Public Wifi Exposes YOU! Learn Why You Need a VPN.

Public Wifi Exposes YOU!  Learn Why You Need a VPN.

– Have you ever been
naked in a coffee shop? Probably not, but probably yes. (patrons gasping) You just don’t know it, because I’m speaking in a metaphor. – [Patrons] Ohh. – You see, whenever
you access public Wi-Fi in a place like a coffee shop, your private information could be exposed to any hacker who wants to sneak a peek, leaving you and your private information embarrassingly full-moon naked exposed. Fortunately, now you can
protect your buttocks and your sensitive information
with the push of a button using an app called Hide My Ass, actual product most appstores
are making us call HMA. The technology can get
a little hairy, so here, I’ll show you how it works,
using my uncle Larry. Hey, Uncle Larry. – Hey. (shears humming) – Ah, yes. You see, with public Wi-Fi, your device exchanges packets of data with the coffee shop’s router. In the open, naked to the wandering eyes of hackers on the same Wi-Fi,
metaphorically speaking. HMA covers your data in a
secure encryption tunnel, or what can best be
described in this metaphor as a comfy turtleneck sweater, protecting your data packages
from those peeping people that you are so naked to. Same metaphor. Don’t just let your data– (shears buzzing)
(Larry gasps) slip through the cracks. – Don’t worry about it, mom. I go incognito on my phone. (spokesman laughs) – I heard that. You may think you’re going incognito, but really son, you’re
just going commando. – Um, uh… – It’s nothing I haven’t seen before. – Mom! – Mama’s little boy. Anywhere your internet
connection is not encrypted, you are exposed. (passengers gasping) HMA is the world’s largest VPN network and has been protecting people’s juicier, secret-er parts in
public places everywhere for 12 years running and
has covered over a million plush bottoms to date, making your data more guarded
than your neighbor’s armrest. – Hi! – Wherever– – [Library Patrons] Shh! – Wherever there’s public
Wi-Fi, the threat is the same. Do you really want the whole
world to see your bank account? Your private letters to Christopher? Or your embarrassing space dolphin fanfic, which is surprisingly well-written, or your third nipple? – Help me! – So cover your digital assets with HMA, and cover the fleshy underbelly
of your computer’s secrets. See how not-naked you are anymore? That’s HMA. – But these aren’t my clothes. – HMA provides layers of
protection and trust me, you need the Fort Knox of protection. If you’re just now realizing
that you’re as nude as these nude people on this nude beach, only the beach is not a nude beach, it’s a public place that you
would not wanna be naked in– – [Old Man] Like a library? – Correct. – [Teen Guy] Or an airplane? – Mm-Hmm, we already– – [Man] What about a coffee shop? – Yes! If this is you, then get Hide My Ass and never be exposed again. Hairkini, you don’t see that every day. Turn around, Sasquatch. This naked, hairy back is not a metaphor, but is an actual, real
live link to Hide My Ass that you can use, for real. Trust me, I’m a spokesperson. Go ahead and click it. Wow, I’ll take care of this.
(shears humming) There you go, click the link. You know you wanna hide your ass. (shears humming) I mean, are you a wolf man? You know, bamboo shoots
grow 35 feet a day, but you got them beat. Click the link. It even works after that. (laughs) (shears humming) Okay, I’m just gonna do a
little bit more manscaping here, and go for it. Nice job. Thanks, ya big yeti. Good game, you can have your clothes back.


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