These Eerie Videos Have Left Internet Users Spooked

These Eerie Videos Have Left Internet Users Spooked


  • t e r I N E E D L E R says:

    No more long black haired nightgown wearing ghouls please! They so overdone and very boring.

  • Natalie Ethier says:

    Why was there a camera on the stuffed animals to begin with? It makes you wonder if it was a hoax.

  • Willa Wolfe says:

    6. I think that's a girl, possibly a feral child. I have no idea what is behind her.
    4. Did anyone else notice the shimmer in the lower right corner as the video begins?

  • Vieveri says:

    This was very spooky and very first video 😰 after so long pause from this channel😅

  • Jewel Heart says:

    The first video is a couple in the woods doing something rather private…the woman is on "all fours" coughs and gets up when the light hits her. The man is stood behind her.

  • Elizabeth Murray says:

    Anyone notice how the orbs come with Mr. Fritz?

  • Hurcinio Rivera-Lourido says:

    not the dummies the one with the stuffed toys on the couch

  • Nikki Jones says:

    The ventroquist head at the end… no 1 has mentioned the 2 orbs that fly past the door just after it opens… and they not dust … as there would be more than 2!!! And then another orb to rite of the camera a few seconds later!!! Xx mentioned this wen it was 1st shown on the sun online weeks ago!! Xx

  • Donna James says:

    I didn't see anything in #5 im not saying there wasn't anything there I didn't hear anything either except them screaming

  • scott selby says:

    The first video was a women on her knees and getting it doggy style that was why she was naked

  • Father Gabriel Stokes says:

    Why does everything scary always come out at night?

  • Just Sum Guy says:

    The last video..after the door opens..several orbs flying about for potential culprits there….

  • vagrantmessiah says:

    The exact length of this video reminded me of a strange thing that I've noticed myself doing, I'll look at a digital clock every day at 12:34 both am and pm sometimes waking up just to do it.

  • Traekas7! says:

    In the ruins located in Mexico. Not only did I see the dark figure in the background to the left of the man with glasses, but if u pay attention to the right side of the man, Before the dark figure shows, there’s an additional figure in more detail, peeking out from the massive square column, just to the left of the explorer. It appears to have a mask on. It peeks out, at some point, u can see almost half the body, one side of it. Then, it rapidly pulls back behind the column.

    Kallum, I’m seriously wondering how you could have missed that!??!

  • Ara gami says:

    First vid is fake lmao

  • Lera AnimeLover says:

    I saw this on an episode of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files 😍

  • Randell Pinkham says:

    Ok the stuffed animal segment ,
    Did anyone else notice the "foggish" presence on the right of the screen ,
    Right before the stuffed animal moves?

  • NiKki C. says:

    That stuffed monkey just wanted to make sure that his whole face was in the shot so he could be seen on Slapped Ham… Now he's famous!! 😃

  • Brian Selmon says:

    lol the dummy head one u can see the control that pops the door open..its right there coming off the square base lol would be easy to wire up and even remotely control it

  • Lysandra French says:

    Meeh not very scary mire like Blair witch until the dummy that think would have out on the street

  • Slapped Ham says:

    aNd ThAt'S iT FrOm Meeee, I'lL SeE YoU aLl NeXt tImE — P E W !

  • D'Ann Schmit says:

    The eyes opened a second before the door came open. Hmmmmmmm, very interesting… LOL

  • V Nette says:

    Happy Holidays,Kallen.Love Ya!🙂♥️

  • Chemical Winter says:

    #6 looks like 2 people were caught makin bush babies 😂😂

  • Blake Stone says:

    thx for the vid

  • sharon anderson says:

    There are fucking orbs in the stuffed toys ones.

  • Sonya Goughnour says:

    Those girls were heartless, I hope they never breed. Burn the dummy.

  • Broknose2 says:

    There is no lock on the dummy case look at the edge

  • Jordan95 HD says:

    I think one or more of those clips have something paranormal in 'em. They sure are eerie videos. The last clip doesn't show anything paranormal, it was done by an illusionist, so I've read anyway.

  • Lady Aszneth says:

    Ok Mr. Callen, THIS list was FANGTASTIC! Those last two? The flying whatever it was and Mr. Fritz? WHOA! The person who owns the doll should invite a paranormal team to do a full investigation with recorders to try and capture EVPs to see what "Mr. Fritz" has to say.
    Thank you, from your Florida Fan,

  • Lady Aszneth says:

    Oh Callen,.one more thing. I'd left you a msg in your Twitter but I realize you're very busy.
    I believe I've found a clip of something that truly looks like a real (possible) cripid. Two of them. Griffin's. Please let me know if you're interested. 😁👍

  • Taryn Maitland says:

    Slapped ham..i love your stuff…😀

  • The Native says:

    Toy Story is real 😂

  • Mike Batty says:

    The first video… Naked? Looks like its wearing a leather bikers vest to me.

  • Mike Batty says:

    George was just being curious!

  • jon parker says:

    Did anyone catch the orb light flying across the upper right of the screen shot in the stuffed animal video? You see the light orb then the monkey moves.

  • Charlotte Allison says:

    Did anyone else notice the shimmer in front of the stuffed animals?

  • My Time says:

    I would report and get that area cleared

  • Lethalport1515 says:

    Did anyone else see the two light/ orbs pass the the head after the door opened?!

  • Paul says:

    Witches can’t fucking fly but okay

  • AJ Maynard says:

    #1. Blair witch project
    #2. Worst footage of nothing
    #3. Prank
    #4. One of the guys
    #5. Weird. Unclear
    #6. Easy to do. You can clearly see the pauses between changes in expression

  • killmore75 says:

    internet is all about attention

  • Carol Ley says:

    The creature in the 1st vid is a person in white tshirt, black vest and black pants. Now let's see how the rest turns out–fake or real.

  • Bolt says:

    This channel forever fuels my fear.
    I love me some ham!

  • Recon Ranger says:

    Is there a setting on camera's today called blurred scary encounter. I swear the quality of these videos are shit.

  • Tom Fallion says:

    Pew! Never gets old. Thanks for the videos to watch before bed.

  • Peanut Butter POP! says:

    In the first one the tall figure is challenging the explorers to a pokemon battle

  • Richmond Yankey says:

    The first one looked like 2 people got caught getting whoopie in the woods! Anybody else notice that?

  • catinahat40 says:

    The guys in Michigan were using an app called ghost detector. It always shows a ghost when there isn't one anywhere. It is a fake app.

  • jesywilliamson says:

    That first one was terrifying!

  • Michael Miller says:

    #6 is a little person wearing a leather vest having sex in the woods with a normal size man. They was upset because they was making love and they was interrupted. Lol 😂

  • KJ Watson says:

    Did anyone else see the two orbs of light that shot out of the ventriloquist dummies case and another shoot from the right hand corner shortly after?

  • Superroza says:

    Videos no clear didn't like it !

  • D'lyp Gogoi says:

    As something transparent moves from right bottom corner before the toy moves and from left to right after the toy moved moved.

  • Wellch says:

    Blurry and poor quality of the camera makes it questionable

  • Dmo Thewolf says:

    You know what isn't scary about this?


  • acceptance sets you free says:

    So who was left filming as the car went off under bridge if they were both in car!😯

  • G h e n o says:

    Chill out, you know most of those are fake, and if u get scared u'r just giving it what they want..

    unless u want too 👀

  • Batman Begins says:

    All videos seems fake

  • Robert Luth says:

    At 6:07 in you can see an apparition move on the bottom right.

  • Sharon Solinski says:

    the ventriloquist dolls head may have been haunted. maybe by someone from the ww2 era. put the head in the bag and chaining it…could taunt the spirit in a bad but unknown way. which circumstances will be unjustified. Just because the head was placed in a bag that would help what could be a possessed entity. Don't be afraid! But watch the film again, as I don't see a ghostly scary exhibit-i see the entity which may have taken over the inanimate object. I was scared, but this was a horribly placed and also unsightly. But I digress. But essentially as I see the video, it seem the ventriloquist bean trying to say help me…help me… It so sad. I can expect nightmares for me tonight. Oh My!

  • Dhen Droid says:

    @6:30 toy story

  • jennifer LeClerc says:

    AWESOME content once again!!! Just wondering if anyone happened to notice the orbs flying around the ventriloquist head?!
    Hope everyone in the HAMFAM is doing great!!! Thanks Kallen!!

  • Pamela Meckley says:

    The girls at Crybaby Bridge were being assholes. If that was indeed the ghost of the mother, they deserved anything the mother dished out to them after yelling, "I killed your baby, lady!"

  • Danaë Nox says:

    My only criticism is the fact that these videos are ones that had been in previous lists of yours.

  • Starfire Fox says:

    Oh yeah 😎 nothing better than some freshed slapped Hammy time 👏🐷🎉

  • Michele Davis says:

    Do you not see the shadows first on the right of the monkey with the yellow hat that moves and then a shadow is to the left and then an orb of some kind is back on right again. First of all…I don’t care about orbs until I saw this minuscule thing during this video. I’m not sure if I saw what I think I saw but someone else, please let me know. Thank you.

  • Jim Albee says:

    Right after that door opened with the dummy head a orb can be seen going to the left top of the box

  • ADDisme 75 says:

    Manbearpig or Pigbearwoman you decide Slappers, don’t forget to tickle my buttons. 👂🏻👁👃🏻👁👂🏻

  • Carrie Lucas says:

    Hey Slappy!!!!!&

  • ABEL LOPEZ says:

    JUST LIKE THIS ! 👍🙏👻

  • Roland Pierce says:

    That's just Nosferatu and Dobby out for a midnight romp in the forest.

  • julia E says:

    The dummy looked photo shopped

  • sami bressette says:

    What was that flash like light movement right before the 🐵 moved?

  • mike talas says:


  • pansik 88 says:

    You can see there are some orbs flying around the dummy's head. Is a evil spirit opening and touching the dummy.

  • TheHokkaidogaijin says:

    Something Far More Sinister!

  • Russell Anderson says:

    All of these are fake as fuck!!

  • ste oglesby says:

    This is SLAPPED HEEEMMM..But these videos are faked only gullible people would believe them.. Lols 😂🤣😂

  • Alex Mancinas says:

    Here's what I don't get slapped hammy… we are living in an era where our phones have awesome cameras. But these videos look like they were filmed in the 80's. Hard to believe.. still love the channel though..

  • Amber McMillan says:

    Man, even if that ventriloquist dummy head never did shit, that is one terrifying looking object!

  • Standupforyourself9 says:

    Did you not point out the light shadow moving around the toy dolls or am I wrong.

  • 318871rs says:

    First vid…fake 2nd vid…meh 3rd vid…fake 4th vid…fake 5th vid…fake Dummy vid…fake

  • Clavell Coleman says:

    It is it me or is it that slapped ham dude always high!

  • DeityFree Dee says:

    Funny how the video is always poor quality. First video shows two people.

  • DeityFree Dee says:

    “Walked in a way that resembled an ape.” Guess what? Humans ARE apes.

  • DeityFree Dee says:

    The girls closed the car doors themselves. Fake!

  • Mike Taekwondo says:

    It's weird how now in days the videos always have low quality 🙄

  • Amy Glover says:

    I think the dummy one was real. Did anyone else notice the orb fly out of the case right after it opened? Then a few more times throughout the video?? Is no one gonna talk about this?

  • Danu Winartha says:

    on the first one he said "anjing ngejar, anjing ngejar" means "fck it chasing". It can't be translated with literal meanings

  • masterlleon says:

    The "under the bridge" video looks like you can see the "shadow" get into the car setting there at the very end of it. The "couple in the woods" looks like when the crouched figure leaps, they are being restrained (leash?) by the one standing & just flailing their arms(human) or front legs(animal). I didn't really see it move forward much. As far as them being in the dark they could still have a light that's not turned on. (maybe saw the other lights & shut theirs down to see what the other people were up to?) Just some random thoughts. 🙂

  • LeftToSigh says:

    In #4 I noticed a a barely visible orb passing through. It slowly comes in from the right makes a big circle and exits similar to the way it floated in. 🧐

  • rw Schaller says:

    In the clip of the stuffed animals right before the monkey moves there a light mass from bottom right that passes by n after a smaller mass passes mid screen back across left to right.In the Mr.fritz right after the cab door opens 2 small orbs pass by right to left n another small orb from top to bottom passes

  • Daphne Loose says:

    The two creatures in the woods kinda look like the mutants from movie The Hills Have Eyes!! LOL.

  • Amy Craigie says:


  • Gerardo Martinez says:

    Yo why Kallen always look glossy eyed af in the videos.

  • PWChandra 2.0 says:

    1:45 anjing ngejar! anjing ngejar!, ada bapak – bapak guys, kang adit cuk XD

  • JD Ball says:

    What’s Shakin’ Bacon 🥓? Lol 😂
    I think 🤔 you might have “Slapped One Too Many Hams” Bruh. Haha 🤣 👍 Jkjk. Idk, is it possible to slap too many Hams? 🐽 🐖 🐷 ✌🏼 💜

  • Victor Johnson Elori says:

    When the door opened to the dolls case, two orbs can be spotted flying past in addition to another orb flying past when it's mouth and eyes mouth.

    Also in the clip of the moving monkey something floats past prior and after but it's not a clear sphere, so I can't say it's an orb but definitely something paranormal. All creepy regardless.

    Am I seeing things or did other people see it too?

  • JD Ball says:

    And Yeuuuup, Had to stop by and get my weekly dose of Ghosts 👻 Spooks 🎃 werewolves 🐺 and Demon shadow people 😈✌🏼and Ahhhhhhh ok, All Better now. As you were. 😜 🙃 😘 Ty Bro 👍

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