Robert Kiyosaki 2019 – The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR!

Robert Kiyosaki 2019 – The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR!

[Music] do the rich people cringe and say don’t tell them that rock yes yes yes don’t tell people what they what you know people poor my father was the head of education PhD all that stuff I go home and ask him said why don’t we learn about money in school and he elected me says because the government doesn’t let us teach that subject the government tells us what we can teach and what we can’t teach and I thought that was strange and I said but aren’t we going to school to learn about money he says no your job is to get a job I said but you get a job to earn money he goes no you’re supposed to just get a job no no no no no this is the purpose of a job to earn money he goes you’re correct I said so why don’t we just learn about money I can skip the job part you know and he got flustered and he said why learn about money why don’t you ask your best friend’s father about money I said why that’s Mike so I asked him he says because Mike’s father is an entrepreneur and I said what I’m what are you is I’m an employee I’m a government employee I went Oh what’s the difference this is the difference as an entrepreneur must know about money or they they’re no longer entrepreneurs and it says an employee doesn’t have to know anything about money because the government will take care of my company will take care of so I’m kidding I’m all confused but I took my dad’s advice and I trundle over to Mike’s father’s office and knocked on his door and I said hey I’m here nine years old teach me about money he says beat it kid you know but that’s where the story fridge ted portage started and finally through persistence my rich dad sorry teaching me about money on one condition and that condition was he would never pay me he says the moment I pay you you think like an employee he says that’s the trap entrepreneurs work for free and now I’m nine years old my head’s going cracking in half he says you never want a paycheck I understand that kid okay I got it and he says well how do I make money he says that’s what a lunch burrowstrike around looks like so how do I learn about money so he would just break out I Monopoly game board so I would work for free I pick up cigarette butts and yet hotels and restaurants and I would clean and do menial tasks and as I got older I started getting into office work and marketing and accounting and I was an apprentice basically but I was working for free and he would teach me about money but the way he taught me about money was playing Monopoly and ice finally one day I got upset I said well when you gonna teach me about money is what I think we’re doing we’re playing Monopoly he goes no no no what do you think we’re doing we’re playing Monopoly so what do you think we’re doing so I don’t know I’m teach you about money and then that’s why you know you have one green house you know he says there’s many formulas for great success in money there’s thousands of them but one of the best ones found in the game of Monopoly still as today for green houses one red hotel said what he says one of the greatest ways to acquire great wealth is playing Monopoly in real life for green houses one red hotel well is that all there is he goes that’s it and he says what do you think I’m doing and I went I don’t know so then he took me out he showed me his greenhouses and ten years later when I was 19 I was now in school in New York and I come back to Hawaii and rich debt had bought the biggest piece of land smack-dab in the middle of Waikiki Beach and when you go to Waikiki Beach today you’ll see the Hyatt Regency Hotel that was his hotel just like the game of Monopoly just like the game of Monopoly acquired assets and they became bigger assets he just kept what’s called an assemblage because that property wasn’t that big at that time so he had to buy out all the small guys cuz Waikiki was a little dirt but a little town so he’d buy out this shop owner and buy that shop owner and it took him a while but he finally assembled this large piece of property and then he and he and Hyatt put up this giant hotel you know I just and it just sold for 800 million dollars so that’s how I learned about money [Music] I’ve had financial crashes I’ve had people stab me in the back but they’re all good because I grow from it that’s spirituality you know people who are afraid of making mistakes like they teach in school they don’t have a grow because spirituality is as good and there’s bad the right and as wrong is up and there’s down most people don’t want to be right all I want to be positive well you can’t have that that’s not reality well I wasn’t poor by most people’s standards but I came from a family with a poor attitude if you know what I mean because rich poor middle class poverty starts with a fundamental attitude poverty has passed on it’s taught in your families and middle classes taught in families and so the people right now who are sitting at home mmm who are struggling financially or worried about money or unhappy they may be making a lot of money but unhappy with what they’re doing it was probably taught to you know your super-ego was taught get a job work hard or you’ll never be rich or the rich or evil or whatever it’s a school system will never teach you about money the school system was designed to teach you to be an employee which is important or a doctor or a lawyer a specialist but never about money and what most people lack is rael business knowledge like accounting you know like debt like taxes you got to know that stuff but they don’t teach it in school to anybody so and then when people ask me how did your rich dad learn this when your poor dad a pH they did it and the answer is very simply my rich dad was okay my best friend’s father his father died when he was 13 so his sore bitch dad had this family business at 13 to run so here the drop out of school which was his blessing you know there’s blessings and you know sometimes a blessing doesn’t look like a blessing but it turned out to be a blessing and then his teachers became his bookkeeper his accountant his attorney his banker his real estate agents so he has what I call real teachers not these fake teachers in school you see most teachers in school they’re out of ethics they teach subjects they don’t they themselves don’t practice I asked the teacher I said you know I’m in my third year of calculus now it was called it was called strength of materials I said am I ever gonna use the stuff he goes no you know said why do you teach it as I get paid so do you ever use it because no and that’s why you know I you have to win in life one of the things I suggested people you got to find a real teacher versus a fake teacher and a fake teacher if somebody doesn’t do what they teach and a real teacher is doing what they teach every day some of my accountants my attorney is there in it every single day that’s how I learned because every day I’m solving problems in my business so I have I have accountants and attorneys and bankers and all these people on speed dial because I’m I’m solving problems with my team I see you giving this knowledge out and know that I do the rich people cringe and say don’t tell them that right yes yes yes don’t tell people what you know people poor but you know unfortunately the poor as was in the Bible I’m not real religious the poor will always be amongst us because it starts up here right it’s that fear mentality it’s it’s in their words you know and the words become flesh God not really religious I flunked out of Sunday School also but when they say I can’t afford it or I can’t do that they go down they become what they say my PhD daddy says what do you think I am made of money I can’t afford that and my Rich Dad would say that’s why he’s poor poor people say I can’t afford it I can’t do that I don’t have time because this is escape it’s an escape you know I mean it’s easier to say I can’t afford and you’re rich dad used to say what instead of I can’t afford it how can I afford it how can I do that you know what would it take or why should I do that he says that a question opens a mind a statement closes the might see when you say I can’t afford it your mind shuts down they become what you say rugby is a team sport but so is soccer the rules are different and other people are golfers they play by themselves and so everybody’s different so my game financially is business number one second is real estate so what I say to young people is you find your game [Music] [Music]


  • sherwin salvatori says:

    Rich people are rich because , they decided no to remain poor.

  • James Pappas says:

    Good stuff, I agree they should teach about money in school, but life is about more than accruing asserts and making money. If everybody did what this man did, we would not have taken flight, or gone to the moon. Don't forget those four houses and that hotel don't build themselves, or design themselves.

  • Raj Kumar says:

    lol what a joker Kiyosaki is. But, sincere congrats on selling and peddling this bs successfully. I ain't mad at ya


    Learn a skill, work, build credit, save, invest, make profit. Repeat until you don't have to work for anyone but yourself.
    Make enough to educate your children and give them a head start where they don't have to work as hard to get started like you did and every generation, if they listen will do better than the next.
    Of course those that can't or won't do what you did will hate you and look at you like you are some sort of bad guy that had everything handed to him no matter how hard you had to hustle to get where you are.
    Look at all the comments saying to attack the rich even though the vast majority of these people want to be rich themselves but can't figure out how or make stupid and irresponsible decisions to stop themselves.
    Some people defeat themselves by making terrible decisions with life choices or money management and never get further than where they are at.
    Dropping out of school, having kids before you can even take care of yourself etc dooms you from the start.
    It's proven that 97% of people can stay out of poverty in the US if they follow three rules no matter the sex or race of the person.

    1. Finish highschool
    2. Don't have children before marriage
    3. Work a full time job

    Some may have to move to an area where there are more opportunities for work but that is what growing up is all about.
    If your parents or ancestors could cross oceans with nothing you can move to another state or city.
    I made the first and second mistake but managed to pull myself out of being very poor.
    I left the mother of my child to live with her parents while I went out to figure out how to provide for us.
    I lived up North but moved to Florida to learn a trade.
    I went there wanting to sign up for trade school to learn how to weld at JOBCORPS but it took a little bit to get accepted.
    I had to live at a rooming house and work day labor to survive until then but I managed.
    I finally got accepted and lived in the dorms and did what I came to do and didn't fuck it up or drop out.
    I graduated and got a job at the shipyard making good money.
    I got a place for my and my family and sent her money to come to live with me there.
    We got married and she went to school for nursing.
    We were doing ok but I had the drive in me to do better.
    I stayed responsible, paid my bills on time and we built our credit and saved what we could.
    I invested in some start up businesses and made some money and I only kept investing the principal. (What I started with)
    I started doing so well I was able to invest more and make more.
    Then I started my own business and now we are doing very well with a vacation property and a nice house with a pool in Boca.
    I started in a single parent home, poor, with no help and dropped out and had a child young but I didn't let that stop me.
    I had every excuse to give up and join a gang, sell drugs and be stupid but I just knew that would be the stupidest thing to ever do.
    People that say "I don't have any choice" is lying.
    They have just given up.
    Never give up and don't let anyone tell you that YOU can't make it out of being poor.
    Ever notice those people on TV and online preaching racism and all that shit dress real nice, have nice cars and all that but manage to make it on TV all the same time but sit there and say YOU can't make it.
    Fuck them, they lying.
    Yes, there is racism and then there is just assholes that hate everyone.
    First of all don't take it personally.
    There's no telling what is going on in people's life. They may just be miserable.
    Ignore them and stay focused, don't accept ant excuses from you or anyone else.
    Only deal in success and keep trying until you make it.

  • James Sherrow says:

    Must be nice you can work for free. Born into it ….

  • JJW001 says:

    7:23 Do you think his accountants need to know calculus?

  • Rhonda F. Maluia says:

    He said “Most people only want to be RIGHT, only want to be POSITIVE, that’s not REALITY!!” 💯

  • solid snake says:

    Interviewer :- How to be rich?
    Robert:- work for free
    YouTube viewers:- what a load of crap

  • donbasuradenuevo says:

    Question is, how to get a rich dad?

  • divergent thg says:

    Well things won't get better because unfortunately most of humanity does not want it to be better

  • Lingua Kaji Utama says:

    Great to hear that. Thank you so much.🌞

  • WAN Shah says:

    U go to school to learn about life.
    If everyone learn about money, who will do the 'life' job?

  • Hekmat Safa says:

    Did you ever also think about what you are losing while earning money?

  • Vantika Lazar says:

    Bunch of bull shit. Money is NOT the goal. We live also in the time where they teach that money is the goal, job is for money,..this guy is for money.
    Money will never bring to you happiness and joy,..real happiness and joy,..ONLY A SATISFACTION ..and as any satisfaction, that will never last, any illusion.
    It will only push you to look for bigger and bigger satisfactions, a junky starts with a smoke and going to harder drugs. Its entanglement and disaster at the same time.

    So MY advice to you
    What would they DO FOR FREE. What is they like so much, they would do for free.
    Money will come to you as a side effect

  • Challenge Maps says:

    This is smug NPC Boomer advice designed to annoy Millenials. This Chinese guy is full of shit, an elite NPC designed to make you feel like a failure and that it's your responsibility for not being rich.

    Rich, successful people don't want to share their advice. They will always show you the wrong information to throw you off the trail to success. Successful people are selfish (part of the traits you need for success, along with sociopathy and an attraction to small children). The world is clearly showing us that now, with giant wealth concentration in the hands of a few Epsteins.

    The stats unfortunately show that the vast majority of wealth is inherited. That's how you win Life's Monopoly. Choose the right parents, Goy.

  • Hieroglyph777 says:

    That dude is awesome.

  • Chris Mintern says:

    Sounds like an advertisement for trump university

  • Suburban Retard says:

    Broke the internet my ass

  • Lucinda Gray says:

    Is "he" really teaching us about money???

  • DM & GD says:

    Man … Great vid

  • D C says:

    Public Schools don't teach anything you need for life skills. Public Schools fill the head up, make you knowledgeable and close the mind down. Public Education is so busy cramming information, minds shut off.

    Thank god for daydreaming during class, or I wouldn't be able to think, and observe the world around me. My mind was outside the classroom, because classrooms cause sensory deprivation. I didn't learn anything in school. I learned on my own, years later, and it has been much more pleasureful, than having knowledge shoved down the throat.

  • Kevin Domenech Aliaga says:

    I dont think anybody should work for free

  • PerpetratorX says:

    Slavery was never abolished, it was just rebranded and redistributed to everybody, even those who thought they were safe because of their skin colour.

  • Nelson Gambala says:

    If you know the fundamentals about starting and running a business, then you're on the right track. Robert clearly said it, his passion is business 2nd real estate.

  • Harlan Wade says:

    You fall for it you be ded you know?

  • lionheartML gamer says:

    That's only possible if you have a back up

  • Jon Schultz says:

    A bunch of common cliches repackaged into a youtube-ready inspirational video.
    1. The government is keeping you down!
    2. Working for the man is keeping you down!
    3. Things we teach in school are useless!
    The truth is more nuanced than that.

  • Odellia Firebird says:

    The concept of money is vague. What does that even mean? How to manage money? How to make money? How to make the most of what you have? How to do your taxes? If it is about making money, there's a reason why they say "It takes money to make money". Yes, it's important to learn about money management and filing taxes, but making it sound that like everyone can be an entrepreneur is bullshit. We need entrepreneurs and innovators, but we also need employees. It takes all kinds of people to make a world and everyone is important. Would there be a Tesla without the people actually building these cars? No. And it's ok. Yes, we learn to be employees in school because it's a sure bet to make a living and becoming contributing members of society. For every entrepreneur that succeeds, there are 9 who failed. And these live off others, stable salary employees or jobs, until they succeed. Yes, if you have a dream, a product, something you're trying to build, you will work for free. But will have to pay people who aren't free, to get there. And you still have bills and expenses to take care of. Where will that money come from? Of course as a 9 year old, you don't have expenses. You're clothed, fed, and have a roof over your head. But that's not the reality of adults. So, let's call this for what it really is and let's not kid ourselves. For every successful person, there's a mountain of people standing underneath, so let's respect every job at every level. The issue of being poor is something else. Yes, often a cycle, and it can be broken through hard work, but it's another story of its own.

  • Happy To be says:

    Wow! Awesome!

  • Moses LMPS says:

    Let's think outside the box, these entrepreneurs RELY on the "employees", the "poor", the middle class.. etc, because these people are the CONSUMERS, without the lower, routine, working class, to buy their shit, or sleep at their hotels, these Entrepeneurs would NOT MAKE ANY MONEY!!! It comes full circle, some people settle to stay an employee and some think big and become Entrepeneurs, You CANT have one or the other, you MUST have BOTH IN THIS WORLD! That's the sad truth, so somewhat of he's saying makes sense, but if EVERYONE was taught to be an entrepreneur, they would all be poor. Both types of people must exist.

  • Gallagher Business Development says:

    Wow! Great stuff here. Heart breaking to see how our country does what it can to keep us at status quo. This was very moving!

  • Ken Williams says:

    I have a government job now, and I'm an entrepreneur of sorts, in so far as I also have a small contracting business and I rent out three houses. The banks fall over themselves to loan me money based on my permanent government job (very low interest rate), are barely interested in my contracting income even though it has been a steady earner for almost 12 years (will loan at a higher interest rate) and are so so about the rental income (again, higher interest rate). My lesson about earning money has been banks love lending to people who are employees, even though the income is coming from just one source, which is high risk if you lose your job. If your self employed they might lend but at much higher interest rates and/or you need a lot of security to offer for the loan.

    Don't knock being an employee, just diversify and add other income streams. I was totally self employed for a year when I was made redundant in 2008 because of the GFC and it was a stressful time constantly looking for income streams. I was working three contracts to clear the same income I was getting as an employee in a multi-national I was working in at the time of the GFC. After a year of no paid holidays or sick leave I decided to get another job as an employee.

    Self-employed/employee/manager, private, government, I've been in all those roles and they all have their pros and cons. I enjoy my government job because it has a much larger scope to the work, compared to a very narrowly defined role as a contractor.

  • Jonathan Seagull says:

    Its OK to be leached on by land owners (and the banks and taxation) it gives everyone a reason to have a good attitude. Can everyone be rich with a "good attitude"? NOPE. The ultra rich need someone to leach off of…

  • Mark Essam says:

    how u gonna buy a greenhouse without getting paychecks? xD

  • Jonathan Seagull says:

    Rich dad needs poor people to leach off of.
    Without the renters, rich dad is nothing.
    Vampire-ism is what makes the rich rich in the current financial system. How else does one pay "interest" (that was never created into the monetary system) if not by increasing the price?

  • Jonathan Seagull says:

    I CAN AFFORD the time to learn what is real. Buying real things with pretend money is fake. Fake teachers are ones that claim FIAT currency is a good thing: the Federal Reserve prints paper, not REAL value. Do accounts, attorneys, bankers etc. teach people to believe in the fake lecherous economy ? Yep. Your heart is real. Dollar bills are fake money…its called fiat and it has no value other than 'cause we say so (thats what the rich banksters teach us).

  • Phat Meow says:

    I can't afford it, i can't do it : break the light speed barrier in my lifetime that is! Kiyosaki your thoughts?

  • HolyJoe RockandRoll says:

    Wasn’t he a chopper pilot in. Vietnam? So he did take a paycheck. Didn’t he work as a salesman for IBM?

  • Naiuhz says:

    The purpose of a job in the eyes of the government is to pay taxes.

  • Independent Thinker says:


  • Luciforged says:

    Watched this video the other month, really inspiring, I've been picking up cigarette buds, doing odd jobs around the neighborhood for free, and playing monopoly until 3 am, and now I'm making over $100k a week! Simply amazing advice in this video.

  • Suzanna Amanda Spirit Wind Walker says:

    144 likes 3.3 dislikes. Builder numbers… werk for free it's worked for me, so far so good.
    spiritual-reality spirituality, wird-smithing don't pay it's a free gift

  • Ken T says:

    That’s great Robert and I’m happy for you. But you’re not taking one cent with you when you die.

  • Scottish Force official says:

    says the rich guy lol

  • David Martinez says:

    These videos of millionaires talk a lot and dont actually say anything. I've listened to so many videos and not one of these guys tell you how to actually make money. They give you a bunch of nothing.

    But they all have one thing in common. They all make residual income in real estate. It's a fact.

  • Jesse Correll says:

    all school makes you learn is to remember stuff easily

  • Tyson Harris says:

    Lol, do people really drink this cool aid?

  • Mikael Persson says:


  • The Caretaker says:

    It is completely normal to worry about how to make money, but if the only thing you can think about when you are nine is money, then you are just a greedy bastard. When I was at school I was in love with Biology. I didn't give a damn about money. I wanted knowledge. Later in my life, I became a physician. I am not rich, but I have a decent life and I enjoy helping people. If my only concern in life were money, I would never cure your mother if she is poor. Do you see where does this go? Think about those kids who only think about art when they are nine; all of the kids who only think about numbers and mathematical problems when they are nine. Without them, you would still be living in a cave, with no culture, with no knowledge. This is one of the most uninspired speeches I have ever heard. And believe me, the world is in the hands of people who could only think about money when they were nine.

  • Dan Zugrav says:

    its ugly that for dacades you are saying that your real father as a poor one…. did you ever help him. You are an ungrateful nobody, that is what I think.

  • The_Yrri says:

    This guy be like “when life gives you lemons make sure you have salt and tequila ready”. Have you ever been poor and unemployed bruh?

  • Mika Hamari says:

    I recommend people for whom this subject is new, to consider Rich Dad as a fictional character. I have read in his book what he said about his Rich Dad, and what he says now, contradicts that. In this version he was 9 when Rich Dad started to teach him. In the book he came from army and then learned the lessons from Rich Dad.

    Maybe I remember it wrong, but the point is that this is fake advice. He is motivational speaker and succeeds in giving hope, but it is not financial advice. I like what he says about being poor to be a mindset, because he teaches the right attitude. Otherwise, he is just selling the story.

    This is fiction. If you enjoy it, great, but if you follow his advice, be very careful. Maybe I am the poor one, but I have always been both street smart and educated to see through salesmen talking bullshit.

  • OnAComeUpChea says:

    I’m sorry but I’m not taking no advice from a rich man that case from a rich family.

  • mit says:

    How to become rich

    Step 1. Have a rich persons mind-set.

    Step 2.

    Step 3. Profit.

  • Will says:

    yo who down to play monopoly wit me rn

  • khmereissrak says:

    Interns save $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and save money

  • W Ghost says:

    But you forgot about those who weren't raised poor and they had to experience what the poor have to go through , i'm not Robin Hood but some people are pushing their luck too far that's the reason why the end of many ruling regimes around the globe is inevitable , not to mention the essential things wealth cannot buy yet i won't deny that money can buy freedom and protection . That is also the reason why some topnotch get scared of the idea of seeing someone else at their level of wealth because they know only then they will amount to nothing 😀 ''Speak Knowledge and Wisdom Or Don't Talk At ALL''

  • Reinier says:

    Entrepreneurs don't necessary make money, they make a company. Entrepreneurs initiate non-profit organizations too. But yes, in order to stay alive an entrepreneur must focus on money.

  • Jimmy The Gent says:

    This was USELESS

  • Iceican says:

    All of the people saying employee is just modern slavery are reaching pretty far, plus we need people to work in our country not everyone can be and entrepreneur or the world wouldn't work do what you are passionate about not what makes the most money I want to be an engineer not because money but because I enjoy it. Just understand we even our minimum wage is better than nothing at all and being whipped and beaten into working.

  • Charlotte Ingebretson says:

    His dad sent him to ask his questions to someone else, and also told him he couldn't afford the things he wanted to do.. sounds like his dad just didn't like him

  • NewTypexvii says:

    3.3 thousand people are rich who watched this

  • matthew peters says:

    wage slaves, human pac man ! that's what school's do ,,,

  • matthew peters says:

    school turns out nice litte conformist.

  • The Rant says:

    So how does one pay for the accountants, lawyer, and all the other teachers you mentioned because i know for a fact that none of these people will work for free????

  • マニさん says:

    Key point: "Statements close the mind. Questions open the mind."
    Example: "I can't afford this." (a statement, which closes the mind)
    "How can I afford this?" (a question, which opens the mind)
    Real world observation: Textbooks are full of statements.
    Schools are full of textbooks. Therefore…
    schools are full of statements (commonly known as "facts")
    which end all discussion and which close all minds.
    Any questions?

  • Corsa15DT says:

    Still don't know why Trump is rich.

  • Corsa15DT says:

    If you want to get the money you got to make your own moves.

  • TT O'Keefe says:

    Only rich kids can work for free. That’s the point. Working for ‘free’ is a game for trust fund brats. Like Trump.. It shows you’re in the club. Motivational speech? Kiss my ass!

  • Florence Filiai says:

    I learn something. Thanks Mr. Kiyosaki.

  • Kira Barsmith says:

    School doesn't teach you about money or who really runs the government, it's almost like they want you to be misinformed…

  • Per Lindholm says:

    Ok so the trick is to fool people working for free makes the rich richer and me poorer. So everybody on the planet looses. I wonder who wins then?

  • PowerOf One says:

    sooooooooooooooo he sold drugs to get the money???

  • Michael Nudelman says:

    Dave Ramsey People look him up

  • VLoGGERs VLoGs says:

    Commerce people would be so proud for not taking science.

  • Leslie A. says:

    “ Everything you know is wrong” -U2

    We are being rigged from real life. Real desires to really live our lives. They rigged us from the start in school by being afraid of failing. Then to be afraid of living and making real live changing decisions. Sad. No wonder home school kids seem to know more.

  • Terence Hill says:

    I really didn't get much from that speech…but maybe that's just me

  • Samir Samir says:

    Been reading and watching Mr Kiyosaki for years, spoke to his mentors (from his corporation) a couple of times, we wrote emails and spoke via the phone and i had this question for them (I want the bottom line, what will it cost to learn from you people everything i need in order to become rich?).. in other words, become fully equipped / have knowledge and tools to get out from rat race… the answers i got ($20k /or $40k).. this got me nowhere really as i don't have that money

  • ARTO540 says:

    Give the people who can a leg up to start and those who can't will never try so telling this to the world won't make us all equals but it will make some better off

  • Andrew James says:

    Monopoly is also about having quite a bit of luck….

  • Shawn Ritch says:

    The absolute truth about "The System"; whether it be Capitalism, Socialism or others – is that they are ALL based on money. And it will remain that way until "We The People" figure out that WE have the power and start implementing methods to exchange goods and services Altruistically and Cooperatively. I believe we are able and ready for this type of change, but it can not be accomplished with any current methods/means in place now.

  • Neutron Pixie says:

    You spend time in your life chasing money, yet the time in your life is the only thing money can't purchase.

  • Trump's Dingleberries says:

    The VP is mostly wrong because less than 1% of people can own large amounts of land at the same time.

  • Ikram Khan says:

    I can't afford to be poor!
    How can I afford to be poor?


  • Eltalstro says:

    Kiyosaki is a scam artist. It's well documented.

  • Kharmazov says:

    So much hogwash.

  • Jorge Chavolla says:

    $3 at start of video, $150000 by the end! Great video

  • Dr Doug says:

    I took an elective in High School called Finance and Investment taught by a man who was a successful business man that truly cared about his students, and I learned a lot in that class, probably one of the most if not important classes I took.

  • Open Films says:

    They don't teach it in school because people without the natural drive to succeed amidst chance of failure usually fail and don't get back up.

  • edgard camp says:

    What if we all rich man? What will happen to think deeply we have a balance…many poor is ok but many rich is keep them poor..

  • Tone B just wants to know the truth. B says:

    This system is predicated on slavery.
    Group A: Some of us like my self are hustlers who pay less taxes.

    Group B: Some folks teach their kids to work for others, pay ridiculous taxes and to be proud of it while not making enough, which will surely lead to a stroke, fucked up marriages or death.
    And by the way, rich people have the most fucked hp marriages. Let’s keep it 300.

    Sink or swim

  • LARRY'S BRAIN says:

    Positive thinking? Positive affirmations?
    Not in this case of money matters!
    Kiyosaki's message is nothing more than another version of that old lie, which says, "If you work hard enough, you can achieve your dreams. Sky's the limit! And, if you fail, that's because you didn't try hard enough."
    These filthy rich motivational speakers come along w/ this stuff. Poor people like it. Then, they swallow the lie, buy their books, and run out to try to begin their own successful businesses! But, the sad truth is that only very few of them ever become rich. Besides, most all rich people have started out rich(but, they won't tell you that).
    In this competitive environment, relatively only a few poor ever succeed financially. And, that, at the expense and failures of those whom they have used, exploited, ripped-off, and neglected.
    I thinks it's much more reasonable to spend much time thinking positively about life itself: relationships, projects, hobbies, the enjoyment of food, sex, and relaxation.

  • Matthew Madruga says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHA, the government will take care of him, this guy's a riot lol

  • Vincent Gallagher says:

    Destroy the local economy. Turn everyone into service workers. Which somehow leads to spirituality. School bad. Why learn about culture. It's all about money. Thanks for that keen definition of actual teachers. And that wise insight into the constructs and elements of poverty.

  • T B says:

    Didn't his company go bankrupt?

  • Risto Kantonen says:

    Partly true, mentality matters. But have you considered what business is as a system?

    What purpose do cooperation and competition serve?

    Humans need goods and services to maintain themselves, each other and the society that enables their lives. The production of these goods and services requires cooperation because no single human is capable of performing all the steps of the production chains of said goods and services. If cooperation becomes impossible for one reason or another, the production chain is disrupted and the goods and services can't be produced successfully. For example, the internal functionality of a family requires constant cooperation and the family unit is also a good example as to why cooperation is a requirement for survival. The better the members of a given family can cooperate to maintain that family, the higher the probability of survival of that family is. The importance of cooperation is highlighted especially during difficult times. Many examples of the effectiveness and purpose of cooperation is also found in the animal kingdom as well as elsewhere in nature. for example in this video we can see groups of animals in which every individual within that group works in close cooperation with every other individual of that group, and where each individual can function as a warning signal provider to the group, changing the direction and speed of the group's movement. By acting this way, the probability of survival for each individual belonging to that group is increased, which demonstrates that cooperation is not only a prerequisite for the survival of the individual but also of the group.

    The term work is roughly speaking defined as the action of performing a task that involves physical and/or intellectual efforts in order to produce some sort of result. But because the definition of work doesn't contain an evaluation tool regarding whether or not a specific worktask is relevant to anyone or anything, it has to be combined with a comparison of the results of the work and the question of what is the functional purpose that work and its result serves. There's a lot of work being performed in society from which people are paid a salary or gain a profit, but whose functional purpose is selfish and harmful to the individual, to the group, to society and to the environment. The financial industry is full of such examples, such as share and funds investors. They're not work in the original meaning of the word, they are manifestations of the competitive system and yet they are accepted as work by many people. So, competitive factors have been accepted as part of the meaning of work over time, due to which its original meaning as the activity serving the purpose of survival has been thoroughly corrupted. When money is included in work in addition to competitive behaviour, it's no wonder that cooperation is disrupted and as a result society heads into a crisis.

    The two main systems that cause and promote competition and selfishness are the monetary system and the political system. The survival instinct of humans drives humans to seek access to resources that promote survival, and because goods and services have been tied to money, that causes people to be conditioned to think that money is a resource. This is revealed by the observation of the situation where people evaluate their needs and how to fulfil them, and think what it will cost in terms of money to gain access to what they need, instead of evaluating what is needed to produce them. Meaning, the system as a whole that is required to produce product X, or service Y. This leads to the situation where people arrive at the false conclusion: money=resource. This is completely backwards, because the fact of the matter is that money does not represent any resource, regardless of whether we're talking about natural or human resources. And because goods and services have been tied to money, those goods and services are ultimately ruled by the special interests that control and create money, which is banks and the financial industry as a whole. Due to which the purpose of the production of goods and services as an activity that supports human survival has been completely corrupted. This development is very dangerous also for the reason that there's a finite amount of resources, so we should use them in the most resource efficient manner while still meeting human needs, and that's not possible within any kind of monetary based system. As a concrete example of this is the fact that money drives industry to produce goods and services that are optimised for profit, not for human or environmental well being. The pursuit of selfish interests is at the core of both the political system and the monetary system, therefore it's not a coincidence that they cooperate with one another. The political system sells favours to the agents of the monetary system and the financial industry rewards the agents of the political system lavishly with money, either directly or by manipulating things in such a way that the agents of the political system in question are put in a high paying position after they have accomplished the tasks given to them by the financial system. Neither of these systems represent the promotion of survival needs and therefore they don't represent society, let alone the relation that humans have to the environment.

    Conclusions of the analysis

    Humans have a natural survival instinct that necessitates the meeting of needs and because no single human being can meet their survival driven needs on their own, the cooperative system has evolved to serve this purpose. In turn, society has formed as the natural result of the cooperative system and for that reason the functionality of society is the measurement of the condition of the cooperative system. Therefore, we can conclude that the ability of the people that form a society to cooperate with one another to support one another and the condition of society are highly interrelated, thus they represent a form of reflection of one another. Competitive behaviour is the opposite of cooperative behaviour, due to which it's very detrimental to the purpose of meeting the survival oriented needs of humans, and therefore also detrimental to society. Seeing as the two are highly interrelated and one cannot exist without the other. So, the more competitive behaviour is promoted, the more cooperative behaviour is reduced, and the more cooperative behaviour is reduced, the worse the condition of people and society becomes.

    Based on the arguments presented in this analysis, the purpose of cooperation should be defined as: Systems oriented problem solving with the goal of meeting human needs while seeking balance with nature. This is because all the necessities for human survival come from nature, so we cannot live without it.

    Both the political system and the monetary system are structurally competitively oriented control mechanisms that serve only their own interests, due to which they are detrimental to humans, to society and to nature.

  • Philipp Becker says:

    What a unintelligible garbage of words with 0 substance listening to this is just like smoking your not getting anything out of it it doesn’t make you calm it cost you money and time. There are so many courses on economics and business and so on yeah go try to read that what’s being thought in the same as a 8 grader what a dippshit

  • Linda I. Brown says:

    I love this video interview! I’m an adopted mom with three kids. I am not promoting collage, I am promoting a trade a skill — entrepreneurship! I’m whipping out the Monopoly! I have an all new respect for Monopoly.


    Being an employee is still the most honored position in an bussnise or Economical organizationals in the society. Ask me why

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