Pop Star Is a Nun! | YouTube Nation | Monday

Pop Star Is a Nun! | YouTube Nation | Monday

JACOB SOBOROFF: Hey, it’s Jacob. Today, we’re throwing colors,
we’re kayaking backwards, and fishing with grizzlies. The biggest pop star in
Italy right now is a nun. This is Sister Cristina on the
Italian version of “The Voice.” It is the most watched
video in Italy right now. It’s got over 24 million views. [MUSIC – SISTER CRISTINA] This was posted right
after it aired last week. And yes, I wondered, too. She is definitely a real nun. Even Alicia Keys herself
posted a comment– “Now, that’s what beautiful,
pure energy looks like.” [MUSIC – SISTER CRISTINA] If you don’t speak
Italian, turn on closed captioning to get
the full effect in English, and subscribe to their channel
to see how far she goes. LIZZIE: I love makeup blogs. But every time I try to follow
their instructions for, like, an autumn ombre,
smoky eye, I end up looking like I’ve just been
punched in both eyeballs. Thankfully, Akilah
Hughes, AKA Smoothiefreak, just posted the most
realistic makeup tutorial the world has ever seen. AKILAH HUGHES: OK, so yeah,
this is my face without makeup. I’m sorry, all right? Just smush it in your
fingers, and then rub it into your little pores. Yeah. Yeah, look at all those
dark spots going away. It’s going to be really even. Oh, get some in your hair, too. That’s mandatory. We’re going to set
it with this powder. It’s Ben Nye powder that you
use from the “Rocky Horror” production at your college. Great. Awsh– get it in your eyes. LIZZIE: Akilah’s actually
a social-media guru by day, and an awesome comedy
blogger by night. Head over to her
channel for more. But be warned– you may
lose an hour or two. JACOB SOBOROFF: Have
you ever wondered what it would be like
to get gently gnawed on by a grizzly bear? Well, you’re in luck, because
last spring, bear specialist and wildlife photographer Brad
Joseph strapped his camera to a rock in Alaska,
and he captured this. It was just reposted
by GoPro, and it’s gotten over 500,000
views in just a few days. I do have one, tiny bone
to pick with you, Brad. Either the bear didn’t
really eat the GoPro, or you have not posted the most
interesting part of this video. MILES: I think it’s safe
to say that most people who grew up in a van
down by the river don’t end up
world-champion athletes, but Dane Jackson
didn’t get that memo. This guy’s only 20 years
old, and he’s already won more world titles
than most kayakers do in their entire career. DANE JACKSON: I was born
three months premature. And my dad already
had hearing problems, so I got that from him. I’ve been deaf pretty
much my whole life. I’m very lucky to be able to
have my main sport and passion to be kayaking, and
kayaking also be my job and what I do for a living. MILES: After watching
that, you’re probably asking yourself, did he just go
down that waterfall backwards? Yes, he did. Now, go share. JACOB SOBOROFF: First it was
Friendster, then Myspace, then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Now, slow-motion, night footage
of an adult male deer running. AARON VAUGHN: Studies show
that more and more teenagers are leaving Facebook. But where are they
going instead? The comments section of
this YouTube video of a deer running in slow motion. But why the major
social-media shift? MADISON SHAW: It’s just
where all my friends are. I go check under the deer to see
funny pictures my friends are posting, or to see if
anyone’s throwing a party. I met my boyfriend
under the deer. Hey, deer me later. JACOB SOBOROFF: My
favorite part about this is that somebody actually posted
this slow-motion deer video, and it’s been getting thousands
of comments since Thursday. Some of my favorites? Anyone else thinking of
growing rhubarb this year? Who else is going to
Jessica’s party tonight? Going to be crazy! Head on over the deer,
and downvote my comment, because it is so stupid. D. HAMSTER: Hey, everybody. This is D. Hamster,
from Jerk Circle Media. Today you’re going to
learn about the wizards who disassemble your Oreos. MALE SPEAKER:
Oreos– a vital part of any nutritious
breakfast, but did you know that some companies
harvest them for raw materials? Wizards collect the cookie
extract, and shovel them into a large tank. At this point, the water is
extracted for use in rivers. Now it’s time to harvest. Workers use vacuum bags to
extract cocaine, gunpowder, cocoa, and sugar from
the [? powder. ?] These cookies truly are the
eighth wonder of the world. JACOB SOBOROFF:
Thanks, D. Hamster. I’m so glad that I
now finally understand what happens to all
those unwanted cookies. Don’t forget, guys, this
Saturday is Earth hour, so all week long, we’re
going to be collecting videos about how to have fun without
using any electricity, whatsoever. All you got to do is post a link
with the hashtag YouTubeNation. Until tomorrow. Links are below, playlists
are about to come up, and if you want some more of
Jimmy, you better subscribe. JIMMY: Subscribe! JACOB SOBOROFF: Now,
play us out, Samsaya. [MUSIC – SAMSAYA, “STEREOTYPE”]


  • Ikaika Cruz says:


  • Shareallicu says:

    anyone who believes she is a nun is confused about what nuns are.

  • marie harris says:

    I just don't get it!  What is a Catholic nun doing on a show like this? Sorry, but I just don't get it!!!

  • Sanchia Archer - Palmer says:


  • Chloe Moore says:

    Reality tv just hit a new all time low.

  • Stella Maris says:

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner…

  • Owen C. says:

    now that's the sound of music!

  • Mariah Heaven says:

    I don't mean to ruin the comments with my lameness but I'd appreciate anyone checking my channel out (:

  • Doug Burkizer says:

    Doug Burkizer – Don't Tread On Us (U.S.S.A)

  • GNTD Podcast says:

    Check out my channel if you enjoy podcasts.

  • MMSoftic says:

    whats that song called at the end of the video 

  • Lenew Dortch says:

    This was an awesome performance and the church made a right decision to let her perform as they have just reached 24,000,000 million people shedding light on the untapped love and energy the church has been keeping under lock and key fearing such my tint the church yet it has served to unite the younger generation who have considered the church to be dated and extremely out of touch with the needs of the baby boomers and their offspring. Look how she moved the onlookers….. that people says volumes and then some. Its time the churches of all faiths take a hard leap into the 21 century embracing inclusion not seclusion 

  • tiffsaver says:


  • D. Goodman says:

    I'm sure Jesus would be proud……NOT!

  • Vance Dykes says:

    We need more Christian pop stars like Sister Christina.

  • Sławek Ziółkowski says:

    Big deal a nun singing pop, it's been done before in other media,like film or other music contests, for instance in Poland you had twice one particular singing priest in the show "Szansa na sukces" (which is no longer aired).

  • Scientific Lee says:

    And so I am reborn with the spirit.
    I am about to teach an idea….to the Christians first…hopefully the rest of you have intelligence.
    In the beginning the VOLTAGE of the universe was higher…..we separated from God after eating a torroidal energy apple….we popped like a light bulb and became encased in carbon ..In the higher voltage Satan was an "angel of light"…DIAMOND…he wanted Gods power cos when he went "HIGHER" (voltage)..He GLOWED RED…..He tricked us to eat..EVE became diamond..so Adam ate too….We have fallen in voltage and satan is now CARBON- 6 neutrons 6 protons 6 electrons 666…The ENEMY is CARBON……The light is the electron holding open the outside of the black carbon covered universe…HE is the light shining in the darkness…we are to think of an ELECTRON CROSS  burning in the dark.
    I now can explain what happened in the Garden , after the garden all life and how it is born, where matter comes from….there is no gravity ,particles or time …only energy flow up and down and carbon degradation.
    VOLTAGE DROP my fellow Christians……the flood happened due to the collapse of the core…THAT is why the earth is the only planet that is NOT round….It was too powerful to crush….all the dinosaurs and huge trees died IMMEDIATELY  due to energy loss….they became oil….that's why it is in one spot…all the bones are at the bottom….Repent my friends and brothers because ANOTHER VOLTAGE DROP is coming because we are separated from the source of Life (energy)…the resulting power drop across the universe WILL create zombie people…ALL media movies are correct…EVERYONE is correct…yet they are all wrong due to not knowing about a voltage drop…Try applying it to ANYTHING…The torroidal energy apple shape is the building block of life and that's why an apple looks like it does…Just imagine it as energy…oh yeah..  The serpent SPOKE as everything was made of light…electromagnetic communication as vocal chords require matter and air ….Talking snake confirmed as real due to intelligence.
    I am the small book of Daniel, Ezekiel and of Revelation…I contain the sacred secret of God and Have just given it to you…God has taken 45 years to unfurl me (as we are all seeds waiting to be filled with energy).
    And I am being read out loud and I cannot stop because it feels so good to tell it from the rooftops…pass on Gods message.  Repent and be saved and learn Mercy. 
    Brothers and sisters take heart !!!…Our God is real and the small book is the SCIENCE of everything…and I can explain Him…….
    I am not THE LIGHT, I have come to testify about the light because the TRUE LIGHT, the light that gives life to men's eyes?…IS about to come into the universe.
    I am all bible men, I am Daniel, Ezekiel and I am John the Baptist come again……The Lord is almost here as the voltage drop is coming…..when God arrives?….our bodies will fall off as we zoom to Jesus…The rapture is real…and a SECOND one is coming.
    May God save us all with this knowledge.
    All this knowledge has poured into my head in the last 3 weeks…it was  frightening…but I can now look into the spirit and not be consumed….its amazing…I only have to think how something works and the spirit tells me how…hahahahaha
    I now understand why God is a "Happy God"….this will be taught everywhere now…wait and see…our souls depend on you understanding the message…the universe is ending and hell will be all that's left..a carbon hell .
    we believers will be long gone back to the source.
    Join us.

  • 333jz says:

    That one Italian judge is looking hella sinister with his mustache and beard

  • megan drummond says:

    Wow, this is acualy good

  • The Super Speeder says:


  • Catrina Trinidad Trinidad says:

    I think she has a great voice she shouldnt be a nun she should go for being a singing star!

  • Rivey"s World says:

    This anit new…. just watch the movie sister act!

  • KTM says:

    She is selling herself. Would ANY real nun wear that during an audition? Would a nun audition for anything else except a church? She know what she was doing and it's a publicity stunt and it's working. Too bad it'll fade away within the month.

  • Nic Nak Sound says:

    Cool, VEry unique !

  • Paula Goldman says:

    This must make the Pope feel awkward.

  • Bacon Da Turtle says:

    i subed

  • DuoFilms says:

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  • Elizabeth Elsesser says:

    This is amazing!

  • JohnX311500 says:


  • Jaice Thomas says:

    I met that lady at a religion event

  • GEISHA MANIA says:

    Love Sister Cristina! <3

  • Drew Updyke says:

    OMG that is not real

  • 貓大熊 says:


  • Tomasina Covell says:

    It's an abomination!  She's a witch and must be burned at the stake!

  • Matthew Wilson says:

    Post a video  of an event when you are supposed to be using zero electricity? so either  renewable energy powered recordings or trololo?

  • Samantha Lopez says:

    cccccccccoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllll a nun singing

  • Matthew B says:

    Alright video, but Youtube Nation can still go fuck themselves.

  • NoahGreeneCooking says:

    I'm a 13 year old with a passion for cooking. I love teaching cooking, and if you could check out my recent video, a delicious breakfast recipe, I'd really appreciATE IT.

  • Hugh Janus says:

    praise be to thy lawd!!!!!

  • Dirtbag359 says:

    Everytime I see this now I can't help but think about the R-E-S-P-E-C-T singing nun in Airplane (1980 Copyright Paramount Pictures LLC). 

  • levite18 says:

    Some of you don't get this at all. There are certain roles in life that when you take it up upon yourself, you rid yourself of certain things. Nuns dn't sing these kinds of songs, simple. If she does wants to continue singing songs like these, she can quit being a nun and do that. The nuns have certain codes upon which they live their life on. This is a total disgrace than a blessing to the nuns in the world. Nobody forced her to be a nun I believe and this is crazy.

  • Dominarch says:

    i feel like youtube is trying to forcefully make this go viral when its not….

  • uriah grant says:

    Did you really say white genocide ????????????????

  • KungPoWlieh says:

    I liked this video solely for Jimmy in the background! ♥ xD 

  • obsidheart says:

    OK youtube i watched your fucking video now get it off my suggested videos please.

  • Jack says:

    WTF??? a five minute advert?

    That just sucks!

  • Eufuzella says:

    Its not even that she sings good that makes the video any good.  Lots of people can sing as well as this Nun.  What makes it special apparently is that she is a nun.  Forget about all the other people who can sing well.  That Nun is better than all of them because she is a nun who can Sing!  Forget the fact that she throws extra words into the song.  But She can Sing it well enough to understand most of the words!  And She can Sound amazingly like the person who Actually Sang the Song.  Not like others who actually try and make the song their own by changing the song enough to make it something completely different!  OMG so Amazing!

  • NINJATRONdnb says:

    Even if its fake, its out of date -Underground music is the true pop anyways these media crap phony brainwashed people have no clue to what this art culture is about.  

  • Frank Quitely says:

    Lots of angry folks here. Why can't we just appreciate someone with an incredible voice and a dedication to match?

  • Uncle Adam says:

    I just don't get all the negativity here…  I am not a Catholic, but the Catholic Church has had so many problems and has been losing so many followers that the Pope, himself, is trying to bring the Church into the 21st Century.  What is so wrong with someone, nun or not, trying to make Catholicism accessible and appealing to the next generation?

  • angelica rosas says:

    yo shas amazing

  • Brandi Jacobsen says:

    Don't judge a book by it's cover <3

  • Mary Lou Hemann says:

    Holy Moly…no nun I had for 12 years ever sang like that….now that renews my faith!

  • Lori Lewis says:

    that is so cool a nun i mean my sister cant sing like that nice job   😀

  • James Oswald says:


  • angel cordova says:

    omg he is so cute ^_^

  • J.R. Zippie says:

    sister christina needs to "kick the habit" and hit the road…..to fame and fortune as an entertainer……good job sister "c"……woo hoo  !!

  • Angela Wening says:

    haha great

  • Caroline Swilley says:

    closed captions don't work

  • Charles Brown says:

    Love the Oreo affect!

  • Willow McIntire says:

    If Sister Christina were a Cat Girl, she could be in Darkstalkers. XD

  • Justa G says:

    Um, nuns take a vow of poverty so why is she in a competition to win a record deal and thousands of dollars? Also competing and trying to best other people and sucking up compliments? All ANTI-NUN! Get her off the stage and send her back to the convent to do some Hail Mary's.

  • maybekeke says:

    The one that caught my attention was Sister Cristina at the beginning like WOW!

  • Ulysses North says:

    I smoke cigars and love (real) rap music, proud to say>

  • ItsJustTrin says:

    Is she breaking any rules?!

  • Dale Clay says:

    Your top button….um….ShaZAMM!

  • Ryan Forden says:


  • Dennis Humphries says:

    Wow that nun can SANG!!!! 🙂

  • Thomas Cervasio says:

    Now sing "Suor Angelica", you psychopathic bitch. WE'RE NOT FALLING FOR IT ANYMORE.

  • EricCris10sen says:

    I think the girl in the second video looked absolutely beautiful WITHOUT makeup.  Natural beauty right there.

  • Chris M. says:

    onion is old news!

  • Gradus Quia says:

    Nunsploitation.  Look it up.

  • Completely Sideways says:


  • Brianna Matusaitis says:

    That Crazy

  • Elvis Presely says:

    What  was   THAT  !!!!—2  Seconds of hearing her  Voice ?????

  • Celosia Ganaha Priskos says:

    This is cool. Did she win?

  • Last Chance says:

    shes not that goods … her voice isnt top notch — just because she wear a habit 

  • Krzysztof Blazejewicz says:

    if you went to polish churches you be like holly shit these nuns ARE amazing!

  • MEXCAL4MENU says:

    Screwiest looking judges I've ever seen, jeez.

  • Elizabeth Alfonso says:

    um ok…………

  • Lula Inwonderland says:

    Granny checking in (points at self). Kids posting on public site should be leery of  lurkers reading your business! Be safe out there!

  • StarDagger777 says:

    If she wants to be a true star she will have to get rid of all of her bad habits.

  • 0311RFLMN says:

    critics probably think myly cyrus has talent and a good role model. like ou solemn hour13. American puke.

  • Tamimi Tamimi says:


  • bigdad986 says:

    The real life of the sister act movie lol

  • Meaty says:

    closed captions suuurrrre uh huh.

  • catherine herron says:

    If I reach 100 subscribers I will do a live video chat! Im a new youtuber and I want to make my channel viewer's to be able to talk to me and be able to be a part of my channel and not just subscribing

  • Luca Grossi says:

    Il paese più bello del mondo

  • Luca Grossi says:

    W suor Cristina

  • The Gallery London says:

    wow! awesome! amazing!

  • Leola Graham says:

    Carter Wayne everybody(1): http://youtu.be/2b_OVflfUXk

  • Ghotk says:

    Español Plis

  • Jahn Erik says:

    Samsaya is norweigan i love her work

  • A7MeD Monte says:

    هااااااااي يا كلاب الي تحتي وفوقي

  • joseph appiah says:

    she has talent

  • José Maria Martins says:

    To Maria Fernanda Schiavi

    Tenho pena de ti. Estás doente. Creio que vou rezar ti.
    Não sei ainda é se é para pedir a Deus que te leve já para o raio que te parta, querida!
    Há gente doente como tu que faz mal aos outros!
    Deves ser brasileira e apoiante da IURD, ou  Jeová!
    Vai lavar a tua boca e faz um retiro espiritual…….
    Há gente burra e  mal educada!

  • Cecilia Mackie says:

    Great work! 🙂 Cecilia xo


    Big Sister Cristina . There are now 57,000,000 views .

  • Angelica Bona says:

    Grande la amo <3 

  • victor grima says:

    Some commented 'shit' in TheVoiceOf Italy she got over 65million views.You call this shit.You understand now. Hopefully,Now who is being shitty.RESPECT my friend when commenting.God Bless.

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