Sneak Peek into the Sonim XP3 | AT&T

Sneak Peek into the Sonim XP3 | AT&T

If you are looking for a phone that does the basics better, the Sonim XP3 has you covered. An ultra-rugged flip phone that’s built to communicate and thrive in extreme conditions, with built-for-work features that ensure you get the job done. Built to industry-leading rugged performance standards, including MIL-STD-810G, the XP3 stands up to drops, and dunks. And with a Non-Incendive Class I, II, III Division 2 certification, it thrives in the most hazardous and extreme conditions. Send and receive information on the nation’s only dedicated public safety network with FirstNet and Band 14 capabilities. Enhanced Push-to-talk provides quick one-on-one or group communications with large, tactile and glove-friendly volume controls. Plus, you can manage and enhance overall fleet operations with Sonim SCOUT. And streamline operations and productivity with AT&T Workforce manager. The Sonim XP3, An ultra-rugged flip phone that ensures you get the job done.

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  • Mandy Miller says:

    Where do I begin…

    Just got off of a 2+ hour phone call with "customer service" from AT&T while attempting to unlock my phone. Long story short, some shady character initiated a contract with AT&T to get a device for cheap, and resold it on eBay (unfortunately to me) presumably with the intent to never repay the contract. Over the course of the call they offered the following "solutions":
    1) pay off the criminal's contract
    2) open a fraud investigation with my new cell service provider (who isn't even remotely involved)
    3) contact eBay to open a fraud investigation (because apparently AT&T can't afford their own collections department and require their customers to provide this service on their behalf)

    To top it all off, I overheard an AT&T fraud associate chatting with the customer service rep saying "this customer is just going to go back and sell the phone on eBay" as if I'm the criminal. Nice work AT&T! Accuse the 15+ year customer of being a criminal just after laying off my father-in-law after 30+ years of service with the company.

    So now I'm being held hostage by AT&T with a useless phone that cannot make or receive calls or texts, with a contract owned by a criminal who has no intent to repay. And their solution is for me to contact the eBay criminal to have them resolve the outstanding contract with AT&T… because we all know fraudsters intend to pay their bills and abide by the law. Wow.

    No idea where to go from here – the customer service rep refused to give me their supervisor's information to actually resolve the problem. 2 hours down the drain. Can’t wait to try again tomorrow!

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