The Roswell Incident

The Roswell Incident

This evening we’re going to explore the story… That almost everyone gets wrong. There are… hundreds of feature-length documentaries on the subject… And all of them are a waste of your time. Because this is the true story… of ‘The Roswell Incident’. The story begins before the crash in 1947. It begins with a scientist… Professor Maurice Ewing. Who is helping the U.S. military develop new weapons and tools in the ‘Second World War’. So he discovers one thing… and he invents another. His specialization is in oceanography. Important to the military because they won’t be able to detect submarines and local waters… and develop more sophisticated versions of their own. The discovery is… ‘The Sound Channel’. I’ll explain why this is important, just stay with me. It turns out… that there’s this spot at about a thousand feet deep in the ocean. With the salinity, temperature, and density of the water prevents sound waves from being able to easily carry either up or down. So instead, they travel much further horizontally without dissipating. Why is this important of interesting? Well… It means that large disturbances underwater at this precise depth, can be heard… for thousands of miles away… if using the right equipment. So Maurice starts thinking about the practical applications. And he comes up, with an invention. He calls it… a ‘SOFAR Sphere’. Here’s an example of how it works. Lets say you’re a pilot fighting the Japanese over the Pacific Ocean. You’re momentarily distracted, and your plane goes down Well… Now you’re bobbing around in the middle of the ocean… and nobody knows where you are. W H A T D O ? Well… You reach into your survival kit… and drop a ‘SOFAR Sphere’. Think of it like a pocket-sized depth charge… except without the explosives. It has no moving parts. No electronics. Instead is very precisely calibrated so that when it sinks to 1,000 feet… It implodes. *B O O P* The sound waves carry a couple of thousand miles to the shoreline… where they’ve installed a bunch of underwater microphones. Then using some basic trigonometry… you can compare the time it takes for the sound hit one mic from another… to triangulate where the sound came from. And like that… we suddenly know where your downed pilot is. But before it was able to be used… the war ended… and the device was shelved. Although… Professor Ewing was kept on the military payroll… because a whole new conflict was ramping up… the ‘Cold War’. The concern here was missiles and nuclear weapons. So attention shifted from the ocean… to the atmosphere. So he thinks, “Wait a minute… if there’s a sound channel in the ocean… maybe there’s one in the sky too.” Turns out there is… at a hundred and fifty five thousand feet. So… if there’s a large sound… let’s say… a nuclear explosion in Russia… you should be able to hear that all the way in the United States… if you have a bunch of microphones set up at this height. That means you know the exact location, time, and potential power of every single above-ground nuclear test being conducted by your enemy. Well before you had anything like satellite technology. They call this… ‘Project Mogul’. It was a series of high-altitude weather balloons… with sensitive microphones attached. In 1947, one of them fell from the sky… and crashed down in a rancher’s backyard. And some people with large imaginations… said it was aliens. The military said it was a weather balloon… Then there were some conflicting reports… and people said it was a cover-up. Well of course there was. It sure beats having the Russians find out about this technology. In the following decades, better ways of detecting nuclear tests were invented… primarily seismographers. And the sound channel fell out of use. In 1992, following the fall of the ‘Berlin Wall’… all of this information became declassified… and since it has been totally available for the public to read. And that… is the story of Roswell. No aliens. Just a weather balloon. and a bunch of microphones. Good night. By the way you can find a longer version of the story… from a lecture by Doctor Richard Muller from UC Berkeley. Uh, he does a really interesting lecture series that you can still find online, and the link will be in the description.


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    I swear to fuck I learn more on YouTube than in college where I pay thousands of dollars per semester.

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    This is way more interesting than the rumors of little green men.

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    "Hey! Vsauce."

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    What if Maurice Ewing is an alien and he created these sound channels and used that as an excuse to fly the "balloons" so that he use them as a cover-up for his species inevitable invasion. Huh, didn't think of that did you?

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    I really hope they still use the technology in both planes and ships

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    fuck you it was aliens

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    Funny how I have never heard this in any of the totally not biased podcasts and documentaries I have seen. The balloon and the spheres were genius. Never heard of them until now. The entire reason the idea of flying saucers is a thing is because of us spying on Russia. That's the most American thing I have ever heard. I wonder if this had never happened would we have the same idea of aliens.

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    P.S. don't trust the lizars people on Youtube, that's why Historian is not showing his face. He is selling puddin' skin to the mole people to make a Bill Cosby clone robots 🤖.
    You'll never put squid eggs in my urethra you God damn dirty aliens! Hail Satan!👹 Love and kisses.

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    I was there and we were definitely aliens, not a weather balloon.

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    I'm an FBI agent

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    Me: Hah! Aliens aren't real.

    sees this video's length

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  • TurnTimeTable says:

    Cool but then why did former Roswell resident Astronaut Edgar Mitchell come back from the moon only to have old timers in Roswell (who had worked on the nuclear bombers base) insist on telling him about the crash, debris, having seen alien bodies and the like? Maybe they were all having a laugh at his expense but back then, he was a bonafide hero in town. He walked on the moon, was a Navy test pilot and had a doctorate from MIT in astronautics and aeronautics, and so maybe not a gullible guy as well? Also, the Roswell airbase intelligence officer Jesse Marcel told his own family the debris he is photographed with was fake because he was under orders to help destroy the UFO story. Just saying. Now the Pentagon admits to studying UFO's and has video from fighters tasked with chasing them. So it seems UFO's/UAP are in fact aircraft of unknown origin moving in ways that no one has ever seen aircraft move before, descending from space at ten's of thousands of miles per hour (on Navy radar)and clearly under intelligent control. Are they weather balloons?

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    in my elementary school at recess a stealth bomber flew over our school,
    everyone else swarmed to see it.
    us anime children in the back just screamed “dorito” at it

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    Anybody else watch this video After looking at the area 51 Memes

  • ImpyWorm says:

    I appreciate your dedication to facts and evidence when you try to dissuade those that believe such foolish nonsense.

    I can confirm that UFO's do NOT look like weather balloons, they look like rectangles.

  • Razqua says:

    I watched a documentary on what I think was the discovery channel a while back that explains what you just talked about. Although it goes into less detail about the actual balloon and what it is, and goes into more detail about what it was the farmer saw and why he thought it was alien, and why he was wrong. One part that was fairly interesting was that the farmer saw markings on the wood from the crashed device that he believed was some sort of alien language. Turns out the markings were actually imprints on the wood from cheap decorative tape used to hold it together.

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    The reason that people will die on September 20th

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    It's not 1000 ft, it's 1000 m, a kilometer. At least, that's what the lecture you linked to says.

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    What about the bodies that were there, or the fact that they said it was a flying saucer then changed their mind and said it was a weather balloon and why did they use 2 planes for the debris to be taken to Wright Patterson AFB?

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    Funny how you explain it in 4 minutes and those documentaries milk it up to an hour

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    the military first said it was a UFO after a decade of sightings and people demanding a response to such issue. the declassified files do talk about UFOs going down probably to newly installed radar systems interfering with their navigation, not without mentioning the thousands of declassified files in USA and UK talking about UFOs

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    I do believe the detector balloon thing. BUT 3:30 – The PR guy in the area spun the 'Yeah sure it was aliens' story as disinformation on the day of. Which backfired. Sort of. Nobody cared about the experimental aircraft anymore. ^_^

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    New theory, When the Area 51 charge starts to muster, the Military will role up and show a similar Power point Presentation (Cause they do love those) Explaining the Roswell Incident, and that yes, this is the place we test Secret high tech stuff, not store aliens.

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