Rack Mount Raspberry Pi Multicast TV Server

Rack Mount Raspberry Pi Multicast TV Server

got a bit of a project that I want to do which is similar to the multi-class TV server that I did in the past except this time I'm going to build it in this one rack units a enclosure here so a start I have a look at what I think we'll need hopefully I've got everything okay it's probably based on two raspberry PI's each one having free TV tuners and it's going to be powered by Pio a splitter that way they have to worry too much about the power cable to it that's two of those the connections at the back I'm going to have an f-type antenna connection and two rj45 sockets one of them just going to each split up and speaking of splitters the antennas going to come into this six way splitter and feed each of the TV tuners and we've got the f-type connectors to go onto the rg6 antenna cable that should go from the splitters to the other end which will be the f-type and then I've just got f-type two TV antenna connections so they can fit into the actual TV tuners six of those a little bit of a premade cable to go from there so nuts and bolts to mount the connectors at the back and the screws for the lid so that's put a plan to put in here and hopefully make it nice and neat so I've got my tools that I think I need and some cattle over there and should we drive to go I'll start with what I think is going to be the hardest part of this and that's mounting the connectors at the back to the piece of plastic here so I'll just get rid of that out of the way so can I have to be exactly as I can so this makes it nicely in the middle and is all neat okay first it horse now the tricky part is going to be the rest so that I can get the rj45 connectors through and the outside I'm going to use this the hole drilling kind of bit here which is pretty good it's going to make a few pilot holes first roughly where I think they should be okay to get these holes the right size to fit around these connectors here I'm going to do something which probably shouldn't do but it works so I'm going to do it anyway and actually solving on to just burn out the bits that I need so let's see of course that was okay the whole lineup and it is so what I'll do before I screw that into the plastic and I took the the cat5 on here so I can still work with it on the bench here before I do before I connected to the plus T cat5 now it's going to go I don't exactly know how I'm going to run it yet but it's not going to be more than that so just cut up two legs of that I'll put these onto the edge of the flat connectors okay now they're tuned you can do it bolt it first and leave it tight you're going to be a bit of a squeeze and see just make sure I can get these in there okay here is now mounted on plastic actually worked out quite well so I put it back in the here here's the connectors at the back no off leave that in there okay that's the networking power for the rasp replies done now have to do all this coax which I'm not looking forward to but it's not going to do itself so he goes rather six coax cables terminated now just have to put it all together tidy up a bit and this should be pretty much done no see we can do it is rack mountable TV so little to bear looks better than six Russ replies screw to a piece of wood so damaged okay back out of the stairs where all the equipment generally lives it's a moment of truth so put the antenna that's ready there is yeah and two cows to the switch plug them both in and Campbell are all connected and tenor and two network cables that's it and on the switch then as you can see with the links have come up so the power over ethernet splinters that I put in here I've I've worked you see bits of lights inside there anyway so that system is now booting up and going to be on the network


  • Gabriel Martin says:

    Eso seguro que se calienta y baja velocidad, habra que refrigerar las raspberry y los rtl

  • Guoying Gong says:

    it no power can work?

  • Gregory Toomey says:

    Great work mate! You can use hot glue (available from Kmart) to secure the parts to stop them rattling around.

  • Programming Drone says:

    Which operating system are your using for running dvblast? When I try Raspbian 4.14, the kernel crashes after a few hours of running azap or dvblast.

  • Rocky Nill says:

    Great video. For those interested in a easier product to do similar solution for tv streaming, check out the HDHomeRun by Silicon Dust. It's a nice solution for making an Over-The-Air (OTA) signal into ethernet for broadcasting on your home network. Lots of various apps to use the stream. I have two HDHomeRuns working with Plex as a DVR.

  • Fabri Mariani says:

    Are rtl-sdr dongles capable of decoding digital cable tv? From cable tv provider?

  • Cisco Saeed says:

    my question is if I installed them in one server instead of raspberry Pi could work?

  • Josselin YOUMBI says:

    Hello and thanks for this video, well can you help me to have the name of the connectors use to connected Channels to the system ? i can find it here i Cameroun…
    So please help to have the shop were to have this please..

  • Wesley Rodrigues says:

    What's the name of the box that you put it on?

  • Rekha Prajapati says:

    Sir ji please help me I'm vk from India please reply

  • WillyD says:

    Is that a satelite tv or the uhf ?

  • WillyD says:

    Is that a satelite tv or the uhf ?


    Good afternoon. First of all thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

    I want to ask if this TV tuner would be useful for the project: https://articulo.mercadolibre.cl/MLC-445335005-synthesizer-of-tv-for-pc-usb-senal-digital-hd-antena-_JM#D [S: ADV, L: VIPCORE_RECOMMENDED, V: 2, I: Nlcy1kaXNwYXRjaGVyLTE2M3w2OTYyOTUzMjg2MjI2NzkzNDYz, C: 52.000000]

    You could send me a list of where I bought the implementos, I would appreciate it a lot.

    Greetings cordiales, froms Chile.

  • Samuel Oliveira says:

    Hi. What is the name of the BNC to USB conversor?

  • P arjacpar says:

    Any update videos to this ?

  • SinopaCon GamePlays says:

    General question to your video, with a multicast TV server multiple people can connect to just one channel or is it one tv server per person? I have thought about this many of times and I thought it would be a great thing to have for the house? I have to say I like your videos and very informational and not over edited

  • Steve Ulrich says:

    Love your work. Good suggestions in comments, but you have done a great job here and proven what a great piece of kit Linux and the pi are

  • pniiice says:

    fantastic stuff

  • George TJ says:

    Which version of Raspberry pi did you use? Are these RPi2's or RPi3's? Can a single RPi2 handle 2-3 TV Tuners ?

  • Clumsy Zombie says:

    What about air flow. I would have added 2 fans on the side and I would have also made it where I could access the PI SD card so I wouldn't have to take that case apart to get to the SD card.

  • stupossibleify says:

    so basic electronics quesion. can a single antenna resonate at multiple frequencies to allow more than one channel to be tuned in?

  • stupossibleify says:

    did wonder if you would mount them without their cases to allow a bit more passive cooling

  • Ted Mieske says:

    Question! Are those round white devices Ethernet on one end and Coax Cable on the other?

    Also, are you getting your signal from an ISP for your TV, or from an Antenna?
    If it's from an ISP, great, but if it's from an antenna no way.

  • Ted Mieske says:

    Not familiar with the 1st device you drilled hole for. Or I just did not understand what you said.
    Again, another Thumbs Up!!!

    When the internet provided, (ISP) comes out, he can't believe my system.
    Where did you buy the 19" Rack-Mount from. Actually, one of my racks is
    23" wide; so I use shims to make the connection.

    FYI, some commercial tools would speed-up your task's. Suggest: Ebay or Home Depot.

  • Tt Ss says:

    man spend the couple bucks on the tools for the coax and it would have been a lot faster and easier.

  • Daniel Lolk says:

    can i watch you tv channels on may android phone ore ware can i se them

  • Youtube kotzt mich an says:

    remove the rpi cases…

  • Waikari Boy says:

    what client are you using though out the house? Kodi?

  • oyvey says:

    i like your haircut, very fashy nable.

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