Triple Your Internet Speed for Free

Triple Your Internet Speed for Free

hey guys today I'm going to show you how you can triple your internet speed for free now to get started you're only going to need four things first a cat5 or cat6 Ethernet cable of any length second two double-a batteries preferably rechargeable because it will work better and finally electrical tape now there is some optional equipment that may increase your performance but they are not required the first is a SATA cable and the second is an IDE cable which looks like this again these are not required and we're going to talk about them afterwards now the process of tripling your internet speed is not very difficult at all the first thing you have to do is grab your Ethernet cable and find the ends which shouldn't be much trouble at all pick one end and tape the battery about three inches from the end in either direction it's important to use electrical tape because it conducts electricity here's the first battery after you have the first battery on you need to find the second end of the cable and make sure that you have the battery facing the same direction towards the end so for example the positive side was facing towards the end of this side of the cable so the positive side must be facing the end of this cable side so we're going to do the same thing using the electrical tape now you have a cable with one battery and on each end it may look strange but I'm going to explain it shortly if you're after more batteries you could add them further down the line one on this side and another one on this side more than four batteries total is not going to help you it's diminishing return just ensure that the batteries are not touching each other that's very important now that you have this strange-looking cable I'm sure you're wondering how it works you see there's a property of physics called magnetic induction and this is what this cable takes advantage of almost all cables that you can buy are very limited in the bandwidth they can hold and that has to do with resistance every single cable has what's called an internal resistance but you can amplify the signal going through it using magnetic induction which essentially states that if a magnetic field passes through a wire it will create a current now there are some cables that have extremely low internal resistances but they're mostly used by your internet service provider itself and they can cost thousands of dollars they're mostly used for infrastructure not in your home you see batteries have a low internal resistance and they're also good at both creating and inducing a current that's why they're the ideal component to attach to the cable so when the signal comes from your ISP which is using those expensive cables and reaches your system it's encountering a lot of resistance so that's why we want to create a cable that is going to allow the full bandwidth through in most cases the standard cable will reduce the signal by a factor of three so that's why when you attach the battery it will triple your internet speed okay now I know what you've been waiting for let's go test this out of the computer and see how it performs okay so here we are on let's do a preliminary test this is before the cable that was upgraded it's gonna be used so let's just see what the initial test is gonna look like okay it's bouncing around 2,000 kilobytes so that's around maybe 15 megabits as you can see all right so that's that's what I usually get and we'll wait for the upload to see what the upload looks like and here we go for the upload all right so it's bouncing around a little bit between three and four hundred probably maybe a little bit more than 400 all right it's going up a little bit okay so it's like 430 kilobytes for upload speed and download speed at 2000 kilobytes so I'm gonna switch out the cable now and we're gonna check out after you upgrade the cable okay so here we're gonna do the test again I've switched out the cable as you can see these are the previous results so we're gonna do a test again with the same server and see how it works out I didn't record the ping oh wow look at the difference okay so it's bouncing around 72 okay so it definitely more than tripled I think triple would have been about six so we get a little bit better and yep about triple the upload speed as well so we went from two to seven and five hundred to four hundred about fifteen hundred so about it about tripled as you can see okay so as you can see there was a huge improvement with this new cable so even if you don't triple your internet speed it should at least increase drastically okay now you may remember I was talking about optional components such as a SATA cable and an IDE cable and you also probably remember a previous video I made where you could W internet speed by wrapping two cables together to increase their surface area and therefore the internet speed that can be transmitted through them so we're gonna use the same principle here all you have to do is tape the SATA cable alongside your Ethernet cable you do not have to cut off the ends it's totally unnecessary so I wouldn't recommend doing that you just tape them in place like this and you're good to go you could also do the same thing for the IDE cable you see basically IDE and SATA cables are specifically designed to transmit huge amounts of data even more so than Ethernet cables so when you combine the forces together creating further magnetic induction between the cable and the other cable it will seriously increase your internet speed but if you don't have these cables lying around don't worry about it all right so that's all you need to know to triple your internet speed so be sure to subscribe and follow me on all my social media websites like Instagram Twitter and Facebook all those links should appear right in front of you right and also leave a comment that tell me how this worked and if it was a success for you so you can let all the other people know as well finally thanks for watching and see you till next time


  • Gladiator says:

    leave links in all the items next time

  • Michael Coleman says:

    Holy shit I thought only inductors would induct!

  • mike otay says:

    the ethernet cable do you connect it from the wall to the modem or from modem to pc?

  • Nicky Chrisman says:

    Did not work with my Motorola router/modem

  • Mike Breler says:

    This guy will make a fine politician.

  • isaac daniel says:

    How do u connect the batteries to your computer

  • R. T. says:

    Wow!..These are great hacks… Polarity.. tape.. more wires.. batteries. Makes me feel dumb for not trying any of this earlier… Obviously I'm outta the loop. 

    Got any tips on supin' up my Tesla?.. I could really use some more horsepower.

  • Ray Bois says:

    Don't you realize that this clickbait has given him over 4 million clicks? We're all laughing at him in the comments but he's laughing all the way to the bank… Smart guy!

  • Arthur McCluskey says:

    Lol i wish my god people fall for some crazy stuff but probably people hiding and corpertation send out daft stuff make harder find real tech stuff. Bet it is sorta possible load ps4 on ps3 but probably have to bypass hardware and software stuff stop people using other operating systems. ThIs balls trying to full us with magnetic forces. Emf eltcromagnetic force. All wires have a magnetic feild. Inslation tape dont conduct. Still not effect whats coming into your home even if it worked. He trying look shy to cover him ready braak into laugthing even he not that stupid or would not know how to say some of bull he saying.

  • rootsreggaeroks says:

    This cable is so bad ass it even works without having to plug it in. Damn he in 2030 🤣

  • joseph smith says:

    I did this w 2 live pigeons and my internet flew

  • GT birdleg says:

    wow! how come this is not general knowledge! keep it coming ,we need these tips.

  • Jack W says:

    Piss artist.

  • Lucio D'Eletto says:

    Wow i used a solar accumulator and i downloaded the whole internet in a few second

  • eddie vic says:


  • John Suchsland says:

    Wow! I'll give him this. He made it all the way to the end with a strait face. This guy is a born used car salesman.

  • Finlay McKie says:

    It’s 2019.

    Why am I here?

  • Mr Gota says:

    (For free cus u need to buy these things)

  • Jan Peirson says:

    Guess I'm a blonde – I believed this guy!! Absurd!!

  • valentuss says:

    Dude, no matter how we laugh here at this swell guy – you can not deny that he has raised nearly 4.5 million visits !!! If this is not a record – what more to say!

  • Lite Loader says:

    Why did I just see this now and not before I upgraded my internet plan? Yes! I will not buy speaker wires anymore for my wiring. I'll just use my old electrical tapes and use red for positive black for negative. My sound transfer will be so fast and could run longer distance with zero loss.

  • Waldmer Kenneth says:

    how the hell do you have 2.2 m subscribers your a moron

  • Idowhatiwhant says:

    I tried it the only thing it did it recharge my battery back to 100%

  • Brodgtti Agent 8 says:

    But- that isn't free

  • Lauren Lindsay says:


  • no Muslim Isis scum says:

    utter rubbish!! This School kid knows jack shit. Is he making this up for his little project. None of these work….

  • Superter says:

    I taped a AA battery to my modems processor and to make it more secure I taped a marble on either side of the -ve terminal of the battery. I only doubled my dl speed but the only catch is I can only access porn websites.

  • Malia Masonheimer says:

    Should my batteries be fully charged?

  • Ted Triche says:

    Increase your cable speed – This kid is ate up with himself and his importance: 1st – use 2 AA rechargeable batteries and wrap coils on ethernet cable – NOT 2nd – an equal part of raw ethernet cable wrapped at each end of an ethernet cable – NOT 3rd – Salt coating in plastic bottle and so on – NOT 4th Wrap foil around your ethernet cable, shine bright flashlight at end of the ethernet cable connector for 3 minutes – NOT and 5th I am tired, don't th;ink I will look for number 5.

  • David Nation Sr says:

    this guy is sooooo full of shit….none of his stuff works

  • Ultimite Ethan Gaming says:

    Slow computer? Tape batteries on your computers CPU, Problem solved

  • 5 Subscribers With No Videos says:

    2019, I'm from the future. Now we have kat 7 Ethernet cables and most people use wifi to the point the some ISPs have blocked their ethernet ports in their routers.

  • Abe Gibeily says:

    Do the rechargable batteries have to be fully charged ? should they be actually good & working ?


    Wow works so good I don't even have internet and it worked for me because electrical tape allows internet to flow through the time space continuum sling shot itself around the moon and bouncing off the sats in low Earth orbit and directly into your full of shit 👍

  • czar-dj says:

    I only came for the comments, I have a lot of fun

  • moe aziz says:

    Instructions unclear Ethernet cable stuck in ass

  • Tanjim Irtiza says:

    is he some kinda internet troll

  • [ Dark 2.O ] Gaming says:

    How boost on mobile phone

  • SHEMZILLER says:

    Man u are so serious saying rubbish

  • Kenneth Muller says:

    Back when you didn't need to put that this video is fake in your subscriptions

  • janerik5 saaka says:

    what if i have 2 cables coneckted then do i need to tape 2 battarys on only one or 2 batterys to 1 end and to the conecked other side.

  • Gooby The Gamer / B0OMDO0M says:

    finally a guy who helps me about technology thats not indian

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