Postbag #28: Arduino Special – Cheap Uno, DIY Duinos, USB Tiny ISP

Postbag #28: Arduino Special - Cheap Uno, DIY Duinos, USB Tiny ISP


  • Lizardo Foz says:

    Ch340 is a POS. Wait till you have to do the com port dance with satan playing the Driver fiddle.

  • Marcel H. says:

    Tnx! Strugglin around with my NANO, too! Gonna try next time to prg the UNO!

  • Hand Solo says:

    Question, did you upgrade the IDE before you realised the cable was plugged in the wrong way? Let that be a lesson, always check wiring first. 🙂

  • Bora Yurtoren says:

    You never did the USB Tiny ISP tutorial you mentioned in this video I guess?

  • Glitch says:

    How come you can not use a real pencil sharpener?

  • Bryan Smith says:

    Julian has an addiction.

    Good to know we aren't alone.

  • DundeeDriver says:

    It's called Arudino now.

  • Elecfreaks Co.,Ltd says:

    If you need micro:bit kit, we would like to recommend you this: and .

  • Robert Hatcher says:

    Now in 2017 you can buy 'em on AliExpress for just over £2! Great Christmas pressies for all the family and when they throw them back at you then you've got loads to play with. Happy Arduino days!

  • Dancing Rain says:

    Wow. I've programmed Arduini with a Mac and with a Linux box. I normally use the ArduinoISP to burn bootloaders and program non-arduino AVRs.
    I'm appalled at how hard that is to get working on windows. That's why I don't use windows 😛
    (Of course, I can only do that because I'm weird and don't play games 😛 )

  • VladNex says:

    I was searching for uno gameplay not an arduino uno ;-;

  • Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper says:

    Aha! Someone with an even worse eBay electronics habit than me!

  • Graham DIY says:

    At around 15:20 you mention you fixed it by upgrading the Arduino IDE but I noticed that on the old ISP you had changed the header around to get the double blink to work

    I can see later you discussed swapping the header around, but that’s when you talked about the new header

    I don’t understand why these headers aren’t like, say, the old PC IDE cables where they had a notch meaning you can only plug them in one way.

  • James Bruce says:

    Catching up your old videos and learning tons. So thank you.

    I noticed that the orientation of your usb isp connection changed around the 15:40 mark. Before, you had the cable coming straight out. Now the cable goes over the board. Could the pin orientation be affecting your connectivity problems you experienced earlier in the video before you updated drivers and your IDE version?

  • Watch Dog says:

    Please make a tutorial on programming atmel other AVR like Atmega32A

  • J. David Goodman says:

    Wow, a $5 uno – pity it lacks a socketed, removable processor – which I need when I'm using the uno as a serial programmer fro my non USB arduinos (pro minis, etc.) (Whihch I have to do after FTDI buggered the drivers again for the FTDI programmers again.)

  • B5 says:

    This one is an even cheaper UNO, for $3.64!!! I use these for some time now…

  • Jeffrey [Equine Sanctuary] says:

    pin 13 VCC not soldered on correctly, that NANO is fried

  • Niko Ju says:

    use the arduino nano as isp

  • Sean Regan says:

    Great Video Julian, Out of curiosity given the Arduino limitations are you considering some raspberry pie tutorials or other micro-processor systems for focus upon I think people will agree your video format is comfortable viewing and following as a stand alone or a series of, is easy going look forward to what the future may hold cheers Sean

  • Tian Xi Zheng says:

    My arduino isn't working: I can load programs into it, but the arduino don't execute them (for exemple, the flashing LED program that is pre-installed) I don't know why it's doing that but I don't believe it has something to see with burning the bootloader. (which I don't know how)

  • Theseus says:

    arduino nano needs a downgrade on the firmware on the program to the computer! worked for me!

  • Fürkész says:

    Is it possible to proramm the board through usb? Like blinking, etc

  • Loot Anime says:

    what course is this

  • Monty Anderson says:

    have you looked at they have Arduino Uno(s) for £1.70

  • Oscar Caetano says:

    Julian, i´m also having problems with USBASP and fixed it by adding he missing header for slow sck… and other error messages by uploading sketches manually using avrdude: avrdude.exe -p m8 -c usbasp -C conf.tmp -P usb -U flash:w:"Blink.hex":i "m8" is because im using a atmega8.

  • Antonious Autodidacticasaurus says:

    This was pretty interesting. I also watched how you DIY'd the Uno with a USB to serial, but have you showed us how you did the ISP header? I'd like to see that if possible.

  • o0julek0o says:

    Can that tiny programmer be used as essentially a small arduino?

  • Chaplain Dave Sparks says:

    No power and ground rails on that breadboard? That's unfortunate.

  • ShadyTavern says:

    Alice Alice, who the F*** is Alice? like seriously i'm curious.

  • Petar Petrov says:

    Hi Julian, the AMS1117 is a 3.3v regulator

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