Save Energy with Wake on LAN | Synology

Save Energy with Wake on LAN | Synology

For those looking to save energy while maintaining access to their files Wake-on-LAN, or WOL, allows you to remotely power on wired NAS devices connected to a Synology router. This video will run you through how to configure WOL in Synology Router Manager and DiskStation Manager, as well as how to wake up devices once you’ve setup. To add your NAS to the list of WOL-enabled devices in SRM, open Network Tools and go to the Wake-on-LAN tab. Either select a device from the drop down menu or enter your device’s MAC address and click Add Your NAS device should now appear on list of join devices. To enable WOL in DiskStation Manager, go to Control Panel, Hardware and Power, and check Enable WOL next to the LAN port through which the wired connection between your device and your Synology router runs. To wake up a device using SRM, go to the Wake-on-LAN tab in network tools, and in the connection list click on lightning bolt icon next to the device you wish to power on Alternatively, enter the MAC address of a device and click on Wake Up. You can also bypass SRM by enabling WOL over QuickConnect. With this enabled, you can wake up a device by accessing it via a QuickConnect ID. To learn more about getting the most out of your Synology products, subscribe to our YouTube channel or visit the link in the description.


  • yoyonel1808 says:

    Ouccchhh ! The audio comment come from automatical recognition/generation ?
    That's sound very artificial …

  • koukis1980 says:

    with dsfinder app on android mobile i can start up in local network. But dont working outside to my local network (WoW )..I try anythinh for last year and don't working..Please FIX the Wake on lan to play with various routers not only synology router. This is fail i think.Thanks

  • Yann Lesouef says:

    Obviously you cannot do this with a Diskstation only, you also need their own router.

  • symphony137 says:

    So I have a DS918+ which supports WOL, but I don't have a Synology router. Does this mean there's no way I can turn on the NAS over network?

  • Bob says:

    This could be done without the synology router via “wake on pattern match” a feature windows has supported for years.

    Sadly that feature has never been implemented in Linux network drivers, so you’re stuck with expensive workarounds like this.

    Wake on pattern match is great for saving energy yet having shared files always available – the rest of the system sleeps but the ethernet card keeps the network connection alive responding to arp packets and ipv6 ns requests. If a packet that matches an OS set pattern arrives (e.g an SMB/CIFS connection request) then the network card wakes the system.

    I really wish this feature could be implemented in Linux.

  • Domplayz says:

    For all those who don't have a Synology Router, like me

    Select your Model, further down on the site choose Utilities Tab and download the assistant.

    When you start the Assistant it scans for your DS (it needs to be active in order to find it) -> right click -> WOL -> setup -> check the mac address (Displayed in the List) -> shut it down -> Wait until it's off and rescan (press the -> right click -> WOL -> wake up

    edit: After some time it says that it couldn't be found. Ignore that message.

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