The WAN Show – Facebook Lied?? & AMD's AM4 Socket Spotted! – September 23rd 2016

The WAN Show - Facebook Lied?? & AMD's AM4 Socket Spotted! - September 23rd 2016


  • Michał Ferenc says:

    AI would never replace Linus, it doesn't drop things.

  • Lawrence999999999 says:

    2.5 years later, Sata cable drives still a big thing in desktops. Too cheap for the amount of space they hold.

  • jbooks888 says:

    Well, two years later and it turns out that Trump has been great for America, done more than who knows how many last presidents, especially that devil Obama who did his best to destroy the USA and this Linus effwit wants to trash Trump? Just shut up and do your tech things. It's bad enough hearing it from the main stream media and you wanna jump on their bandwagon? You can't justify any negative thing that you've said about Trump.

  • Patrick Hennig says:


  • John -117 says:

    RIP TotalBiscuit

  • stackfl0w says:

    people rolled their eyes when i complained about memes spilling into real life. it all started innocently enough. kids at highschool rallies with reaction posters, irl adverts using meme characters as part of their marketing… they said i was being silly, it's not a big deal.

    flash forward 5yrs later, now we have a meme for president. bravo.

  • Dryice 2199 says:

    My first nick was Dry-ice so my email address was [email protected]<isp name>.net less than a week after the internet was opened to the public I had to fight to keep my nick on IRC so I switched to Dryice2199 because I though 2000 or 3000 would be used next. And yes, that is my yahoo email address that I never use.

  • Don Mega says:

    omg facebook lied? this is so unbelievable, NOT! yeah they've been scamming their investors with the inflated numbers. and them "coming clean" is more reason for suspect, cos you shouldn't trust a liar. for all we know that 60-80% is limited hangout bull biscuits too. maybe more like 600-800%.
    and that yahoo's breach was a definite limited hangout, for they were behind it themselves snooping users for nsa or some other government institution. too bad it was revealed just a week later.

  • にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien says:

    00:52:10 – San Francisco is getting tiny self-driving robots that could put delivery people out of a job
    go watch – Humans need not apply by C.G.P. Grey

  • Tiger White says:

    Youtube already moderates itself…

  • True Benchmarks says:

    The AMD AM4 timestamp is way off. Needs to be 58:11

  • Frank Sherwood says:

    hey I still have an Aol account

  • Lara Giggles says:

    Big fan guys, keep up the good work.

  • SR FIFA says:

    does linus have 3 kids now

  • Jamal H says:

    In the intro, Luke is sinking in quicksand and after trying to get out and failing, he says "Nope, I'm dead". How did he die?

  • dp vn03 says:

    "Hall Moniotrs" 😀

  • Sanif M says:

    god dammit i still have a yahoo account… got a good one with no numbers and i like the layout of yahoo and how simple it is. #RIP 500million accounts and it will be sad to loose such a good email name

  • ragepoweredgamer says:

    Is it time to go back and flag the two videos where Linus says "Fucking" and it wasn't edited out?

  • LarsJ1977 says:

    Yahoo.. more like Yawho

  • Chris Kelly says:

    mexico has 122 million, 4x canada. 1/3 US.
    also facebook has been stealing money from youtubers too. if they have a youtube video posted on their site, the views of it dont get any money back to the makers. and facebook instead gets money for ads or something.

  • Jonathan Muller says:

    I find it inappropriate that you two slander the hero program, consider yourself reported.

  • xxxenricop says:

    lol on yahoo I was Granpa_simpson and on first gmail one of the lovely xxxmynamexxx which is awesome to give people even now as its so easy to remember :-])

  • xxxenricop says:

    7:00 According to Linus Mexico is in north America 🙂 then it must be true

  • Tony Perez says:

    I liked the nutritional section at the end

  • bami2 says:

    A caption describes ALL audio, while a subtitle only describes speech.

  • Jt T says:

    Guys, 450,000,000 in North America (Mexico is North America). I'm guessing there aren't a lot of Yahoo users in Europe or Asia.

  • Sud Sim says:

    Can you guys stop with the politics? You don't seem to understand anything else except leftist virtue signaling. I blame Canada.

  • killgore25 says:

    Im pretty sure that Palmer Luckey is backing the meme group because they make him money. And if Trump gets elected you know the internet will go nuts with memes all throughout his presidency.

  • Jade The Trap says:

    OMG! My little brother made an account with a similar name to yours linus.

  • classicrockonly says:

    You still use the term "hack" wrong. The more technical term is "cracking"

    Also, I can't wait until SATA SSDs are super affordable. NVMe boot device and SATA SSD storage. My hard drives are the loudest part of my computer right now, and it Does keep me up at night sometimes (looking at you WD, not so much Seagate)

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