Polycom VVX 311 — How do I set up speed dial keys?

Polycom VVX 311 -- How do I set up speed dial keys?

I'm gonna show how to use speed dial keys on a poly column vvx 311 speed dial keys allow for you to call your favorite contacts with a touch of a button using the additional line keys on your phone if enabled by your system administrator your contact directory will be populated with all the lines on your system the first line key on your phone is reserved for your line and cannot be used for speed dial to add a speed dial contact press the HOME key select a directory icon and then choose directory I'm going to create a new contact by pressing the add soft key then enter a first name and last name the numbers 2 through 9 also represent letters names can be spelled on your phone by pressing a number repeatedly until you see the desired letter when you are ready to input another field press the down navigation control add the internal extension or external number to the contact field you the contact with the lowest speed out index will be associated with a line to key for single touch dialing presses save soft key to complete the ss you can see that my speed I'll contact has been added to my directory if you have additional questions please view our online resources or contact our support team would be glad to assist you

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