The Best Advice for Starting a New Job

The Best Advice for Starting a New Job

As this is career advice, what’s the best
piece of advice you would give to someone who is just about to start a new
gem thanks so much you are welcome so couple things when you start a new job
there are 12 steps I recommend I’m not gonna go into all of them right now but
the first module of the career accelerator program which is a gift with
the boot camp or as a gift with my leadership monthly program goes into
this what to do in the first 90 days that’s the first module there are 12
things that you should be doing when you start a new job I’m not gonna go into
all of them but the one tip the best piece of advice that I will give you is
I would seek out so first thing is I would step 0 get everything you can in
advance try to get everything digested so that when you walk in on your first
day you’re not walking and totally cold whatever they’ll give you if they don’t
want to give you anything that’s fine then enjoy your time off when you get
into the new job there’s 12 things I want you to do one of those things is I
want you to figure out every single person that you will interact with that
when I say interact I do not mean every single person that you’re gonna speak to
you interact with whoever does something before you that gives you something that
you do something with it and then you move it on to somebody else okay so this
is a group this is a group here you are you got bosses you got team members you
got potential customers you might have internal customers everybody that
touches your flow you need to figure out who they are where they are and you need
to talk to them and figure out how you can best support them so when you give
this to me is there anything I can give you so that you can make this as good as
great as possible hey I’m gonna give this to you when I give this to you
is there anything I can do to make your life easier hey customers welcome what
can we do to make your life easier hey mr. bossman
what can I didn’t make it like I would want to know everything about everybody
what they do and how you can make their life better that’s the best piece of
advice I’ll give you because every single company is made up of people it’s
made up of people and there’s a culture that’s attached to those people they’re
all individual personalities trying to work in harmony together but the simple
fact of the matter is everybody I don’t care who you are how polished or awkward
you are what you know what you do is a function cares about making their lives
easier and you can do that and that is the single greatest key to starting off
fast is understand the lay of the land understand what drives their motivations
what is it that they do for their job how is it that in any way shape or form
you can make their job easier okay so you know and kicking back to somebody
well you know hey hey hey hey you know hey anybody that comes into this Edward
you’re gonna you’re coming into town right well I know I I do my step 1 your
step 2 but you know what a lot of you guys on your team they kick step 2 back
to me because they think Mormon you know if you just let me know this and that we
could have we don’t have to have those iterations I’d like to reduce the number
of those I make me anything like that so that’s what I would do I would I would
highly focus on that highly focus on that I’d be obsessed with the people I
would you


  • Andrew LaCivita says:

    Welcome folks! I hope you enjoy this video and also join me for more on getting off on the right foot during my #careersandcoffee live session here at 7 AM CDT TODAY: Also, let me know what you need on this or any career-related topic. You know I love helping you thrive in your career!

  • RoyalRainbows says:

    Thank you for all your great videos. I’m 14 and ready to work.

  • valeska Guzman says:

    Im starting my new job monday

  • Lynette says:

    Thank you! Just in time for my first week of work!

    I nailed the previous interview thanks to you, by the way! They loved the questions I asked them.

  • Flanuora Black says:

    What the heck?! I got the job, thanks for the guidance, and just now un-rung the YT bell. This was an attempt to to clean up my notifications. Then you give this amazing nugget of brilliant insight. “Ring!” Okay Yes, will keep this bell rung. Thank you. This is just want I needed to hear this morning. 👌

  • John Paul says:

    Andy, it's not what you would be! …but more rather your are obsessed with people. Thats the absolute conduit to what, where, when, why and how you do what you do so well.

  • Spider Man says:

    ? Is it likely that when i begin a new job that i will think that i am doing not as good as i actually am because sometimes i think that i do a horrible job and sometimes i think that i do great so its hard to know what my performance actually is, so how do i ask my manager about my performance without is being awkward and how do i interpret the answers or get the correct answers? However, i know that everybody has good and bad days but something feels off sometimes and I'm not sure what it is because i am an introverted person and feel like i have awkward interactions with my coworkers and feel like they may dislike working with me because of that.

  • Spider Man says:

    Is it possible that in the beginning of a new job that I think that I am doing worse than I actually am because I am not sure how to ask the manager about my performance or what questions to ask? However, I know that everybody has  good and bad days but for me as an introvert my interactions with my coworkers feel awkward, and I don’t know if they dislike working with me because of that, even though nobody has expressed any sort of disdain for me or working with me yet.

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