OBI-WAN KENOBI – Updated Hero Guide (2019) – STAR WARS Battlefront 2

OBI-WAN KENOBI - Updated Hero Guide (2019) - STAR WARS Battlefront 2

what is going on guys welcome back to the channel and today we're gonna be getting stuck into another here I got this time of course focusing on the newest character to the game in obi-wan Kenobi obviously he's been in the game for well over a month now and I had originally planned to make this he wrote quite much sooner however just like I mentioned in the grievers he wrote god I eventually decided to wait until 2019 to make sure that the newer characters were bug free and working as intended well 2019 has finally rolled around and so far everyone does seem to be pretty much bug free at this point although there are still a few occasional bugs that will try and touch on throughout the rest of the video now these updated guides are slightly longer than most of my other videos so with all of that out of the way we are gonna go ahead and get stuck right into it in hopes that it doesn't drag on for too long so we're gonna start off with everyone's base stats and just like I said in the last year I God all of these stats have been double-checked by both myself and one of my subscribers and there will be a link in the description where you can find he's read a post with all of these statistics yeah we both tested these in arcade and while I'm 99% sure all of these stats do transfer over to multiplayer just bear in mind that there is always a chance that some stats may change from arcade to multiplayer so if you do see any stats that don't seem right they definitely feel free to let me know down in the comments so first off we're gonna take a look at his base HP and he does actually have the equal highest health of all the light side here as in the game coming in at 750 HP on top of that he does also have a really high full of health regen – coming in at 300 which is actually the highest of any character in the game and he does also have a car that can increase that even more so just in terms of his health he's arguably one of the best in the game now his weapon of choice is of course his very own blue lights over that we see in both the movies and the animated shows as well and surprisingly he actually has one of the highest damage airports in the whole game even though he is primarily known as a defensive character he deals the equal highest amount of damage from the front at 130 damage per hit and then the second highest amount from behind at 150 damage coming in second to only his rival general cravers his swing speed is pretty much on par with most of the other cyber users as well he can essentially Sweeny save it just over three times every two seconds which is pretty much identical to most of the other characters so nothing too special there his lunch distance is what I'll considered be medium it's not quite as long as someone like ray or Darth Maul however it's definitely not as short as gravis or Yoda either as for his stamina pool it is hard to measure the actual stats but as far as I can tell he has by far the best stamina of all the savages in the game as Locker mentioned earlier he is primarily known for his defensive fighting style which obviously he includes a lot of blocking now in terms of his sprint speed he is pretty much identical to most of the other cyber characters in the game so not really too much to see there at all he does also have a force jump as well and it is up there is the equal highest jump in the game it does actually seem like he has a higher jump than anyone else due to the fast animation however I have tested it and he does have the exact same jump height as Darth Maul now moving on to his abilities and he does actually have a fairly decent set of abilities that can sometimes be slightly buggy like I mentioned earlier but most of the time they do work fairly well he's our one ability is called all-out push and this is fairly similar to all the other force pushes in the game although it does have its own little twist of Magus and out from the rest everyone's push can actually be charged up and aimed different to look or yarders and the loggia hold the l1 button the further the push will go meaning he can take out enemies at a much further distance than normal it deals 150 damage without charging so it will one-hit kill any class other than the heavy no matter what the distance is however if you've fully charged that will actually deal more damage I have it on screen as a hundred and eighty damage at the max distance however I feel like this stat might be slightly different in arcade then multiplier as I swear I have one shot of heavies at full health before meaning there is a chance that it might deal 200 damage fully charged or wasn't a hundred percent sure though so just to be safe I did leave it at 180 as that was the stat that we both found in arcade all that push is great for taking your enemies out of a longer range the normal but it does also have an extremely long charge up time which can often lead to you taking a bit more damage than you bargained for this ability can often bug out a bit – or the cancelling halfway through the charge up or just straight up and not hitting enemies so I definitely recommend to play it cautiously until it is working a hundred percent of the time moving on to his l1 r1 ability and this one is called restrictive monetary this one is similar to Rhys mantra call though rather than reversing the enemy's controls it actually causes them to be unable to use any of their abilities or use their role ability or other which can be absolutely deadly in the right situation once they've been hit by this ability I will stay active for three seconds meaning you should usually be able to take most troopers out easily before the ability does go away the mantra is absolutely amazing against enemy villains especially the blast villains Palpatine and Darth Maul as they all unable to block roll or use any abilities for three seconds many you can pretty much do as you please it's only downfall is that the animation does take quite a while similar to the outline ability so I definitely recommend staying away from it if you are below about 300 HP otherwise you can easily be killed during the animation moving on to the r1 ability which is called defensive rush and this would probably have to be his best ability if I did have to pick one this sends everyone running forward swinging his saber blocking all blaster fire from the front and allowing him to easily take yet enemies without taking much damage of his own any enemies that are hitting the way we'll also take a fair amount of damage the actual testing of this was pretty inconsistent Bartlett's aim to be between 120 and 140 damage on each enemy here I'm fairly sure it does do 140 damage but again seeing as it was a little inconsistent to test I thought I'd play it safe and at the 120 just in case I was in fact your own defensive rush she's awesome at closing ground on enemies that are on a shoot at you and other than rolling under you at the perfect time there really isn't all that much that the enemies can do to stop you it's only weakness is that it does leave you fairly vulnerable from behind if an enemy does happen to sneak past you and the cancel animation can take a walk too so if you do have to make sure to use it with caution in wide open areas so that's it for all of these base stats and abilities now we're gonna move on to some of the more important stuff starting with these best our cards for galactic assault now in my old hero gods I would usually go over four or five different cards but simply to save some time in these updated guides I am just gonna go over three cards that I personally think are the best for everyone obviously it really does come down to personal preference so these definitely aren't the only cards that you can use but these are just the three cards that I think are the most important and most well suited cards for galactic assault so the first card I'm gonna recommend is his Jedi resilience star card which is the card I mentioned earlier that does give you increased health regeneration obviously he already has the highest in the game with 300 so with this card equipped and fully upgraded you're gonna be able to rage in 400 HP mean you can go all the way down to 350 HP with out permanently losing any health at all the next card would recommend using and definitely his most important card for staying alive is the Jedi general card this is his health card and so I'm sure you all know this will award you with 20 hp per trooper killin up to a hundred HP per villain kill as well definitely the card to choose to make sure you stay alive for a whole lot longer the third and final card that I'm gonna recommend is his forward star card and this makes it so that these defensive rush ability deals more damage upon contact with this card equipped you'll actually be able to one-hit kill every class other than the heavy with the defensive rush ability meaning you can almost walk through anyone in your way this card turns an already decent ability into one of the best and most useful abilities in the game and I cannot recommend enough to use this card in galactic assault now like I said these are the three cards that I personally recommend using however if you do disagree then definitely feel free to let us all know down in the comments section as there really is no right or wrong when it comes to something like choosing star cards so now moving on to some of the best maps to choose everyone on when you're playing galactic assault and the top three that I've picked are Tatooine Death Star and Endor now obviously this doesn't mean these are the only three maps that you should choose him on and there's definitely another 2 or 3 maps that could have easily taken a place in the top three as well but if I had to pick three maps that I could only ever player's over one on them these would definitely be my own personal choices I know a lot of you guys will most likely disagree with some of these choices though so like I said definitely feel free to let me know down below if there are some other maps that you do prefer yeah as for some tips for galactic assault and the main one that I've really can't stress enough is that ode 1 is meant to be played somewhat defensively compared to the other saber users that doesn't at all mean you need to play it to safely and camp at the back of the map but you can't usually get away with being as aggressive as you can with heroes like array or luke as these abilities are a little slower to use and you can land yourself in a bit of trouble when you get into a tight situation make the most of his high stamina pool he can block for so much longer than all the other characters in the game and he can also Amy's deflections a lot better too so definitely don't be afraid to just stand in a safe place and block a few enemies rather than rushing through them and trying to take them out if they do get arrogant and try and rush you with the intent of putting on the pressure then his mantra combined with his defensive rush really does pretty much guarantee a few easy kills but like I said just make sure to play it defensively first and make sure the enemies are out of there it's owns before you do rush to attack as for some weaknesses in galactic assault locker said he can get into trouble very easily with these slow ability animations and lack of an easy escape so he really isn't the character that you want to try and rush into rooms full of enemies with play to his defensive strengths be aggressive once the enemies are out of their safe positions and you should be able to go on some really decent kill streaks in Galactica's soul so that is gonna be it for the Galactic assault tips now we're gonna move on to some of the best tips for the hero versus feeling game modes starting off with the best star cards and the first one I'm gonna mention is the think it over star card this card makes the active time for restrictive monde trick even longer and like I mentioned earlier the mantra ability can render some of the villains completely useless so essentially the longer they're useless the higher chance you have of killing it the second card and recommend using is the more Death Star card which again relates to the more trick ability this time increasing the area of effect again this one is pretty self-explanatory pretty much any card that's gonna make this ability stronger in the hero mode is a massive plus as this is by far one of the most useful abilities in HIV and hero showdown the third and final card I'm gonna recommend is he's quick and focused card which allows him to have a faster charge up on to the earlier portion ability a film that a lot of times when you hit the enemy with the mana trick they'll start to back up and try and stay out of range of your cyber attacks and so using this card allows you to easily take care of them as they're running away as they also can't block the attack or even dodge ahead of the way and this is even more useful on maps with no edges for obvious reasons now moving on to some tips for the hero game modes and to be honest everyone can be very hard to get used to in these modes as he's not the greatest character when he comes up against enemy villains try and play a much smarter team oriented style of play rather than trying to get kills on your own and you should be able to still do it extremely well with him it's only really when you go after kills on your own that you'll end up in a bit of trouble so sticking with teammates and playing a support role can lead to some easy wins for you and your team Locker keeps saying his mantra can be dominant against enemy villains especially those with the out like Sabre so use that ability as often as possible and then move in for the kill with your teammates while the enemy is unable to defend themselves as for ease weaknesses villains like Veda and gravis can cause a fair bit of trouble if they're not handled correctly obviously these types of characters are far too strong for everyone so rather than just trying to spam attacks you definitely need to play its part and make them most of your abilities whenever possible so long as you don't play over you want to aggressively he can be a very handy character in there's game modes it just takes a lot of practice and learning how to play smart rather than playing too fast stick to his defensive strengths and with some help from attainment you should be absolutely falling against the enemy villains regardless of who they are so that is going to be it for you everyone here oh god guys as this is a very different style of video than my older hero gods at lovely if you guys could leave some feedback down in the comments on what you did or didn't like about the video if you did enjoy the video then make sure to leave it like down below not only does it help support the channel but it does also show me that you guys are came to see more of these updated hero gods the next quad will hopefully be a boba fett hero guide so definitely make sure to keep an eye out for that one as boba has drastically changed now that he has these health on kill card if you are new to the channel then definitely feel free to subscribe and make sure to turn on your notifications so you don't miss out on any more battlefront 2 guides or live streams thank you all so much for watching you guys have a great day in our catcher wall in the next one


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