Telstra Smart Modem Unboxing

Telstra Smart Modem Unboxing

Hey everybody today we’re getting the NBN
connected. So we should have really fast internet and
all that. But in order for it to happen within this
house I’ve gotta use these gadgets. Principally this Telstra Smart Modem. Then I’ll also connect this Telstra TV. They are all part of a package which Telstra is currently offering for connection of the NBN. In this video I’ll be unboxing the smart modem. Let’s see what we’ve got. There are all sorts of different connections. This also has a sim card for when the NBN network drops out. In which case the modem will connect to the mobile network. We’re heavy Netflix watchers…and I need
a knife…I’ll be right back! There’s a bit of detail about what’s on the
back of the unit. We can use the home and the mobile network
with this little baby. So you’re always connected even if the NBN
network should drop out. There’s easy connection to the internet. pretty much a plug and play type of thing. Connect all your devices. We’ll be running the Apple TV & Telstra TV
plus our mobile phones etc. There’s also various connections for Computers
etc. Let’s open the box! There’s our details of password and network. “Get ready for take off”
Excuse my thumb I’ve been spray painting with black paint. “Connect Your Modem,
Power up Your Modem Connect your other devices”
As simple as that I believe. I’ve been told that it is that simple and
that looks very straight forward. Let’s keep looking at what’s in the box
It’s quite large compared to old style modems that I’ve been accustomed to anyway. “Please stand this way up”
“Keep in an upright position to maximise performance.” So it will be standing that way. There is the power button, on / off switch,
pairing, USB, wi-fi connection etc. On this side are symbols for signal, link, online and phone. On the back are all the connection points
as per the diagrams. I’m still deciding whether I’ll connect the
computers direct or through wi-fi. They’ve also supplied one LAN cable. A little bit of regulatory info. That’s it! Now I’ve just got to wait for the NBN guy
to turn up and we’ll be all connected. That is the new Telstra Smart Modem
As per the current advertising on the TV. I’m and going to enjoy connecting it up and
having a very fast internet service compared to what we’ve had with ADSL2. The uploading and downloading of videos will be a whole new experience because it’s going to be so much faster. Thanks very much for watching guys see you all again very soon.


  • Justin says:

    HI Geoff – Those two legs are not legs they are connections for two antennas if you want to boost signal 🙂

  • Kalab Templeman Vlogs & Tech says:


  • lactobacillusprime says:

    Oh I thought you wanted to go for a more goth look with black painted fingernails LOL

  • poida says:

    Been with Telstra for a few years now. Quite happy with the serice/connection overall and thanks for the 'reveals'. NBN fibre to the curb arriving here in November

  • paul taylor says:

    Geoff, The kids say you've grown your hair 😁

  • paul taylor says:

    That's one big modem 🤔

  • R C says:

    how fast is new Telstra Smart Modem on NBN ? have done speedtest? you have FTTP, FTTB, HFC, FTTC and FTTN did had pay for new phone line connection? fees ect

  • metallic rock says:

    i like to know why nz speeds are 1 gig or 1000mbps compared to au with a max of 100 on a really good day. im on the 100 plan and get 60-75….

  • metallic rock says:

    there not legs.there for antennas. so that you can connect with wireless..btw, telstra wont supply the antennas. you have to pay for them.

  • Dripness % says:

    Help my WiFi is soo slow I have the same wifi and I payed for it

  • Mr HunterF λ says:


    LOL that's a good joke for us Australians.

  • Andy Concepcion says:

    Thats the new hybrid modem it actually launches last oct 30 2018…

  • Crazy Clown says:

    Att all new account users. Do NOT setup direct debit with any Telcos, otherwise if a problem arrises they take there time to rectify it & keep sucking $$$ out of your account. Setup a monthly bill & if any problems arise don't pay the bill until it's fixed


    That modem gives me microwave hearing and headaches when I am in the same room. This pulsed microwave radiation has been classified as a carcinogen 2B in the same category as D.D.T. or Carbon Monoxide, Still think this technology is so great watch what these scientists, doctors say and have a look at the Navy report on the effects of microwaves on humans.

  • elmin says:

    Go on live chat you can get the gen 2 for free

  • LAZY DOG says:

    Read a lot of negative reviews on this modem. Now I just don’t know what to think. Telstra or Optus 🤔

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