the critical mass of people who know who they are because they are going to lead the rest of us in the way we live together in our world the transformation is due to Jose resolves Proclamation and declaration of the gift of love now those are my prepared comments let me go back and explain to you what I think is going on what I think is going on is that we have to make sense of what what's reality and the difference between the lies that we've been told by the bankers and what the actual truth is and for a long long time in this the DC TV series I've been showing you proof and I've also been asking answering questions you have and one of the very interesting things that you should realize is that um I part of the new answers there isn't a single person who there may be people who are quibble with what I say but it's it's pretty clear that I do have answers and I can back them up and its really pretty intricate I could never have made all of myself now one of the things that I've realized also is that there's a great deal of interference it begins with the links that I put in in information it begins with false counting of the number of hits on various things of my social media it's it's really evident that there's a great deal of this interference and that for some reason people are they they don't seem to realize that this all backfires the interference just stimulates people to try to get to the bottom of things and what what what I've learned actually is that I'm just given all the help that I need and when I'm writing scripts for the DC TV series is I actually like to write at the very end before I have to produce these things because it's almost as if I'm taking dictation and you can see from the last things that I thought I posted I am actually a he vacation this reverse slide show and ending with the the marine invasion on Langley the CIA's Bureau in the United States because the CIA is headquartered in Switzerland and as Sean Harris has pointed out Switzerland was actually founded by the Templars and if you look at the history you can you can realize that most of the history that you're getting from the textbooks that's just a made-up the bankers are trying to hide things from you and many of the things that I'm trying to tell you um they're being interfered with they're being censored and this is actually helping me because people can see that there's a lot more going on then then meets the eye if you go back go back and just look at what happened with September 11th 2001 and the explanation that was given this happened the day after trillions of dollars in the Pentagon couldn't be accounted for so there's this things are really very mysteriously corrupt and the the point about what I've been doing is I've just been trying to understand the corruption and it keeps getting deeper and deeper and then what I what I've actually now the conclusion that I've come to is that there's what what passes for reality it's just a bunch of lies and that's pretty serious yes it's very serious and but what I find extremely encouraging is that there are enough people who also realize that the reality is with us and as far as the numbers of people if it turns out that these are all of the military powers of the world they are otherwise you couldn't find it an explanation for how I'm here in front of you and it really is true I'm sitting here in front of you I travel unhindered now that there's a lot of monkey business that goes on there are I can explain how somehow or I can't explain but there are so many times that the cars are running red lights just as the point that I should go into the intersection and I can explain why it is that I don't proceed into any intersection i I can tell you I am pretty intuitive and these these these things that can't be accounted for do explain why I'm still here and I have a I have a task now it doesn't have to be done by me it could be done by somebody else but once I've started and once it's it's clear that I'm I'm not going to allow the bankers to steal things from us I've got the job I don't pretend I didn't intend to get the job but actually when I go back and I look at the history of the way I came into the World Bank and who was the person who hired me into the World Bank yes that's been that's been my job and the thing that I that I realized is the most important thing about mine my job is my connection to everyone I'm connected to people I'm not doing this no I did I did say about Fred that I wasn't going to let Fred but be my representative and the point is I don't have a representative but it's very clear I'm just connected to everyone I'm just one with the pack and that's that's my strength actually it's not the fact that I've got any all of these but I'm just explaining to people that I'm one of the pack and the pack is humanity and we're all in this together and we've all decided that we're going to we're going to be in a transition and we're gonna do things differently and we're going to decide how to do these things differently and the biggest difference is starting from the fact that there's a declaration and proclamation of the gift of love when you try to understand what that is it's it's it is intuitive or one of the aspects of it it's music we're not everybody's musical but a lot of us are and music is not a trivial thing we haven't really come to grips with what music is I do know that when I've been attacked that one of the ways I rehabilitate myself is through music the the process of making music if supplements all of the things that that are making it difficult for you to reason it just it really it's the best rehabilitation exercise that there is so and music is by definition it's really something that you share it's not something that well I suppose some people do make music just as an act of meditation but most of the way I understand music is it's a shared activity and especially chamber music and so if we're all interconnected and we're starting out that way that's the way we're going to end and at the very core of who we are and what we have we actually have a great deal of wealth that's part of what what humanity is and there was so much corruption that so much of the wealth of the world that belongs to all of us was being monopolized it if you look at the the way wealth was shared and the per capita income and and the way that all worked out there there was something really very seriously wrong and we know that as a as a matter of who we are if people are loving in kind then how is it that we're in a world that's dominated and where there's wealth it's that's hoarded and the distribution is so skewed there's obviously a disconnect there and what we're doing in the global currency reset is we're setting that straight and we've been given all of the tools to do that in a peaceful manner and that's exactly what we're going to do now um I'll see if I can find that there's there's a list of what the activities are they were supposed to do I'm trying to survive and unlock everything okay I I don't have it in front of me well I can tell you what I know from my heart already we're going to be signing monetary agreements that's so that the wealth doesn't go missing and that's not so really very difficult all of the people that are living in a particular country they're going to find the paper money and they're going to be allowed to exchange it from money that has but has gold in it that's for starters and the people in the villages and towns are going to have a barter system so that all of the economic activities and that phillotson down they're going to change it all one for the other and that system is going to be set up there's no magic to doing it it's it's gonna be set up and the the grassroots organization that's also going to be the building blocks for taking back the corruption in the countries because the countries are they've been taken over by the bankers they're not there are no longer countries there are companies that are being dominated and this the system of domination it's it's going to it's going to be phased out and I can't say exactly the process but it is going to end because people are the the the way people are it it's just not it doesn't make sense that the countries in the the governance in this countries would be founded by domination and this is terrible monopolization of of all of the the wealth of the world so there is going to be a peaceful transition and we're going to realize what the facts are because many of us have been we've lost our way we don't we the the bankers have been telling us lies and we've been believing them but this is the as I said there's a critical mass of people who don't believe that and this critical mass is going to be showing the rest of the people what what the actual situation is and how long it's going to take nobody you know it's because no country has ever done that kind of a transition before but I can tell you when I was experiencing many of these things that were helping me explain what was going on it was it was sense of wonder that that there was a slideshow of the things that I have put in my Twitter account going backwards in reverse chronological order I couldn't explain how that happened or when I got the the URL for the Shanker OSes video that was that was a Peter my computer screen it wasn't sent to me from a contact page later on I did find that and it took me a while actually to find those things I had to to work for them and it's it's really it's very healthy for me to have to do this this work this what whatever the research because what that does is that that gives me the logic and the understanding many of the things that I'm writing that I'm disclosing to you it doesn't just come right right away I have to I have to really work at the logic in and what makes sense and there's all kinds of interference and it actually helps me to overcome the interference and you'll also find that when you're using your logic and reasoning and you're working together with other people your your loved ones your your family whoever they are you can't do this logic all as a alone activity it really does help to to be in touch with other people and there are there are people who I talked to and I tried to get explanations for things it's not it's not an activity that you do by yourself people are not learners they're really not and we're in a community and how they resolve gave us a gift of love but he shared it with us we were part of of a loving community that's what what we are and that's that's how we know what we are and that's also how we know that the wealth of the world is to be shared and there shouldn't be this terrible corruption and domination because it doesn't fit what fits is a gift of love and so that's we're going to be in a very different world for him to be interested in the transition to a different world but it's also not just going to be handed to us I can tell you that all of the corruption that we've been uncovering and then it somehow our the bar understanding disappears and we have to reason and go back and and find what it was all of this this exercise in understanding what's actually going on this is this is part of the preparation for getting rid of the corruption because we do have to we have to have enough ability to withstand the corruption so it doesn't just go back to the way it was and so that's really high when when you go back and you you listen to the videos you'll find they're not they're not very straightforward I do try to make them easily accessible but whether it's my own inability to see clearly or whatever it is it's actually quite healthy for you to have to sit back and and reason and rebuild it's really a matter of rebuilding and the fact when you rebuild and you understand how this this system will all fits together that's a way of insuring yourself protecting yourself from falling back into corruption because you have to use the logic of of the way we we are where we are honorable people we are loving people but we also are people who were able to protect ourselves from from the corruption by standing up to it so one of the qualities that I have and I think maybe one of the reasons that I was allowed to do this is because of my work in martial arts and on the fencing team I'm I'm not just going to roll over if somebody's going to challenge me I'm gonna challenge them right back and the thing about it fencing matches you really do have to you have to that defense now why does my showing you a broken link matter it shows you that the banking cartels effort to shape your understanding of reality is failing and their efforts at censorship are only backfiring reality in the document that the banking cartel tried in film to hide the United States military is with us our gold and the United States Constitution of 1789 we humanity are in charge of the world's wealth and not the insolvent that means bankrupt banking cartel I'm here to work together with everyone using the world's wealth to clean up our money system so that we can tackle the misinformation together you


  • Elizabeth Zee says:

    Thank you Karen. You are very inspiring to keep one's feet on the ground. In the midst of the exposure of absolute filth. I myself having been suffering at the hands of these slimes for lover 50 years. It is very hard on my heart to wait to see the changes come. I am interfeared with too. I appreciate your strength. Using reason to rebuild. Very logical. Time to stand. Expose. Expose. Expose.

  • Dorothy Toto says:

    "We will answer their demand for a gold standard by saying to them:
    You shall not press down upon the brow of this labor this crown of thorns
    You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of Gold."

    ~William Jennings Bryan~

  • tut8282 says:

    Start your physical gold savings account today

  • reisele1980 says:

    Karen, the reason the Fed owes the U.S. the national debt is because FRN notes are really invoices from the U.S. billing the Fed for its debts. Invoices for Gold have to function in lieu of Gold because the Fed borrowed all our currency and replaced it with promises to pay it back. The U.S. does not borrow currency from the Fed at interest. The Fed requests a deferment on its debt, in exchange for owing more later. The U.S. does indeed send the Fed more invoices later, billing it for the interest accrued during the deferment. That's what a U.S. Treasury bond "sold to the Fed" in exchange for "borrowed currency" really is. We just think that the U.S. is issuing the Fed more "currency" later in exchange for the U.S. using some of the Fed's "currency" now. But really the Fed is just going deeper in debt and the U.S. sends it larger bills. Unfortunately we are forced to use those bills in lieu of currency because they are debts for the gold that would back our currency.

  • Yvonne Teruya says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keeping you in prayers, who we are matters, who we are works and Life works!


    Hello my ANGEL!! I am so grateful for the strength I get from you. Thank You.. I love you INSURGARD

  • Nestor B. Aguilar says:

    To those who are complaining about the sound, here is the Teleprompter.

  • fedjov mochavz says:

    very Thankful Karen even risking yourself… for the unselfish effort etc… God Bless You…Always…in JESUS name…

  • Zaini Caliboso says:

    Allah save you always mam para sa mga pbbyaan pilipino at ibang tao sa mondo…luck mam…

  • chocoluver18 says:

    Karen pray to Jesus for protection

  • t.dezyn 24516177 says:

    Ridding of the inforced poverty with be a trigger to re-educate and it will reduce resistance which is based on a lie.
    Many will probably need a lot of mental support because there is so much for them to re-learn.
    It is detroying the comforts zones of both sides, good and bad, but as said, ridding of poverty will be a starter to put some new vibrational energy back into, onto earth.
    There is so much cleaning up to do that people will bequite occupied with the good.
    The dawn came a long time back, now we face the process and will reap the fruites of the due dilligence of those who seek to help and collapse the rest of the wobbly foundations.

    Thank you Karen, good wishes to your health. We are all on board from many sides and aspectsof this reality.

  • Jimmy Dean says:

    Can you please raise your volume in your videos? You sound distant and low! Thx

  • Daniel Dion says:

    Hi Karen, I love your work, and I'm glad to have you on our side. I feel the passion and integrity in your character. However, the sound quality is very bad. I don't mean to insult but the output needs to be more articulated… I don't know if they have software that makes you sound lacking energy and drunk sounding… but I literally have to force myself to listen to your interesting information. I just feel if the sound was louder, and someone with energy and a clear sounding voice was relaying the information, your message would attract and reach more people. Once again I'm sorry if this sounds insulting but I feel this is one of your biggest problems attracting more people.

  • Everything Truth says:

    Thank you for your service to humanity Karen! God bless you

  • Zenaida Quijano says:

    Thank you po maam KAREN… mga information nga imong gihatag..makatulong ito sa amin….

  • virginia qureshi says:

    Thanks Karen you are correct about the corruption 911 and the banking cartels keep up the good work and yes history is from the pass is a big lie covered up for reasons that are being used for mass control and divide and conquer
    Thanks Karen

  • Bob Shawe says:



    Can't hear you!

  • keith brinson says:

    Equalizers and peak limiters are interesting 💚

  • Deia Draper says:

    I think part of this video was censored out I digress without prejudice

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