Track Speed and SPRINT TRAINING | Skip Drills with RACER X Trenton Guy

Track  Speed and SPRINT TRAINING  |  Skip Drills with RACER X Trenton Guy

Speaker 1: This is Trenton Guy in the racer
X training group. We are here to show you some drills and things that we use with the
kinetic bands. We are starting it off with normal drills, A skips, B skips, C skips and
so on and so forth. We’re going to do it in four lines, give it a watch. Four lines let’s
go. Listen, we’re going from here. this is the A skip using the kinetic bands, straight
up and down, working on your hip flexibility, memory muscle and your hip and your leg cycle.
This is the A skip demonstrated. With kinetic bands.
Working on pushing the knee up, driving it up to your chest, kicking your legs out and
snapping it down. This is the B skip drill and kinetic bands, from your memory muscle
to your hip flexors. This is the C skip, working on the hip joint,
going up, out and down, up out and down. Working on your hip joint kinetic bands give your
body and your hip flexes the power to run a little faster from the hip joint.
These are hamstring stretchers with the kinetic bands on. This is the snap, it loosens up
your hamstrings before you run it. Proper warming up of hamstrings is what makes you
superior on the track. Without hamstrings firing there is no running. Without hamstrings
firing there is no running. Hamstring is next to greatness on the track.
This is the groin stretch. You pull your knees up to your armpit and step through. It loosens
up your groin before running. Everyone with groin issues with the kinetic bands on and
the groin stretches, it increases your ability to have stronger groin. This is a groin stretch
with kinetic bands. Bring them up high. Higher Dejon, through the armpit, through the armpit.
This is the fast twitch drill. It works up your fast twitch muscles kinetic bands. High
knee, low drive, see, perfect. Great job folks, great job.
Many workouts that we use in the kinetic bands. We do 150 meter turnarounds with the bands
on. People that run the 800 they do anything from 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 3 150s and we’re going
to demonstrate a couple of curve runs with the kinetic bands on. Extend it, boom, boom.
These are triple jump bounds that you can do with your triple jump phases, in the pit
you can jump with your bands on. It increases your ability to jump further. It may add at
least one foot to your jump. The girl that just demonstrated has a 21ft long jump.
Once again, this is the Racer X training group doing an infomercial on kinetic bands. With
those training techniques and tips you will go a long way with the use of kinetic bands.
Racer X on me, Racer X on three. One, two, three. Racer X that’s right, how come all
of you do that all of a sudden.


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    Coach McQueen

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    we suggest you use the green bands for more range of motion. i.e. sprints etc. or when you want more range of motion.
    the red bands should be more for stretching and short spints and drills. you can also use the green and red together for increased work for strenght, power and explosion.
    thank you for asking and please let me know if would like more info.
    Coach McQueen Myosource

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    please see the more info area above to the right. it has a direct link to our web site.
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  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:


    Coach McQueen has a heavy heart today.

  • SenSatioNalLoVn says:

    Rest In Peace Trent Sr.

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    Thank you. these drills are great for working speed.
    We lost Racer X last week but his training and legacy will live on through others.

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    You will see and fell improvment in the first 3-4 training sessions. They key is training for speed, power, explosion, core strength, balance and endurance.

  • gdeezy55 says:

    what exactly are kinetic bands and would these drills or others help with speed out of the blocks especially

  • Glenn Richard says:

    Great training but why does that guy in the middle lick his fingers when he's working with the bands?

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    I am not sure about the finger issue. probably just a habit.

  • Blacksoljah says:

    This some Olympic shit!!!!

  • d cavolli says:

    If u want to be able to run fast simply do 80 metter sprints were you reach your maximum volicity ie trying ur hardest… Keep doing that and you will get quicker as your body will adjust to that running position and it will become seconda nature.

  • Tin Castro says:

    i hate my coach i wish i had him, but i had a good coach at east

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    Yes. We lost a very good friend and coach.

  • Emmett Conway says:

    Thats a shame, he looked like a cool guy and from the looks of it a good trainer too… R.I.P

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    Yes. we suggest repeating the same drills without the bands. possibly 2-3 sets with the bands and 2-3 without.

  • Jaquan richardson says:

    if you want to get faster and faster…get these its as simple as me they have worked better than a big parashute that i used and better then a 50 pound wt vest that i a football player and this is the main reason how i run a 4..35 with alot of training… coach mcqueen this is the best invention for speed ever.

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    Hello MrTellboy: Thank you very much for the comments and update. we enjoy seeing the results the Kinetic Bands can offer for anyone wanting to work hard and up their game.

  • morris tauch says:

    i used to be a sprinter..ive been outta the game for almost two years..but im hoping to transfers to a four year college next year..ill almost be 22 by then..if i do these will they help or am i done wiht track? =(

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    I would strongly suggest you get back in the game, plus continue your educations. Most professional athletes do not hit their stride until mid to late 20's. the key would be to start now working on conditioning and not try to go to fast with training. work your way slowly back in conditioning and go for it.

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    We believe your times would go down with consistent training. I would not want to say by how much because each athlete is different in work ethic and ability. reducing your time by over a half second would be a great goal and we know the bands could help you reach that goal .

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    No. You can start with them and work you way up. We have beginners and athletes as young as 6 that use them. You can train at whatever level works for you.

  • morris tauch says:

    thanks for the advice, i will try to wrk my way up slowly,

  • Brandon Starling says:

    thanks alot brother that's my frist time seeing those bands…I can tell they work I will pass this information on to other seeking to exel in speed and flexability…

  • ibsprintin says:

    RIP trenton guy sr.

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    @modernwarfare2ownedu Yes. We have sprinter at all levels that use them for training and pre-event .

  • ripperduck says:

    I use to sprint from HS through 21. I'm 45 and trying to get into senior sprinting contests. Where do you find these bands and do you do uphill sprinting? We did mostly that but I would very much like to see your opinion. Your kids are great and look like very good athletes.

  • treefilly says:

    i would get em but they are too expensive…

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    @AvianMcMillian the bands are available on our web site at
    myosource . com

  • Ale Ramirez says:

    these girls look FAST!!!! i wanna look just like that! lol.. well im a little short 5'2 but still dammm!! 🙂 i will defintely buy these.. thank you sooo much.. i just favorited this video to use it as a source.. thank you soo muchhh… How often do u have to use them?? and what do you need to do before and after using them?? please plaseee please please answerr.

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    @karinaacarbajal1 we suggest using the bands 3-4 times a wekk for 10-15 minutes. use them during training drills, event training, stretch , cool down. you can rotate the way you use them .

  • deezomaxima says:

    I need to get these for my son. He's going intermediate next year and I want him ready. He needs to work on his stride and I know this will help him. I'm proud to say he was able to come in 6th in the USATF Region 3 event this past weekend. Didn't make it to Cali but it's ok. He had a killer season regardless.

  • h5u7p5gt says:

    this coach is AWESOME. i love his comments too – "without hamstrings firing, there is no running."

  • j4allen says:

    These look like some good drills, I'll incorporate them in my training. Great videos!

  • GAchehvy02 says:

    the bands do restrict technique espeacially for the sprinters with a stride.

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    @GAchehvy02 The resistance level is designed to allow you to stay in good form and technique. The restriction level is based on the strength level of each athlete and will expand as the athlete gets stronger. Stronger legs, hips and core helps with speed and athletic performance.

  • Tony Shah says:

    does this guy have anymore videos showing more workouts? if so someone please tell me

  • deHandsomeDevil says:

    this is awesome

  • theporfessor says:

    lol i love the ending hahaha how come yall dont do that all the time hahahahah that made my day

  • black Tobirama says:

    can u buy these if u don't live in USA? (i suppose that's where u are from)

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    Yes. We have shipped to 90 countires around the world over the past 7 years. Please see our web site. myosource

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    Any and all of these exercises will help improve speed. Do you feel there is an area where you are defficient and need some extra work.
    These exercsies along with the resistance bands will help fire the msucles in your leg, hips and core .

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    It is possible those areas have been neglected or not trianed in the same manner as using the bands. It would be like being sore from a workout when you have taken off for a while.

    Also, how long did you train. You may have just pushed it a little long. You should be fine after a couple of workouts.

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    I would suggest training every other day with the bands. For the next 3 sessions work with the bands on for about 15-20 minutes. On your off days, work the bands for about 5 minutes for warm up and stretch.

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    It depends on what days you train.
    Example: Monday, Wed, Fri .
    Stretch and warm up Tues and Thurs.

    We suggest training for 15-20 minutes 3 times per week .
    The stretch and warm up is optional but helps a great deal.

    We also suggest taking a day off or the weekend for rest and recovery.

  • john merx says:

    Gooday sir can i ask can i combine weight training to sprinting drills?for example M W F weights T TH S drills?please send me reply contact me [email protected] same in facebook

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    Yes. We frequently combine weight training with resistance training. We alternate days as well as same day work.

  • john merx says:

    yes thank you…so i'm not far in my track

  • Nadeem Qureshi says:

    hello sir, can you give me some advice to make a good comeback from injury, i've been injures for exactly 3 weeks and it'll be great if you could help me on my return…

  • Ryan O'Bryant says:

    real good training.thanks for the info! keep up the hard work with the kids! God bless

  • Desi Ba says:

    omg I was surprised to see coach Guy but more surprising is he died yrs ago, I trained with him at JCSU in 2005. RIP Coach Guy

  • Workout By Wilson says:

    I wanted to ask where I could get the Kinetic bands from? I ran 200m and 400m in high school and want to run track in college, I want to know what you would suggest I do thank you.

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    You can find the kinetic bands on our website at myosource . com or by clicking the link in this video's description. You can also find some helpful articles, videos, and exercises in the track section of our website or by checking out our other videos we have on here.

  • Myosource Kinetic Bands says:

    You can find these bands on our website at myosource . com.

  • Tim's Kids says:

    God bless! Y'all some of the world's FINNEST!
    Peace from Japan!

  • thecrowrains says:

    Legit! Thank you for the training tips! I used my myosource bands so often that the spongy rubber atop the canvas wrap tore in two. 

  • Angie Annelus says:

    Check my page out to see me run! I am an upcoming senior in high school.

  • ChsSami says:

    Usain Bolt doesn't use these and his coach is one of the greatest sprinting coaches.

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