I mean seriously look at this top like I
need to put it away it would just leave it like that I don’t
like that hi welcome back I hope you are ready it
for some mega cleaning motivation because that’s what I’m going to giving
you here today put me on whatever device you have and let’s go ahead and sprint
clean with Andrea Gianna and grab yourself some coffee Cheers
and let’s get into it if you are needing some major cleaning
motivation when it comes to the kitchen then you are in the right spot because
we’re gonna really do it up in here we’re gonna get my stovetop cleaned up
and as you saw in the intro there there’s a new product that I’m gonna be
trying that I do not like it all and I want to hear your opinion on it maybe
it’s just me I wanna I don’t know I want to hear what you have to say and we’re
definitely gonna be cleaning the floors here doing the living room and the
laundry room alright let’s keep going I just want to say thank you so much for
clicking on this video today and being with me here today I love having you
along as we clean and get a bunch of things done around our house and just
feel a little bit more on top of our game also when you’re done here be sure
to hit me up on Instagram Andrea Jean 1 and on my website Andrea
Jean one.com both on Instagram and on my website I walk you through my
entrepreneurial journey so I know that’s a little bit different than what I do
here on YouTube but this is a big piece of that puzzle so if you’re interested
in that be sure to hit me up there of we’re on those platforms okay I got to be completely honest about
this product this is the first time trying it I don’t love it like I don’t
like the seal like this really isn’t sealed it was a lot of work to clean up
and then I don’t think I was scrubbing like too crazy but it leaves all these
white spots around and the same stuff was on by my kitchen sink so I
I’ll give this product to try again but and I’ll probably use it up but I would
not recommend it this is just my own personal opinion um let me know if
you’ve tried this if you have a different opinion I’d love to hear maybe
it’s just user error but there’s a lot of work
I mean seriously look at this top like I need to put it away I would just leave
it like that I don’t like that that’s terrible okay so this is something I
rarely do I ended up dumping the whole product I could not stand it you’re
gonna see here I go back to my sink and it just looks so terrible and that lid I
mean that could just get knocked over so easily where the rest of my cleaning
supplies are so I’m not a fan if you disagree with me I would love to hear
tell me why maybe I’m missing something here but I just I could not do it so you may be wondering if you’re
watching like what is she doing there she keeps looking at the vacuum I don’t
know if something’s wrong with it I know there’s two settings for when you use
carpet and when you use it on hardwood but neither of those settings here in
the kitchen seem to really be sucking much up when I go in the living room a
little bit later though it does fill up with like hair and linds so I know it’s
working but it was just so weird in the kitchen here I’m not sure what was going
on I don’t know the head time will tell if any of you have a Dyson like this is
actually my mom’s that she’s letting me use here for a while let me know if
you’ve encountered this at all okay so I was just getting ready to fill
my bucket up to mop my floors and I looked at my sink and there’s all that
white cake dust like I thought I scrubbed it out pretty good
it was just caked up on there yeah all right skip mopping that last song reminds me of being on a
cruise ship and I’ve never been on a cruise ship but if I were like that’s
kind of the vibe that I got I wish I was on a cruise ship or somewhere warm here
in Wisconsin it is freezing cold out let me know in the comments below where are
you all from and what is the weather like I would love to hear it just going
in with the squirt mop it smells awesome and then here with my fun spin mop I
like the SMAW bits just you know a different way to clean I will say the
mob collects a bunch of hair and random things that are a little tricky to get
out of it so I don’t like that part about it you can’t throw it in your
washing machine so you know I it’s there’s things I like about it there’s
things I don’t like about it but overall it is a fun product like you did that cuz you’re gonna get burn you’re gonna
get burned you’re walking into quicksand so much raise your hands cuz you’re gonna get
burned you’re gonna get burned
you’re walking into quicksand two things super quick anyone who says
cleaning is not a workout you got to tell me your secret because whenever I
clean I am tired by the end so if I make a 20-minute video I’m actually cleaning
in real time for two hours if I make a thirty minute video I’m cleaning for
about three three and a half hours so I’m exhausted probably the end of that
second thing I’m so excited to get my Halloween stuff put away I was thinking
of leaving all of my fall stuff out but I think I’m gonna put away it much more
quickly than I anticipated because we will not be hosting Thanksgiving
especially that big shelf over there above our fireplace you can see so much
dust has collected under there I’m just I’m itching to get my Christmas stuff
well let me know the comments have you already started decorating for Christmas thank you so much for joining me here
today I’m going to have two videos linked at the end of this one that you
would also enjoy in addition to that in the description box there’s going to be
some more cleaning motivation that I think that you’ll find and very
motivating we’ll see you all in the next one


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