The WAN Show – Windows 10 the LAST Windows & Apple Anti-Competitive?? – May 8, 2015

The WAN Show - Windows 10 the LAST Windows & Apple Anti-Competitive??  - May 8, 2015


  • Aditya says:

    If every song gets monetised, new songs wouldn't be discovered by fans and fewer people buy them

  • thesmf1210 says:

    "Butt Water"

  • Noah Powell says:

    owen wilson and the royal royal tenenbaums and any fucking wes Anderson movie

  • xDylan25x says:

    With that whole pool thing…you'd have to do an above ground one with a plug you can pull. Carabiners (spelling? Chrome is telling me it's wrong…) might work, but what if you simply can't reach it?

  • Sebastian Johansson says:

    We have TGI here in sweden too. Its not weird at all. the same as if there is macdonalds here too.

  • Daniel says:

    Behind Enemy Lines was a good Owen Wilson movie.

  • Computers and Laptops says:

    Windows ending! !!!!! MS first fix bugs in OS.

  • Jackson Jacoy says:

    Linus should do more rants and opinion videos.

  • AngryRussian says:

    I don't think anyone can hear the intro anymore it's just blocked out of their mind

  • Luke Mettam Gaming says:

    owen wilson is a good actor

  • ryouichi says:

    This was on my birthday. Huh. well then ^_^

  • Rolfathan says:

    I'm late to the conversation, but they TRIED to make boys movies multiple times. Dick Tracy, the Rocketeer, and TRON were all meant to be the movies that drew boys in.

    After the second TRON film didn't turn much of a profit, they gave up trying to make their own "boy's franchise" and a few months later purchased Marvel, then later Star Wars. Their lack of "boy" demographic franchises is THE REASON that they made those acquisitions.

  • ProficientDoes says:

    LOOOOOOL Apples servers run off of onedrive 13:57

  • Viktor Grozev says:

    does gog giveaway games

  • nicholas feltman says:

    The whole thing with the music seems like what happened with Netflix and the others.

  • Andrew Butler says:

    The water spilling and his expression needs to be an animated gif. xD

  • Gadget Addict says:

    I used to be anti-mac. Then after getting tired of hearing how great Mac is, I finally gave in and bought a macbook. At first I wasn't a big fan and didn't see why it's so great. Then after 2-3 weeks or forced daily use, I fell in love with it. Now I'd never turn back.

  • Pedro Gomes says:

    mouse all the way no mouse pad 🙂

  • PsiLink says:

    Apple don't like Linus?

  • Petter Orø Pettersen says:


  • TrickyNekro says:

    I "share" mp3s with "friends" but If I want to support an artist I go to concerts…
    If you think about it…. it´s so stupid. So a friend of me buys a CD, they rip the CD cause they bought it and can do whatever they want with it and then they give me the ripped files, or they give me the CD and I rip the files… So what the fuck is wrong with torrenting? Ah sorry… poor publicers…. cause the artists get most of their money from concerts… so seriously, I couldn´t care less for some greedy rich fucks….

  • David Dyer says:

    Apple iTunes audio quality is crap compared to Spotify Premium and CDs. I started buying CD ripping them lossless and streaming them from my NAS. I currently do pay for Spotify without the Extreme and High quality playback options the quality wouldn't be good enough.

  • Nutty Nate says:

    1:21:17 What Targets Little Boys Hmmmm,,,,,,, LOL

  • joy says:

    Why does the wet spot on Linus' butt look like Africa or Australia to me xD

  • David Themens says:

    Why not do an episode full of "micro reviews". How to organize them (by related content or as part of a mock build) is up to you.

  • NikoGaming {[KFS]} says:

    I don't remember the old BF2 Blasters having iron sights either. It will be first and third person so I would say, unless the iron sights toggle between first and third person, it would be unfair.

  • Namofuser says:

    @LinusTechTips  I also carry my mouse and mouse-pad, as well as my keyboard between classes, and just about anywhere else I go, so don't worry, you guys aren't alone.

  • farhanorakzai says:

    i carry a mouse and mouse pad too. touch pads are horrendous

  • Zane says:

    CD projekt (sp) will be waaaaaaay better than valve. They really care about the gamer as far as I can tell and I'd love to support them. I'm getting gog right now.

  • Nikola Georgievski says:

    Haha ytv

  • DerisiveLaughter says:

    commenting on the unboxing issue. i think people didnt like the outside on the deck unbox lol

  • MinotaurBlood says:

    I don't  have money to spend on music. If it's not on a free service I will 97% chance not buy it, just won't listen to it

  • Luke Astle says:

    1:23:23 You'd like Frozen until your younger sister watches it 4 times a day and want you to sing to all the songs.  I do have to admit it is still pretty good.  But personally I got burned out fast.

  • WesOfX says:

    Boo freakin hoo. Battlefront won't bend over and let us fuck it. Boo freakin hoo.

  • István Szikra says:

    Cars was in production before Disney bought Pixar… (2006)
    Wall-E was good though… but not that much merch as far as I can tell.

  • steved14000 says:

    That part when Linus slapped his ass.

  • l3igwill says:

    I always carry a mouse, Logitech MX so I do not use a mouse pad.

  • TheRealAuga says:

    why don't you just make a video that has like a bunch of mini reviews and its like 5 minutes long

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