“Poor Investment Caused the National Grid Failure” – TCN

“Poor Investment Caused the National Grid Failure” - TCN

and still stained wood reports from the transmission company of Niger it is also called for more investment in an Asian spar sector the managing director of the TCN that is Mohammed while speaking to newsmen in Abuja the nation's capital says that more investment is needed to avoid the incident failures of the nation's power grid as as much has to be invested into the system but what more is needed to create stability in the distribution network of the country to modernize the blast grease the remember I've always told you that we need to achieve four important things would agree to be stable one of those four things is that we need to have a critical investment in line and substation so that we put n minus-1 across the country and what is n minus 1 n minus 1 means that any equipment that goes out at any point in time what you should not affect the supply of those that area you are well where a significant amount of money for investment lines and substations up to 1.6 billion dollars but you know investment in transmission textile is not that something that you can fix in one day did we miss a piece or a voltage yes we have strategy I will carry out some measure to actually mitigate it we look at our system and we look at those areas where anomaly is placed high over voltage so we deploy the actors to Jos to appear substation in Makati and to echo d'Epinay these are the new Albion we normally have over voltage and as you speak we've computer display the plate of these reactors they are each of them is a 75 M X and there any time from now we are going to ferment installation the is to deploy automated systems to maintain the balance we have to do this control option this is

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