Rebuilding The Seattle Seahawks – Madden 19 Connected Franchise Realistic Rebuild

Rebuilding The Seattle Seahawks - Madden 19 Connected Franchise Realistic Rebuild

hey what's going on guys my name is Lane today would do in a realistic rebuild of the Seattle Seahawks we do have the updated rosters on so everybody they cited drafted is on the team but if you didn't know I do to rebuild every Sunday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern let's go check out the team the Seahawks are a 77 overall team 79 offense 79 defense and our starting quarterback is Russel Wilson he's a 91 overall superstar development 29 years old our starting running back is Chris Carson 84 overall normal development 23 years old I hate these normal development but an 84 overall that's really not that bad our starting number-one receiver is Tyler Lockett 87 overall quick development 25 years old 93 speed 92 acceleration and catching 86 catch in traffic our number two guy no idea this is David Moore 76 overall normal development 23 years old 91 speed 18 that acceleration 85 catching 84 catch in traffic I'm hoping that the newly drafted DK Metcalf will be our number one guy eventually 75 overall quick development 21 years old 95 speed 84 acceleration 86 catching 86 catch to traffic our starting tight end is at Dixon 77 overall normal development 31 years old he's not gonna be on this team long term his backups of a net 76 overall normal development 25 years old our starting right tackles of Fetty 74 overall gnome development 24 years old 84 strength 76 run blocks 77 pass blocks that's not gonna work out our starting right guard is Fluker 82 overall normal development 27 years old ninety once ranked 82 run block 81 pass block that can work for now our starting center is britt 78 overall quick development awesome 27 years old 87 strength 76 run blocks 79 pass block our starting left guard is a potty 77 overall normal development 31 years old let's just move on from that and our starting left tackle is Dwayne brown 84 overall normative element 33 years old 90 strength 84 run block 85 pass block so on offense we do have a lot of holes right tackle left guard left tackle eventually probably Center definitely receivers a little weak and definitely a tight end let's go check out the defense our number-one cornerback is Shaquille Griffin he's an 80 overall quick development 23 years old I'm hoping he could step up and be a number one guy for the rest of this video number two corners flowers 79 overall normal development 23 years old that's not good enough to be a number two guy but eventually a number three guy our right end is newly drafted LJ Collier 74 overall normal development 23 years old 82 power moves 69 finesse 76 speed 80 acceleration I didn't see him on any first round mock draft so I was very surprised to see Hawks took him we'll have to see how it does our defensive tackle one is Reed 81 overall quick development 24 years old that's awesome defensive tackle to is Ford 76 overall normative element 22 years old a rookie 85 strengths 79 block sheds 69 power moves 76 finesse our left end is Marsh 76 overall normal development 26 years old that's alright but not that great our starting strong safeties mcdougal 81 overall years quick development 27 years old 87 speed 81 zone 75 tackles 69 pursuit our left outside linebackers KJ right he's an 84 overall quick development 29 years old his backup is a Mingo 77 overall quick development 27 years old which is awesome for a backup our middle linebacker Bobby Wagner obviously 99 overall superstar development 28 years old our right outside linebackers Kendricks 82 overall quick development 28 years old that's also pretty good his backup Shiki griffin 70 overall with quick development 23 years old 76 tackle 80 hit powered 91 speed 91 acceleration and our starting free safety is Thompson 75 overall norm development 23 years old that's not gonna work out so we need another free safety definitely quarterbacks I suppose a left that I think Mars should be fine for now we're probably gonna focus on the offense first but let's go to the mid-season one at the mid teaser mark we are three and four the 49ers afford for the Cardinals three and five the Rams are somehow three and five that makes no sense who's gonna be a free agent I believe that's Kendricks it is 82 overall I think we have to react he wants four years though maybe not because we have Griffon behind and we also have Mingo I think we'll wait and see on him more definitely not EXCI more it might not be bad for a number three guy depends on how DK Metcalf does Jefferson I don't want anybody else so let's go to the playoffs and that will make a decision on Kendricks and more we did make the playoffs in year one but how do we do we went 5 and 11 but the bigger news is the Cardinals won the division at 9 and 7 how did that happen the calamari go off he muscled a mate for the 49ers and the Rams I don't understand the Rams either player stats Russell Wilson 37 under yards 25 touchdowns 10 interceptions rushing Carson 927 touchdowns receiving David Moore eighty seven catches 77365 three touchdowns DK Metcalf 62 catches 864 six touchdowns awesome Dixon 577 with four touchdowns on defense 115 tackles for right 112 for Wagner sack totals 5 and 1/2 for Jones 3 and a parade 3/4 right 3 for Martian Mingo interceptions we have 4 4 right Griffin and Wagner that's awesome let's take a look at the safety cow we do have a defensive touchdown no safety one defensive touchdown by Griffin awesome Healy Awards what do we got drew brees with the MVP Elliot's up there of course Brady Watson Ryan no Kyler Murray coach the air Jason Garrett NFC up had to play the year Elliot do we have any Seahawks up here no Kyle Amari also not up here the offensive play the air Davis interesting no Seahawks offensive Arcadia Barkley obviously Mauri number 2 Haskins Metcalf at 5 though that's not bad no other Seahawks Defensive Rookie of the Year nothing that's fine though I saw Sean punting now what are we gonna have for X p.m. hope and Metcalf has like 4 or 5 I doubt it Wilson has one Metcalfe only one really I was expecting a lot more out of them nothing really on defense either we have two for Griffin we will mingle mingle as one Griffin doesn't have any I meet Thompson as to that's good I suppose but this something really here the Browns beat the Saints 38 to 22 let's take a look at the stats Baker Mayfield to 44 four touchdowns awesome game Brees retired rushing hunt 18 for 160 with a touchdown Wow Camaro 91 yards with a touchdown Mario with a touchdown receiving Thomas 53 yards Beckham 86 with a touchdown touchdown for Ted Ginn to four Landry 61 yards anything else one for Duke Johnson now do we want to bring back more I don't think we want to bring back Kendricks more had a great season I don't know if that's gonna like sucker me in and I'm gonna take him then he's gonna do terribly Kendricks I just can't do Kendricks but more I guess I kind of have to let's go four years three point seven I'll put the signing bonus up a little bit 23 million dollars oh good he's gonna take it I just can't bring back Kendricks it doesn't make sense everybody else I don't want let's go to free agency we're not gonna take anybody more than likely but just in case I'd love to know what draft pick we have it it has to be top five right it's at least top ten I know that jhi he doesn't make sense Trey Boston I mean Mike Hilton isn't a terrible idea I don't normally gotta like get guys right now but I'm gonna try to get Mike Hilton 24 million dollars 92 points that's fine let's advance the weeks even get them I mean does have any office I imagine he'll take it yes yes yes that is awesome let's go to the draft so we have the fourth overall pick the Patriots are making us an offer for a first round this year and next year the only guy I'm interested in his cage a knight who looks awesome don't get me wrong but I think I'd rather get more draft picks trade back try to make a better team that way so we're actually gonna trade back with the Patriots yeah there it is right there 27 this year number 32 next year that's fine with the 27th pick in the first round we've taken left end Burgess let's see what he's all about 74 over Albany has quick development 21 years old 74 power moves 80 finessin speed 87 acceleration I like that he has quick development but I don't know if he's gonna home out to anything in the third round we're taking left guard Henry looks awesome seventy-five overall gnome development 23 years old 85 strength 79 run black 78 pass block okay babies not awesome with her other third round draft pick were taken right outside linebacker Corey gala day he actually looks awesome 75 overall I'm wrong again no development 21 years old 80 tackles 77 hit powers 74 speed 88 acceleration heading it here to where 79 overall team 83 offense 81 defense Wilson's a 92 Carson 84 lakh of 88 more 77 Metcalf 76 but net 76 the offensive line 75 80 to 78 75 and 80 not looking that good on defense Griffin 83 Hylton 83 Flowers is an 80 Collier 74 Reed 82 for 76 Mar 77 mcdougal 82 Mingo 78 Wagner 99 writes at 80 and Thompson 77 I don't think it's gonna be a good season this year but let's go find out at the mid-season mark we are three and four the Rams of the Cardinals are tied for first place at five and two in the 49 is a three and five who's gonna be a free agent that is Bobby Wagner who I definitely bring him back 99 overall star development he wants six years you're 29 years old they'll definitely Reese item I don't know if it'll be for six years but I'm not gonna be able to talk him down so let's go six years six five let's go three point two five we have plenty of money good he's gonna take it Russell Wilson obviously three years that's it I'm gonna give him five years nineteen point two eight point nine he's gonna take that awesome read I'll bring back Mingo maybe not let's go five years three five two million dollar signing bonus that's awesome Mingo I don't know about that but net I might as well bring back four years three million one point six 18.2 million dollar offer that's good LJ Collier should be on this team long term we're gonna do the usual thing seven years two million good good good Hollister no thanks Lynch Thomas I'm assuming Blair yeah that's probably some of they just drafted so let's give him three years 1.5 600 K signing bonus good alright let's go to playoffs we did make the playoffs or year – but how did we do we went 5 and 11 again the Rams 11 and 5 the Cardinals of the 49 is 8 Nate let's see how the Patriots did I'm hoping for another top-10 pick there they are of course at night at 7 so that's gonna be in the 20s take a look at the stats Russell Wilson 4,000 yards 26 touchdowns 10 interceptions a little bit better but not much rushing Chris Carr said 867 10 touchdowns receiving David Moore where did you come from 95 catches 8 37 3 touchdowns Lockett 771 7 touchdowns for net 682 with 6dk Metcalfe 800 yards before touchdowns on defense 127 tackles for Wagner 174 right 110 for Griffin 101 for hilted sack totals 5 for Wagner and right for now from Ingo forfeit jones interceptions 3 for Wagner and Griffin – 4 right hill to the MacDougall one for flowers Thompson and Blair now do we have any safeties probably not no we do not and no defensive touchdowns yearly Awards Ezekiel Elliott really he's not even in the top seven Watson with the MVP Rodgers Mayfield hunt fell he's not even in the top ten what happened that's so surprising we're not gonna be here NFC Offensive play in the air he's their number 5 now no Seahawks the Fed to play of the year buddy Wagner 3 nobody else Offensive Rookie of the Year I don't know why this is being so weird NEC Hogg's no Defensive Rookie of the Year hey Burgess is number 7 that's awesome I hope he got a good amount of XP we could move over the right end have Collier and Burgess let's see let's see Russell Wilson didn't get any two for Carson one for Lockett and more three from that cap awesome is he still quick development yes I was hoping maybe he went up to star not on the offensive line that's disappointing on defense Burgess got two three four Griffin two for Thompson one for Hilton there's just nothing crazy what about golly he didn't get a single point really I don't understand that let's see you won the Super Bowl the Falcons beat the Browns 31 to 28 finally winning a Super Bowl how exciting Matt Ryan 303 touchdowns Mayfield 287 two touchdowns one interception Kareem Hunt 94 yards two touchdowns one for a Jahi receiving landry 97 yards with a touchdown a touchdown for Beckham and sinew 53 yards to Julio Jones touched out for Freeman and Calvin Ridley I'm so excited to see how it really does in year two with Julio Jones I'm hoping incredibly well that'd be so much fun to watch now I know Mingo were you gonna let go but I do want to take one more peek and I think we have a ton of money right we have 51 million dollars I think I'm gonna bring back this right tackle just in case let's go four years to five 1.05 14 million dollars that's fine Hollister no yeah we're fine I'm hoping for a big-name receiver or maybe a corner I forget who's supposed to be there near – isn't it usually like Eric Ebron I believe so if he's there actually I'll bring him back Jalen Ramsey really yeah I'm making a play at Jalen Ramsey 125 from the Dolphins how do you like seven years let's go up to 12 million dollars and I pick up to go to a six billion dollar signing bonus and I still don't know if that'll be enough I think it will but not a hundred cent sure there we go 126 million dollars see it's nine we're down by six what if we go up – you know I'm gonna go to 14 million and then 6.25 123 it's still about enough how much money of the Dolphins throwing at him I don't get it I guess we're gonna go to 7 million dollars 1:33 there we go Araki bronze also they're getting 121 from the bangles I've never seen the mangos do that before where did we go Joseph 124 why is that like so much money's being thrown around it's so annoying I'm gonna make a plate ibrahim 121 let's go five years six million three million dollar signing bonus that should be enough 1:06 never mind man do I want to splurge on two guys right now they'll help our team a time Ebron whoa yeah he'll he will in the first three years but after that granted there's only three years left on this rebuild let's go to 7 million 3.5 yeah 52 million dollar offer 119 that's still not enough that's so disappointing let's go eight million is three point seven five isn't enough we're just gonna withdraw 58 million 129 okay we're good minute my games freezing all around mad 19 I just do we bring in keel and coal or just deal with Lockett more DK Metcalf Metcalfe's gonna be a 79 so I think we should just wait and see what happens next year so that'll be fine Sanders Meredith to leave yeah we're fine let's advance the week see we can get these two guys if we get Jalen Ramsey that'll be awesome yes we got ramsey Ebro and turned us down though why I made you a huge offer are you kidding me I think I'm gonna make a play McCrory for one year 3.7 that'll be fine anybody else I mean OGG was so tempting he's getting 89 points on the Patriots I'm not gonna do that Kiel and Cole I still want to bring in but I don't think so yeah we'll be fine otherwise let's advance the week one more time was that Justin Lane again he should never ever be they're mad at 20 can't get here soon enough we got to have a McCarney that's awesome let's go to the drafts with the sixth pick in the first round we're taking center Alexander Chandler let's see what he's all about 79 overall quick development 21 years old 91 strength 83 run blocks 78 pass block that is a great big he's a 75 overall no development 21 years old 70 pound rubes 83 for that's 82 speed 80 and acceleration in the second round with taken left tackle Anton Houston he's a 73 overall no development 23 years old 85 strength 82 run block 73 pass block Matt is not a great pick heading into year three when 82 overall team 83 offense 87 defense Wilson's a 92 Carson 86 Lockett 89 Metcalf 79 vennett 77 the offensive line 75 81 79 75 73 on defense Ramsey 99 Hilton 84 Burgess 76 Reed 83 477 March 77 Griffin 86 flowers 82 McDougal 83 right 78 Wagner down to 95 call today 75 McCarney 84 these linebackers are getting worse in a hurry but let's go to the mid-season Mike there we go at the mid-season mark we are tied for first place with the Rams of five and to the 49ers in the Cardinals four and three who's gonna be a free agent is it bad I don't know who that is Kris Carson okay Griffin's there what do we have for money 81 million dollars let's give him six years four million two point two eight he's gonna take that Griffin definitely want to bring him back down to normative element though he is our number two guy so let's go five years five million two point six thirty seven point eight million he's gonna take that McCarney will weigh a Matt MacDougall's up to superstar development it just doesn't make sense Fluker I'm not gonna bring back Mayer's our kicker might as well DK Metcalf definitely let's go for years 1.5 that'll be fine good good good TK Metcalfe Thompson's there as well let's go five years four point five two point three I'm excited to see how he does Russell Wilson in theory should be pretty well Thompson I'll bring back cuz McCarney is probably gonna be gone for years three point five let's go three point five two point or one point one five rather good good good KJ right Novak is ik know Ford I will bring back bread maybe he's a backup five three one point four we have so much money Britt I will bring back Marsh yeah probably not Marsh Jones up there maybe I mean do we want Jones what do you want Ford 25:24 so probably Ford yeah that'll good decision right let's go to playoffs we didn't make the playoffs yet again but how did we do we went a mate okay we are improving that's good the Rams 11 at 5:49 is nine to seven the Cardinals also when a mate let's see how our guys did Russell Wilson forty 100 yards thirty one touchdown six interceptions awesome year rushing Chris Carson eleven hundred yards 15 touchdowns now we're talking receiving the at 9:31 seven touchdowns Metcalfe 750 wood six Lockett 818 with three David Moore 779 nine touchdowns he keeps showing up that's awesome on defense Bobby Wagner 123 tackles 106 mcdougal sack totals for dapper Burgess for Fred Jones three now four re three four mush interceptions we have three for Hilton Wagner and right two for Ramsey McCourty one for marsh mcdougal now do we have any safeties or defensive touchdowns hey safety by KJ right no defensive touchdowns Healy Awards Ezekiel Elliott Todd Gurley Tucker Evans what Hut Elliott Ryan four sets up here get out of there nobody else coach of the year Hugh Jackson NFC Offensive Player of the Year Russell Wilson at six that's awesome nobody else Defensive Player of the Year Jaylon Smith we have Bobby Wagner with five nobody else Offensive Rookie of the Year it's bad at 20 here yet because this game is running like absolute garbage no Seahawks Defensive Rookie of the Year no Seahawks yet again awesome now what are we gonna have for X p.m. hope and Wilson got one or two he didn't get any Carson got one locker with one Metcalfe with two will be an 81 more didn't get any Q for Chandler the rookie on defense one for Marsh – for Burgess none for Collier that's surprising Hilton got two flowers got one Blair got one okay what about Thompson with one that's really not good enough though we need a focus on line back because I think I think that offensive line will be fine let's find out who won the Super Bowl then Texans beat the Rams 32 27 let's take a look at the stats Goff 184 two touchdowns deshaun Watson 400 yards with a touchdown rushing girly 188 two touchdowns of Miller 71 yards with two receiving Kody 9 for 200 yards with a touchdown Wow girly 97 yards with a touchdown everyone the touchdown nothing else down here let's take one more look at our own free agents I want to make a big move and free agency I don't think we're gonna get a running back even though this is the running back here let's see Devin McCourty no mcdougal no Fluker no KJ right absolutely not yeah actually we did want to bring back Justin Britt but I didn't know he is 30 years old so we're not gonna do that Joe this may be a third-string guy what is it gonna cost us to bring him in we have 50 million dollars so we could do four years two point five that'll be fair I'll be perfectly fine okay that's good fifty million dollars to spend who is gonna be here that we want to bring in cream hunt a McCaffrey Cohen Ajoke ooh 93 points from the raid is we're bringing him in for a shirt let's come six years six million dollars 3.5 signing bonus 56 million dollars that's only 99 points so we're gonna go a little bit higher on that let's go up to three point seven five and six point five I want to make sure he's on our team he brought turned us down no joke who better not Barnett's they're not really gonna do that David Newton Houston Hightower not for 93 points Trent Williams maybe for a year but I think I'd man do I want just my guys to come along he has started Bellamy you know what we're gonna make a play Adam six five it has so much money for him three point four ninety four points that's so much money a little bit too much money let's bring him down to six let's bring this down to three point one five I just like to imagine we like gave him a contract and then that we somehow see what the mic is off oh whoa whoa whoa whoa give me that back honey let me rearrange this real quick throw them another one it's like well this is a lot less money it's like yeah yeah yeah what are you gonna do about it marshal yonder I wouldn't mind bringing him in for one year make a run at it let's go up to ten million dollars with a three million dollar signing bonus 1:19 yikes that'll be fine though Eli apples they're a bunch of guys I'm not gonna bring in Karen Hayward I almost want to bring in Barnett but I don't want to make too many big moves we still have another year free agency I want to make a play and McCaffrey so bad it just doesn't make sense to me I mean Barnett's getting way too much money so I'm not gonna do that David no thanks Hightower I don't know what 93 points equates to not three years definitely not doing that Tyler Eifert Thomas is there 98 points he's a scheme fit normative element maybe if I can go four years six million two million dollar signing bonus 97 maybe it'll take our offer I doubt it but I don't want to go any higher than that so let's advance the week we better get at least a joke okay we did who else to be good we got turned down by Williams we got Yonder and turned down by Thomas really why would Trent Williams turn us down didn't I give him the most money by a mile or maybe he's mad that I made him an offer they thought I will let's not do that pull there right on back I don't know maybe I don't see anybody I really want to bring in I mean McCourty for another year no doesn't make sense let's go to the draft I'm actually stuck with the 16th overall pick we could take a left outside linebacker Henderson 72 combine first the broad jump three cone 20 yard there's a middle linebacker down here Hall in seven combine Green first in the vertical jump of three cone and the 20 yard fourth of the benchpress fifth in the 40-yard dash then we also have right guard Frederick first the bench press and the 20 yard third the three cone and I don't know what to do I think Hollins the best player here but we have Bobby Wagner we can move over I suppose I'm gonna have to take him he just looks too good to pass up on he's an 80 overall quick development 24 years old 82 speed 80 tackles 76 block shed 81 hit power that is a great pick in the second round would taken strong safety Sherman he's a 76 overall normative element 22 years old 84 speed 77 zone 79 tackle 83 pursuit in the third round with taken running back Peters let's see what he's all about 75 overall no man development 22 years old 68 brake tackle 85 speed 89 acceleration 90 agility in the fourth round would take him left outside linebacker rich he's a 75 overall normal development 22 years old 77 tackles 78 hit power 82 speed 86 acceleration heading into year four where an 84 overall team 87 offense 87 defense Wilson's a 92 carson 87 lock at 90 Metcalf 81 to jokah 91 on the offensive line 7680 for 81 76-73 on defense Ramsey 99 Hilton 86 Collier 75 Reed 84 for 78 Burgess 78 Griffin 87 – Walt 76 rich 75 Wagner 92 I did move Holland for middle linebacker – right outside linebacker he's at 80 and Thompson is an 80 as well let's go to the mid-season mark at the mid-season mark we are somehow one in seven that makes no sense the Cardinal 61 the ramps five and two in the 49 is 2 & 5 how are we one is seven I don't get it I believe that's Tyler Lockett it is he's 90 overall 28 years old I have to bring him back at this point let's go five years seven 53.7 55 million dollars good good good our punter why not let's give him seven years just so you know get him on the team who really cares he's gonna take it that's good yonder no flowers don't really need him at this point penny no dizzily don't really need them I don't see anybody else maybe Greg Jennings I suppose but not really too concerned about it so let's go to the playoffs because I imagine with his swing and miss a big time at this point all I could hope for is we went one at 15 we went to at 14 so close so we should have the first overall pick the Rams at 12 and for the Cardinals 11 to 5 in the 49 to 6 and 10 I can't believe he went to at 14 and we keep making our team better Wilson 4,000 yards 35 touchdowns 11 interceptions rushing Carson 900 yards five touchdowns receiving DK Metcalf 655 touchdowns more 71 catches 1,100 yards 13 touchdowns just wow I have no idea who this guy is and he's going off lock at 811 5 touchdown the joke whoo 6:30 with six on defense 143 tackles for the rookie Holland awesome 133 for Wagner 107 for Dewalt another rookie 103 for Ramsey sack totals 6 for Jones for now for bird is 4 for rich another rookie 3 Napa reap interceptions 3 for Wagner two for Griffin Hilton and Ramsey one for Thompson and cutting him what else do we have here no safeties no defensive touchdowns but that's alright yearly Awards Eliot the MVP Brissette number 2 man what is going on in this game Kyle Amore's their coach the year Sean McBay NFC Offensive Player Elliott Barclay Rodgers is not gonna be any Seahawks here the offensive play of the year now we should have somebody here but we don't I can't believe our rookies not up here that makes no sense Peters of 5 the rookie running back nobody else Defensive Rookie Holland awesome at number 1 – Walt number 3 rich number 4 so it going in the right direction we only have one year left after the so so what do we get for XP 1 for Carson two for Chandler one for Houston one friend a joke who went from Metcalfe on defense 6 for Holland awesome two for dEWALT's one for Blair we have one for Beckwith two for Burgess what we'll call here he's not really doing anything Ramsey with 1 Griffin with 1 hilt submit again any I mean maybe we can make a run in our final year I just not looking good the Rams beat the bills of all teams 37 to 31 let's take a look at the stats Gulf 282 three touchdowns borne 208 with a touchdown rushing early 129 with 2 Sanborn with two touchdowns whoever that is receiving cooks 103 tacos with 51 touched out forever a touchdown for Whiteside I think he's gonna do great in the NFL and 2 for Agnew now was there anybody that we want to bring back I don't remember I don't think so I think at this point are ready to just move on from everybody and go to free agency and maybe bring in van der ezzor these they're tray flowers really is that bad which is a shame we have 20 million dollars I mean if you'll take this that'll be fine fourteen million dollars okay well that's fine then penny nodes is lino yeah I don't want to bring in anybody else we're fine let's go to free agency I mean do we want to bring in van der ash I think the answer is yes do we have enough money I don't know about that I don't know if he's gonna be here usually he's right there Bob Miller's there he's getting 101 from the Bengals we need a right tackle 112 from the bangles Stephon Gilmore Sonia Michelle Lindstrom's then I'm not gonna do that he wouldn't be a free agent I guess we have to make a play of Andres I know I'm saying it like such a bad thing all we have to make a play out of but like I want to make the playoffs in our final year if we can so let's go thirteen million four million dollar signing bonus 97 points that's not gonna be enough we just gonna throw as much money out of them as we can let's go to 15 million at four point five there we go 136 okay we're six points higher I don't know if we should just go even a little bit higher than that probably not do I want to bring in a backup running back even though these would be a starting running back at that point can we get to 112 I don't know if we can I'm gonna go five years actually have a ton of money left what if we go nine million dollars with AIDS yeah maybe a three million dollar signing bonus wow that is way way way way too much money we have one final year yet like who really kids let's advance the week we got van dressed we got McGlinchey that's awesome let's go to the draft now if we were doing another year I would definitely trade this pic back because only trading back three pics we're not gonna do that let's see who's gonna be here I think I want to go offensive line right tackle even though we just got a right tackle we could put him at left tackle if we wanted to I think that's gonna have to be the play let's take Mac a lot actually doesn't look that good never mind where was that right guard who's a left guard Everett 11th in the bench press I don't like that whatsoever right tackle 6 9 Adam it to the team McCarthy 82 overall superstar development 22 years old 93 strength 80 run block 83 pass block great great pick in the second round way to take right guard CJ mcdu our Mikan do I don't know descend on 75 overall normative element 22 years old 84 strength 75 run block and 75 pounds block not a great pick in the third round way taken another strong saftey towfield he just looks so good 75 overall star development 23 years old 86 speed 74 zone 72 tackles 75 pursuit heading into our final year when 85 overall team 89 offense 87 defense Wilson 92 Carson 88 Lockett 89 Metcalf 82 more 81 now joke gu 92 of the offensive line 82-75 83-76 88 on defense ramsey 99 hilton 86 Beckwith 77 Reid 85 479 purchase an 80 Griffin 88 to waltz 78 bedrest 98 Wagner 88 haul in 86 and Thompson 82 let's go to the playoffs and we didn't make the playoffs in our final year how do we do we went 8 Nate that's the best we did this whole rebuild the Rams 12 it for the Cardinals 10 and 6 in the 49ers 7 & 9 let's see how we did Wilson about 1200 yards 37 touchdowns 15 interceptions that's a good year rushing Carson 11 under yards seven touchdowns receiving lock in a thousand yards seven touchdowns Metcalf 79 catches 7 14 with Levin touch those no joke ooh 8-under yards three touchdowns more 750 with seven touchdowns on defense 109 tackles for Wagner where's uh was Holland way down there 52 what happened sack total six an F for Holland six for Burgess for now ffred Jones three Napa reap interceptions for four Ramsey three for Griffin into wall two for Hilton one for and Russian Thompson now for safeties we have one fiber just awesome defensive touchdowns by Ramsey and Griffin awesome yearly Awards Eliot Todd girlies up there Evans Elliot and he's Seahawks a Russell Wilson 2/10 coach of the is Sean McVeigh and a co-op set to play the etad Gurley Wilson at six nobody else Jameis Winston like what are we talking about here Winston's up here Kirk Cousins up here I mean come on like really Defensive Player of the Year nobody Offensive Rookie of the Year nobody Defensive Rookie of the Year nobody now what do we get for XP before you end this video I would like to see we can get up to 184 overall team 85 overall team McCarthy has three Chandler with one so the offensive line is gonna be in good shape – from Metcalfe – for Hull and that's a three for Dewalt I think we did like really good in this rebuild it must just be like the the playbook the scheme everything involved with that right cuz let's look at the offensive line real quick what do we get up to where 287 overall team so we have an 85 and 84 and 89 the offensive line then a 76 and a 75 we drafted McCarthy we drafted Chandler and Henry do we draft anybody else on the offense I don't think so I don't know we drafted Peters is a 78 we signed a joke who's a 92 that makes sense a defense Ramsey 99 who he signed everybody would have signed him Griffin's up to 89 Hilton 87 flowers 84 which is awesome we drafted Beckwith who's up to a 78 Burges an 81 to Walton 81 toefield 78 haul in 88 I mean riches of 77 gala day 73 all right no that's all middle linebacker 77 I think we drafted inside perfect players it just has to be the scheme in the playbook that's the only thing that makes sense but that will be it for this rebuild if you liked the video give it a like down below make sure to check out my channel subscribe for more content I'll see you guys in the next one thank you so much for watching bye


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