Puerto Rico Network Speed – The Wifi Internet Connection

Puerto Rico Network Speed - The Wifi Internet Connection

good morning guys I'm gonna make a quick video on a very common question that keeps coming up all right so the Internet I had no idea that this was an issue Internet is a big deal here apparently because a lot of people keep asking about how does the internet work does it work am I in the Stone Age or what it's kind of funny to think about once you live here it's like okay we got normal Internet guys it's not like you're on dial-up or something but the issue that you have here is the power going now which I would have never thought if you have a building that has a generator and your unit is powered by that generator the power goes out through unit is still online which means the modems on but I didn't actually think about that for whatever reason the nodes the ISPs or something along the line is stopping internet from running so the modem is on but there's no internet I use cable Liberty cable is the fastest the cheapest Internet out here it's what most people are on there about 30 megabits a second up to 300 megabits a second pricing about 50 to 150 bucks so it's not bad and they're pretty dang good speeds so I have no issues I'm gonna upload these videos on that and I'm just constantly uploading tons of content so it's been totally good no data caps like I said reliable easy whatever except when the power goes out that sucker is gone and so that's been a little bit of a drag it's sex I mean like I work on the computer power cuts out and I'm just sitting here like okay it's almost like what I need to do with my life I'm so disconnected so throws me off sometimes I like to have my technology breaks but they need to be a little bit more plan than just okay powers out what am I gonna do now for the people that are looking for more reliability you have DSL there's a couple different options but chloro is a big company out here chloro is like the cell phone company to chloro is dsl and when the power goes out the DSL seems to keep running and a lot of people have been very happy with it excess that is painfully slow I mean in comparison to cable it's pretty slow the fastest chloral internet package I could find was 16 megabits get down and is about $100 a month in comparison to cable I mean you're paying twice as much for half the speed and that's as fast as you can get on it now there might be some other ones I think 18t maybe out here I'm not sure if it's just Wireless or the DSL point is that the DSL is slow but reliable so what some guys are doing that they were telling me on their setups was they're doing load balancing if you're tech savvy you'll know how to set this up if not maybe ask someone will look it up but basically they have cable and they have DSL they hook it up so they have the load balancing setup for the house on the modem the wireless Robert and so what happens is that if one internet goes out the other one keeps going regardless of which one goes out but it favors the one with better speed and you wouldn't really notice a difference other than yet you're gonna notice a speed difference but the internet will never cut out at any point in time so you keep running so people like that because it's easy to set up and for the most part it's pretty cost effective the third option satellite internet wireless internet so there's a couple different options out here pretty much no one that I've talked to has there's like two people that I was able to find that actually headaches I wanted to actually find someone that says yeah it's awesome or this is a complete waste of money so there's two main companies arrow net and HughesNet arrow net sway more common it seems like out here than the Houston and with arrow net you're basically paying a lot of money for not very much speech the plan does start at 15 megabits a second for $70 a month then there's a 20 megabit 25 there's a 50 megabit broadband connection for 200 bucks a month has a lot of money for that kind of data but the power goes out you really need that internet it's gonna work they do have 100 megabit 250 megabits 500 megabit and 1,000 megabit or a gigabit but you have to call for the pricing but it exists through arrow net so it's a consideration if you want the high speed money's not so much of the concern I would go with that HughesNet is the other option so I would say this is more of a cost-effective approach to satellite internet it's $50 a month for 25 megabits a second except there's a hard cat after you use a certain amount of data they're gonna throttle you down and you'll probably sit somewhere between one and three megabits per second for a guy that uploads a ton of videos probably not gonna be the best idea for normal usage you're probably all right so if you're just day trading you're not doing any intense downloads you're not streaming movies all the time it could be a redundancy I mean you could potentially have HughesNet hooked up with cable and do a load balancer that way I think that's pretty bulletproof and you'll always have a pretty solid speed so that's something to consider if you want to go that approach so last thing I'll mention for me usually when the Wi-Fi is out doesn't matter where I am I usually just hop on the hotspot of my phone because that's great I didn't really think about this so much but when the power goes out most people's internet goes out and most people go on their phones so they're using the data on their phone I'm not the only genius using the hotspot on the phone so my phone internet seems to really bog down now I use 18 T on my phone I've been all over this island I've never had an issue on speed or phone connection I always had reception I've been totally fine here I love it definitely there's a noticeable difference in speed once the power is out it's like everyone is on their phones my genius idea cables out I'm just gonna tether my phone to my laptop and I'm still truckin didn't work out that way a very last option is sky roam the sky Rome is a traveler's kind of hotspot little circular device get throw it in your backpack take it wherever you want to go charges up it works in any country it's eight bucks a day in Puerto Rico works totally fine you're basically on 4G LTE connection but there's data limits on it for a guy that uploads video all the time not so practical but what's nice about it is that let's say the internet goes out right you can activate your sky Rome just for the day I mean you can select which days you want so if it's once a week that the Internet's out and you have your sky Rome you're at eight bucks a week 32 bucks a month on 4G internet that's probably gonna be better than it local service providers so it could be practical in that sense and it's great because you can go to Asia or Europe mainland anywhere you go it's always eight bucks a day it doesn't change that as long as the data cap is not an issue for you sky roam could be a really cool option simple option some areas are gonna suck as far as the reception goes on that thing so look it up but Puerto Rico seems to be totally fine as far as having reasonable speeds orgy internet and paying that eight bucks a month from what I could find if you have any other ideas on how to get reliable internet here please leave them in the comments to help everyone else out I'm out of here see ya


  • Chris Aponte says:

    Claro I use to pay 50 dollar for 4 mb and got 2 max, here I pay 70 dollars for 400mbps and speed test went past that 400 mark

  • Vertix says:

    God our wifi is so crap claro will give 100 to 98 ping or 1000 if you live at san juan (also I'm puerto rican)

  • Logan 48 says:

    "Puerto Rico Internet" sucks period….and Liberty sucks bad…when I had it in Sabana Grande it was stable, even after the hurricane. But of course, I had shitty 8mbps of speed…now I have another shitty 15mbps in Arecibo, and it keeps disconnecting…had Claro years ago and they suck too, they had the worst customer service ever, and very rude people…..and the internet was always going in and out. Choice on the other hand in 2011 was the fastest and stable I ever had but I had DSL at the time, and had to connect the wire to my laptop which sucked. But I think they merged with Direct TV and were never the same again.

  • Good says:

    optico fiber is the best, 1000mbps for $70

  • Bryan Johnson says:

    I have tmobile w/ unlimited 4g LTE hotspot. How is the Tmobile LTE down there? Was going to attempt to use that exclusively when I make the move.

  • Asaon says:

    I personally live in a place where Claro has always been bad like
    I pay for a 5mb internet and download things at 500kbp/s
    Never have i seen a single MB of internet in my house. Also liberty doesnt cover my area so yeah…

  • Heriberto Nieves says:

    Hey man sorry for this many comments im doing it as the video goes, i been have travel before alone with no knowledge of the place anyways for internet on the go, get an unlocked wifi hot spot with a sim slot online from newegg.com or amazon make sure you are able to configure apn settings most do but the cheap ones can be a hassle and get a $30 a month prepaid it gives you 10gigs or 50 for unlimited the plan include unlimited data and tether without speed cap, and as good as it sounds i manage to hit 397GB all tethered just fine or if you have a cheap unlocked android phone like a samsung j3 will do the job, just no att even if its unlocked, att lock that feature for their plans a very few have worked but most give problem, speed depends on coverage but i got about 16mbps on a good morning and nights with good 3G and LTE, hope it helps!

  • Heriberto Nieves says:

    Aeronet is not satellite is a point to point network concentrate in businesses like banks and concerts that need a quick network for just 3 days and things like that you can actually game on them because their network is pretty advance and you ping just like cable/dsl with a 99.9% uptime guaranteed i have use them in the past in places that there were no high speed. But is more expensive price to megs vs claro or liberty, so unless you are a company with a lot of reliable data needs like hosting companies or a call center with lots of phone lines just go with regular companies your good

  • Heriberto Nieves says:

    Where i live i get claro 50megs 64.99 pretty good tbh, at first i had issues with speed but since i had this happened to me before in another house when they were DMax, was that the house cables including the one coming from the box were really old getting them to change will take you been on their toes like call them as soon as you get less than 75% of what you are paying for they will "reset" the modem/router and will work great again for a few days, when it slows down again, call and ask about the cables, he will definitely reset your equipment again but ask him to make a note about the cables if you call again, they will do it just be nice and knowledgeable about this stuff and next call you bring the note on the system they will schedule the tech that Will replace everything, since then i dont lag at all and speeds is great

  • Felicita R says:

    I live in Puerto Rico I want to know which of these 2 companies the internet is good Claro or At&t.

  • TJ Trout says:

    aeronet is fixed wireless and one of the best providers in PR

  • whocaresday says:

    Óptico Fiber is the best (gigabit internet) and cheap $70/month

  • Josue Vega says:


  • Isac King says:

    1. Aeronet is wireless, 2. There is a new company, Optico Fiber but is offered in some areas only and there's waiting list for installation

  • Arjay Waran says:

    I have aero net. They installed a dish and I get 15 mbs down and 2-3 mbs up. I don't upload videos so it's more than fast enough for me. It was recommended by a friend who told me that aero net was one of the only isps that didn't go down when the power went down. I didn't really have much choice anyway since I don't have a cable or phone line that goes to my building. Aeronet told me they were working to bring fiber to my area and it was like 50 bucks a month for like 100mbs. I heard liberty goes super fast and is cheap but isn't super reliable. I heard ATT hotspots throttle you. I've only had two or three power outages so far in the last 3 or so months and the last two were less than an hour. I had my water pressure go out two or three times too for around an hour or so.

  • DJ Gaiden Tech says:

    Claro is good beacuse is available literally almost everywhere and provide decent speeds in some cases for a good price problem is that they are slow on upgrading infrastructure their core network is great but their distribution sucks thus why there are a lot of areas where they offer only 1mbps also claro hast inconsistent ping times which are very important for online gaming things complicate when you take in consideration that their max upload speeds are like 5mbps so if you get a cheap plan you would probably get 1mbps or 2 not good at all liberty on the other hand is faster in most cases you can at least 30mbps with them unlike claro that even urban areas you might see 20mbps max they also have crazy fast ping times comparable to USA cable companies so perfect for online gaming they also offer higher upload speeds up to 10mbps if I am not mistaken the only drawbacks is that it doesn't have a lot of reach if you go too rural they probably won't reach there is cases where you can pay so that they extend the line to your house if the reach stops really close to your location as for the other companies I never tried any of those but what I know is that they are a bit more expensive but works wonders when both liberty and claro let's you down as for AT&T if you are using their Hotspot which connects to their antennas then the quality depends on your area AT&T has done a lot of work behind the scenes put fiber underground and also making a lot of fiber installations to their towers so yeah they are improving

  • Lorddoritos1 says:

    It will get better. 👍🏼

  • Michael Jeffers says:

    Claro bought Verizon, and before that Verizon bought PRTC (Puerto Rico Telephone Company) which was owned by the government. They still have somewhat of a government agency feel to them (think typical DMV). If you go with them, I recommend staying away from a contract plan or you will be stuck with them until contract expires. No contract plans are a little better but have higher cost and when you want to terminate the service you will have to go to one of their main service centers to cancel. They won't let you cancel by phone or in one of their many smaller service centers. Their next option is prepaid which I used for wireless internet after Hurricane Maria while I was waiting for my Liberty connection to come back. $40 gives one month of unlimited data. When you are through with the service, just don't make the renewal payment the following month and the service is cutoff and you have no obligation.

  • Gaby Garcia says:

    Of course if the power goes out your service stops. Tell me something new! Come on

  • Lewis Xgaydudepr says:

    Are you single?❤️

  • Don Q says:

    Have you eve tried walking into a Claro "service" center for some professional assistance in Puerto Rico. OMG – customer service is not happening there. You'd better be friends with the CEO and tell the representative that you are or you can forget about walking out with a normal blood pressure reading. It's like sticking your wet finger into an electrifying 220v electrical power outlet. ⚡️

  • Nayrobae says:

    Puerto Rico Wifi 101 by a puertoricam
    Claro: Crappy speed BUT due to the fact that it’s cable is underground it’s GREAT for hurricanes
    AT&T: Great speed and ok signal but it’s horrible for internet during disasters
    Liberty: Ew ew ew ew ew Just ew Horrible service!! I currently have a liberty internet router and ever since the hurricane the connection is terrible and it’s service is extremely bad

    (I haven’t used or herd of any other companies)

    Want good speed and signal? Go for AT&T
    Want stable signal all the time? Go for Claro
    Want to be pissed 24/7? Go for liberty

  • Roy CyberPunk says:

    I don't know who owns Liberty cable is it Comcast? I would not be surprised…

  • 1967 kID says:

    Liberty 100 up 10 down is what I got with phone chanels $138.00 en cayey Puerto Rico claro is to slow for game's, here in cayey claro and liberty, that others are close to San Juan.

  • Ian Piovanetti says:

    Claro is completely unreliable, I pay for around 15 MBPS, but usually get around 1 or less

  • Chris Brunner says:

    SkyRoam doesn't have any infrastructure in PR (or anywhere else, for that matter). They just have roaming agreements with other providers. So, if the internet is slow for other mobile carriers when the internet goes out, the exact same thing will happen with SkyRoam. SkyRoam is not a solution. I put together a list of real options:

  • Benjamin Bidlack says:

    Outstanding internet-in-Puerto Rico info! Thanks so much for yet another excellent video.

  • Sebastian pomales says:

    I would start using TMobile, with my experience on the island and the mainland speeds are up to 80 MPS with strong signal and plans are cheaper then att

  • Jacqueline Quinones says:

    Liberty is the best here in PR.

  • Hon Chuen Chiu says:

    Great video, full of needed info… Do you have some info about cellphone service on Puerto Rico???

  • Rick Schweitzer says:

    Damn dude! You are really intelligent. I've watched a few of your videos and you've never bored me! I'll keep watching! Thanks

  • Ryan Lackey says:

    Aeronet is fixed wireless — i.e. microwave/radio to a point on the island. It's not satellite. Hughes and viasat are satellite.

  • Ryan Lackey says:

    I'm trying to find a rental anywhere on the island with Optico Fiber (Rincon would be preferable, Isla Verde/Guaynabo/Condado/OSJ would be fine). House or condo, etc. Such a pain.

  • Pancake free says:

    T-Mobile is the best (for me)Claro is like your girlfriend she wants you but you don’t have a girlfriend sooooooo

  • Revolt Movement says:

    Try Claro with fiber optic. I use both Liberty and Claro

  • dang0088 da says:

    Forgot to ask instead of craigslist on mainland do they have anything like that over there?

  • Jouseph Custodio says:

    How about you go ponce south beach there good a woo lots restaurant enjoy information

  • egd33 says:

    http://www.gigabit1.com/for-home.html (and new customer offer: http://www.gigabit1.com/welcome/) This is Aeronet's product that is being installed in a lot of buildings around Condado. It is not satellite and it is 500/500mbps for $70. The website says the pricing will increase to $90 after 5/31 (for new customers), but they have flyers in my building saying it is valid through 7/31. They install the service in the building and then run ethernet cable to the individual apartments.

    Some other buildings have this: https://optico.criticalhub.com/

  • kuchytapr says:

    They all are slow or slower. Also cell phone towers run on electricity and if the generators were not working there goes your signal. These problems did not exist before the hurricane. 😢 lots of towers were destroyed by HMaria

  • Wilfredo Torres says:

    What you mentioned using two services seems to work best and is the most cost effective. Most businesses use SD-Wan reliable, fast and has built in redundancy for back up of course for home users it's different. If you have a business office you set this up is an business operation and remote login at home and take advantage of the reliable service. ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2N7q1w26Mg

  • mrhighlander2003 says:

    There are a lot of alternatives for Internet services like satelite, wireless, wifi, home and comercial services all with many different speeds and prices. After hurricane maria hit Liberty and other companies went down but Claro was still up and running but not at full capacity. Claro is the main phone and Internet company in PR. The problem with Liberty is that they depend 100% of electricity. Internet is not an issue in PR. Hughes Satellite Internet is now in PR and VI… before hurricane Maria the company pointed a satellite signal to the caribbean that was not there before so is an alternative to a major disaster like maria…. but is not a service for everyone that use a lot of data because the prices and data limits. Thanks for sharing the real PR to the world. Puertorricans are very good people… a country where blacks and white lives in peace because of the Spain, indians and african mix. PR is not a 3rd world country but for sure there are a lot to do and the big reason that we can't go forward is the colonial status… some people want the state hood, others want to keep the actual colony status and others want to be a free country. PR is not a US state but we are american citizens that can't vote for the US president… Thanks! (Sorry for my english…)

  • Joel Jordan says:

    Brother I'm puert Rican but I haven't been there in like 5 years and honestly love how impartial u are in the point of views I will definitely will love to do the same that u do I would even fly there and take u to all the best places in p.r but hey I'm a big fan and it is always a pleasure to see somebody from out pr coming to the island and talk so nicely about keep up the good work and if is anything I can do for u just ask my friend have a blessed day

  • Ab Dorce says:

    The time you're investing in these videos is well appreactiated, I would like to pick your brain once I touch down PR. Lunch and or drinks at my expense.

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