T-Mobile vs. AT&T Speedtest

T-Mobile vs. AT&T Speedtest

Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Logan. Welcome back to Logan’s tech review today. We are going to discuss the t-mobile Trial program I guess is what they call it Had this device sent to me from them took about two days to get it in after I requested it Pretty straightforward you pop the SIM card in and it’s already activated. You don’t have to call anybody off to do anything but what they’re doing is they’re giving you 30 gigs of data that They let you use over the course of 30 days So the moment you put the SIM card in it starts the trial so you have 30 days from that point going forward So what I wanted to do today is do some speed tests with t-mobile I’m in Lexington, South Carolina, which is right outside the capital of South Carolina of Columbia AT&T offers 5ge here. We all know it’s not 5g, but Let them think that what they want to think so I have a AT&T iPhone here We’re using the standard speed test app, I also have it running on my iPad over here, so You’ll be able to see that it is on t-mobile. Actually, let’s go right here. So this is it. This is the dashboard right here and You can see I only have one bar service And that’s kind of a problem considering I’m outside in an open area And I still only get one bar of service my AT&T phone gets two bars My AT&T iPad is getting three bars of five GE So I know the number of bars really isn’t a good factor of whether or not the service is good going to be good because you can have one bar and still get good service, so My iPhone right here is running on the 85 GE, so I’m going to click go and three two one So we got a ping of 29 it looks like We’re getting one I’ll almost hit 25 Meg’s Yep, there we go So, I mean we’re getting 25 Meg’s down which isn’t bad and Then it looks like we’re getting right around five. Meg’s up a little under five Not great, but it’s it’s usable So it ended up being twenty five point seven Meg’s down and four point five one up Alright so let’s get out of that. Let’s go over to speed test on the iPad This iPad is connected to this T mobile device right here So we’re gonna run it click go So we’re getting about Twelve Meg’s down Not bad Not great. I mean, I’ll take the 25 Meg’s over that any day in time Especially considering there’s only one bar of service. That’s kind of concerning So I’m gonna go ahead and start another one on the 18 t just so we can get a good little Idea of what it is To that speed test on AT&T. I got 14 Meg’s down at 4.88 up Who AT&T is really good. So that t-mobile was twelve point five and six twelve point five down in six point seven three up this AT&T speed test is getting forty four point one Meg’s down and Thirteen point nine Meg’s up. That’s insane Well not insane. We will see insane once we get 5g So overall, it looks like t-mobile is getting around 12 to 14 AT&T is getting I mean, they had that one test That only got 14 Meg’s down, but overall. I’m getting 25 plus Meg’s down Where I am right now Now what gets interesting is in? Downtown Lexington Which really isn’t bad. It’s a fairly populated area not too large but there I get a hundred and thirty five Meg’s down and T-mobile was not getting anywhere near that but I’ll show you guys those speed tests right now All right. So on the Left I have t-mobile and on the right I have AT&T this was done probably about 500 feet from my cell tower as You can see AT&T is almost getting double the speeds as t-mobile The number of bars the amount of service is exactly the same 101 to 60 3.7 that’s a dramatic difference The upload seems to be about the same which makes sense because from my understanding the actual Uploads remains the same no matter what? We’ll run it one more time here As you can see AT&T s getting 85 T-mobile is getting around 57. So this is a lot better than what I was getting at my house, but still ATT’s blowing t-mobile out of the water, which is kind of what I expected I hope you guys enjoyed this video I know it’s a little bit different than what I normally do But I have a fascination in cell signal of cell phone companies or cell networks. There we go I have a fascination of cell networks So I really hope you guys enjoyed this If you did, please like the video if you didn’t like it dislike it, but please subscribe and leave a comment below Let me know what you guys think. I’d greatly appreciate it. Have a great day


  • Timman 36 says:

    You ever tested vzw in the same areas?

  • Themadbird says:

    well to be far u are using a expensive phone vs a really cheap hotspot. thay hotspot dont have any carrier aggregation which helps with speeds a lot.

  • Fabian flores says:

    I get up to 200 mgbps with Tmobile on my one plus 7 pro with Tmobile. He’s not comparing a proper device lol. I get 160 mgbps on my other phone the iPhone pro max. There’s a difference between my two phones because my 7 pro has a Qualcomm modem and the iPhone comes equipped with an inferior intel modem.

  • LJ Shipwreck says:

    I wish T-Mobile didn't give that cheap crap hotspot away. It doesn't have CA (Carrier Ag
    gregation) When you iPhone would AT&T would.

  • Benton Melvin says:

    The hotspot never did the service justice, i signed up for tmobile and got faster speeds up to 165+mbps in town. New Bern North Carolina.

  • J Will says:

    T-Mobile is the fastest service provider

  • Brice Gibson says:

    the speed will be different if you are using a hotspot instead of an actual tmobile device. Signal has to travel to the hotspot, then over wifi to the device. Which degrades speed just a little. Cmon!! Im getting 100mps on T-Mobile and I have two bars.

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