Stop Microsoft Windows 10 Spying & Forced Application Installs. How to Take Back Control of Your PC.

Stop Microsoft Windows 10 Spying & Forced Application Installs. How to Take Back Control of Your PC.

Hey whats up you guys, Jerry here A.K.A Barnacules And before we start todays video I want to clear something up really quick. You see this epic moustache right here, dont worry its going away on December first. already raised over $3,000 is a channel for the movember foundation for men’s health I’m quite proud of that but don’t worry it’s coming off in December first I know I know it looks like free candy van material I i know this alright well as you might have guessed today’s video is about Microsoft’s unscrupulous practices yet again if you guys didn’t see my first video on Windows 10 spying and how to protect yourself against be sure to watch it after this video I will have a link down in the video description I think it’s down there if YouTube didn’t move it so today’s video almost didn’t happen I was actually working on editing the dirt fish rally footage from when I went toe-to-toe with Jays two cents and subaru brz rally cars and don’t worry that video is coming very very soon but I had to stop because of what I experienced I was doing some cleanup on my pc to free up some hard drive space on my SSD so I went into apps and features in Windows and as I was scrolling through looking for stuff done install that I don’t use anymore I noticed that I had a few things that I never installed I found that I had Candy Crush Soda Saga whatever the hell that is installed I had Farmville installed in both of these were the full installations like a couple of people when I mention this on Twitter said oh no these are just like placeholders no no these are the full apps if you go into the store app and open up there is a play button there is not an install button and plus the size of the installs ranged from a hundred to one hundred and fifty megabytes so that’s bandwidth Microsoft used to install crap i didn’t want! On my Windows 10 build without me ever knowing about it so first i thought this might have been an isolated incident so I reached out to you guys on Twitter and said hey how many of you guys are finding this crap in your apps and features now like installed on your computer and I got swamped with replies back with screenshots of other stuff being installed things like Netflix, pics and art. So this of course prompted me to do a little research and it turns out that the Windows anniversary update that everybody had to install it was forced down upon us by the Microsoft gods themselves included a nifty new feature that allows Microsoft to take featured games and force them onto your box without your concent or knowledge, this means that Microsoft is making a ton of money off a game like Candy Crush they go oh you know what we’re just gonna force that down for free to every single person’s computer on earth so that they will open it up and then buy in-app purchases that’s the thing I noticed is all the apps that Microsoft was installing these third-party apps all had in-app purchases because Microsoft makes money when you buy those in-app purchases so needless to say that royally pissed me off enough to make a video on how to disable all this crap that Microsoft decided to put in the anniversary update and you guys need to be diligent every time a new update comes out from Microsoft you need to go back and check and recheck all of these things because as we discovered with the Windows 10 spying video a lot of people went and did all that stuff and then right after the anniversary update all that stuff was reverted back to default Microsoft went back and pulled all that crap out and forgot all of your settings and personal preferences and instead use the their default settings and personal preferences which allowed your computer to send telemetry to Microsoft allowed them to install apps on your computer all kinds of crap you didn’t want obviously didn’t want it because you went disable those features so the good news is after doing some research there is a way to disable this sneaky background process of installing applications and you’re gonna want to disable it before you uninstall any of those apps because I found that when I uninstalled Candy Crush Soda Saga within 10 minutes back and add remove programs together apps and features in Windows 10 I was like wait a second I just removed that so there’s definitely something going on in the background that’s like hey this guy doesn’t have this awesome game yet let’s uh shove it down on his box now before we continue any further I want you to pause the video and I want you to go into apps and features you can just search for it down in the little search bar hit your Windows key and type it in and I want you to go through the list of all the installed applications and i want you to see which applications in the Windows Store you never asked to be installed and more specifically just ignore the Microsoft ones the ones like calendar and news and everything ignore those just look at the third party apps from like Zynga and stuff like that were installed on your box and I want you guys to go down to the comments section and tell me how many you found that you honestly did not install I want to know if you guys think that there is even an inkling that you might have pushed the button and installed it when it was free or something like that then don’t put it down there but you are a hundred percent positive you never installed that thing is on your box i want to know about it right now down in the comments ok so before you go and remove the hundreds of megabytes of crapware that Microsoft bestowed upon you without your knowledge we first need to disable the mechanism that prevents it from being installed again now for that we’re gonna have to open up something called the registry editor this might get a little bit scary but just follow along so once the registry editor is open you need to click on hkey users and then under that you want to go to software then go to Microsoft then go to Windows then go to current version and then go to content delivery manager now under that folder there’s going to be a value called silent installed apps enabled equals one you want to double click that and change the 1 to a 0 and press enter now once you made this change go ahead and reboot the computer just to make sure that the change is honored when the service starts and then go into your apps and features and remove all of those applications that you didn’t want ok so now we got the crapware off of the box that Microsoft force you to download with your bandwidth and consume your hard drive space with so that’s a great step now the next step is how do we get you back to a secure and private platform again now no matter what you do you’re not going to get back to a hundred percent secure and private platform because Microsoft has made it clear at this point that Windows 10 is for the sole purpose of collecting data that’s the reason why they give it to the end user for free and now they put a fee on it because I think people are catching on to why it was free and it’s because they’re harvesting your data and selling it and this is another example of how they’re doing that by putting games on your box that aren’t there in the hopes that you will open them up get addicted and install the DLC components which they make money off of so if you guys watched my other video I talked about a program called do not spy 10 which allows you to disable all of the telemetry and spying stuff inside of Windows 10 but I’ve been receiving a lot of reports that after the anniversary update its not working as well as it used to and in some cases it was even causing problems with the computer not working so i went ahead and did a little bit more research and I found a more current application it’s called destroy Windows 10 spying and you install the simple application and you can go through it also use it to remove all of the apps that Microsoft won’t let you remove like the news app and the calendar app and all of that stuff it will let you permanently remove those from your machine it also will add firewall rules to prevent the OS from sending information and telemetry back to Microsoft about your usage habits and things like that and it will make entries to your hosts file to prevent the edge browser and other stuff like that for making connections the Microsoft and also sharing data hence locking down your box now I know there’s a few of you out there that are kind of on the fence and agree with Microsoft that it’s okay for them to do this kind of stuff because you know hell cell phone manufacturers been doing it forever google has been collecting your private data forever and pushing things down to your box on your cell phone and stuff like that when you’re on the android platform but i am here to save your desktop operating system in my opinion is excluded you have to realize that your desktop operating system is the platform that use for developing content it’s the platform you use for your most secure data is your platform you use for backups and creating things this is the one safe haven that should be free of spying and malware and I have to say that I’m incredibly disappointed with Microsoft in the direction that they’ve taken over the last few years I have to say that when I was laid off yes I was angry that Microsoft laid me off two years ago before the windows 10 project came to fruition but I have to say that they actually did me a service because honestly I would be embarrassed to work for the company today I think it is absolute crap that they think internally as a company it’s okay to push DLC content down to the box especially pushing programs down to the box that they didn’t even develop that they don’t have the source code for how can Microsoft guarantee that farmville and candy crush are safe for your system and are going to possess some kind of a security issue the answer is they can’t they absolutely cannot make that guarantee so why should they be allowed to push that stuff down uncontested I’m also really pissed off that there isn’t an obvious UI element that’s like do you want to opt in to us giving you crap and forcing crap down your throat on your box I think I think that that option should exist it shouldn’t just be enable the feature and then people have to modify registry keys to disable it that’s some bullshit Microsoft now there’s a couple of you after that might be thinking why don’t you just roll back to Windows 7 or want to roll back to 8.1 and the reason for that is because Windows 10 contains Direct X12 and it contains the Xbox integration let you play games like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 natively on Windows and they actually run better and look better than they do on the actual console and I quite like both of those games also Windows 10 performances actually really decent I have a lot of respect for the components that are inside of the operating system like the kernel and the hell in the new driver model that allow it to do some amazing things with minimal resources but what I don’t like is that Microsoft thinks it’s okay in the background to basically harvest your data push whatever they want down to your box whenever they want even when it’s crap they didn’t even program that came from a third party and they somehow are okay with this there is nothing when you’re installing Windows that pops up and says hey would you like to check this box here to have Windows automatically install crapware on your box there’s no little checkmark that says hey check this box if you would like Microsoft to send all of your information your clicks all of your searches everything to the Microsoft mainframe to improve search accuracy trust me there’s a lot of marketing research being done with that data google has already paved the way for that of course Microsoft going to use your data for that and I know that a lot of you aren’t going to care if they use your data for that and that is perfectly okay if you guys are one of those people out there that think it’s okay for all this crap to go on the background and you really could care less than just ignore this video that’s fine just let Microsoft run your life and that is cool but the majority of us and I know this from experience reading the comments on my other video would like to have control of our desktop operating system we would like to be able to choose what goes on to the computer and what doesn’t go into the computer we like having that level of control we don’t like Microsoft graying out the uninstall button on a bunch of crap apps from the store because Microsoft developed them and they want them on your box so we have to use third-party programs to forcibly remove them that’s the crap that I don’t like you guys have to realize I worked as a senior software developer at Microsoft for 15 years and shift every product all the way up through Windows 8.1 and have to say one of the things I prided myself on when I was that company is that the customer is first in Microsoft always had the mantra back then they used to they don’t know under Satya but you have the mantra that the customer always comes first and it’s always about innovation and trust with the customer ever since Satya came online is the CEO of Microsoft that is all gone out the window Windows 10 now is all about collecting data Microsoft is all about getting everybody into the cloud so that they can use you like a battery basically like in the matrix for all intensive purposes so I am here to say I am completely disgusted with Microsoft for the shit that they’re doing and to be honest i would like to see a formal apology from Microsoft on social media from their PR handlers let’s say that this is unacceptable and that you guys are going to remove this crap and not only that but you’re not gonna do shit like this again in the future this is our computer once the operating system is installed on that computer you know what we need to have power over the secure security of that platform it is not a secure platform when you have crap in there that allows you to shove down third-party code on our box without our permission alright so it’s time for a call to action I want you yes you if you’re watching this video right now and you agree with me on any level I want you to take this video and I want you to share as many places as humanly possible I want Microsoft to see this video I want everybody to see this video and I’m really really getting sick of the only way to get changed from Microsoft now is for everybody to discover the bullshit they’re doing and make it public this is not the first thing Windows 10 is done there’s been the telemetry issues and the security issues in the past that they talked about there’s been the problem with updates not being tested and forced down to the box breaking people’s machines there have been so many fumbles with Windows 10 that it’s gotten ridiculous and the only way that we ever get any kind of action from them as we create a video that gets over a million views and Microsoft goes oh oh shit we should probably do something about that that is not the company that I work for 15 years that is not the company that Bill Gates built that is shit that’s what that is and I am calling you guys out for it Microsoft i will continue to run your operating system as long as every other large software publisher requires it like Adobe and a lot of stuff on steam and a lot of stuff on origin but I hope that those companies are working rapidly to support a platform like linux because they need to start moving away from Windows because Windows is becoming a dangerous and tyrannical platform now I would love to see Microsoft switch that around change their ways and go back to what they used to be which is the customers first and it’s all about innovation and it’s about the operating system being an operating system not about the operating system being a means for you to collect as much data as humanly possible without the end-user being aware of it alright guys i’m actually noticeably pissed off making this video I usually don’t get pissed off when i make videos but this one I am certainly pissed off and I hope that you guys can see that I hope you get pissed off about this too because you know what we don’t need this bullshit and the only way that we’re going to get things back to normal is if Microsoft here’s how loud we are is the customers we are the people that use their products we are the people that rely on Windows every day to be creative I’m using Windows right now to edit this video using Adobe Adobe Premiere so Microsoft stop your shit share this video thank you


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  • CCornelius says:

    The sentiment is correct, but the real way to put a dead stop to MS bullshitery forever is to use StopUpdates10 and O&O Shutup10. (They're both free.)

  • Epic Gaming Ect says:

    basically you are creating BS because you where fired bye the New CEO .. fact is when you install windows 10 they give you the option too opted out but most people have no patients and just click yes too all … Windows 10 has been the best platform and most secure since windows 7 and so used like windows XP .. your literally freaking out about a option you clicked yes on when you installed windows literally and about 4 aps installed with an update … DUDE really Microsoft has been great too me I made another pc and I was aloud too straight up boot 64 bit on it and install using my Hotmail or outlook email and boom was given all my setting and everything too that system aswhile and given the option too migrate everything !!! it was awesome very pleased

  • Epic Gaming Ect says:

    its just part of a update package and reason it installed is you checkmarked yes when installing windows 10 on one of their options, in fact the Xbox stuff comes with windows 10 on first install its literally a Microsoft product same with the rest of the games as a sample of Microsoft playstore items … literally do a fresh install without being connected too the internet Banacules its all their without the update feel stupid now …..

  • Maynne Millares says:

    Linux Mint user since 2010. I don't need to eat the crap called Windows 10.

  • Vatin Petaneelanon says:

    Switch to Linux.

  • William Lancaster says:

    It's 8/26/19 I just ordered the full retail version of Windows 10 from Newegg I currently have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I was just watching your video published 11/22/16 do you have any other suggestions or do you have any other videos that may apply. Before I install it.

  • chat rick says:

    Yeah fuck Microsoft

  • Ju5tn Time says:

    I ran the famous debloater script on github. It goes deep and removes all the bullshit and switches off the telemetry filth. I’m also sick of programs taking the liberty of installing where they choose without an advanced option, fucking Microsoft forcing bullshit file systems and folder shortcuts – ITS MY COMPUTER. I cant delete your downloads folder shortcut to my cdrive?! I went to linux. I took back control cuz win10 blew my mind with it’s BULLSHIT. Loving it despite some hokey functionality that i barely notice. Waiting on a linux phone next. Fuck these bitch corporations. They should be PAYING US for this invasion pf privacy. Wibdows is ugly, legacy looking shit UI anyway.

  • Dave Goff says:

    i have installed the DWS so hopefully that will work if you get anymore information to stop microsoft or anyone else such as google then please as soon as you have all that information please share it

  • Mc Noodles says:

    Windows 10 enterprise LTSC 2019 seems to be cut down. This should be Windows 10 everyone uses. 😊

  • stroe alexandru says:

    What do you say about Microsoft not letting me to shrink my c: volume to install linux mint? "You can shrink only 2043 megabytes " of your 200gb free space

  • SFF:Gaming GameOn says:

    Totally agree with you f*ck MS for installing crap without your consent there in control and not me STOP YOUR SHIT MS!!!

  • AsumiLuna says:

    what about just use windows 7?

  • Andrew Yu says:

    Use linux

  • LRM12o8 says:

    10:58 coming from channels like Linus Tech Tips, etc, I just CAN'T BELIEVE you passed up the opportunity to say "..that has all gone out the WindowS!

  • Robert Berthaut says:

    Motherf _ _ _ _ rs at Microsoft!

  • Crawl says:

    i know im late watching this video and i only wished i could have found it sooner but hey i've been so pissed off at microthief, yeah i said it 1st and continue to say it, and i strongly feel that microthief should have their damn hands cut off for what they are doing. my pc is so screwed up bcoz of these MF forced updates, bugs, high cpu programs i cannot figure out how to fix or stop, etc etc you know where im going with this shit! i can fully understand why your pissed off but me myself am F#[email protected]% angry i cannot find a real time serious fix to this crap! and spying on us, well ive know that since ive seen some programs like cortana and others i cannot remove but continue to operate without my consent! oh boy you got me fired up on this subject bruh! if only i could contact you and get your help. . .

  • Rick Fornalski says:

    If I were you, I would be training your replacement so when microsoft come after you with a shed pile of cash to STFU, their dirty tricks and their (assumed) links to the intelligence agencies can remain exposed.
    And the US are worried about the security risks of using Whayay, yawhey, er, the Chinese technology company when microsoft are already the worlds best security issue.
    I salute you and tip my own tin foil hat.

  • Jesus Ninja says:

    This is why I stuck with Windows 7. We shouldn't have to go through this. But thanks for the video. I might install it on another drive and disconnect the internet :0

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