Trump may call for AT&T boycott after releasing phone records: Gasparino

Trump may call for AT&T boycott after releasing phone records: Gasparino


  • Thomas Grey says:

    I'm dropping them tomorrow

  • Fred S says:

    Time to take AT&T to court, sue the heck out of them.

  • Nelda Smith says:


  • Yourname Here says:

    03:01 President Trump, please disregard the advice they are giving you. Do not call for a boycott of ATT aS the President.

    It's a TRAP.

  • Dawn Hall says:

    AT&T sucks! They were a monopoly not that long ago and the Feds broke them up so American citizens would get fair treatment! AT&T needs to be cut down to size again! And YES OUR PRESIDENT CAN CALL ON PEOPLE TO BOYCOTT ANY COMPANY THAT IS NOT BEHAVING FAIRLY! And, Kneel Capooto, it was a LOT worse that Obama used the IRS against American citizens for merely being Conservatives! YOU are a leftist gate keeper! I want YOUR phone records because I don't like you! What goes around comes around, dude!

  • 3LD says:

    This is more banana Republican sheit and the ramifications of seting this as a precedent for a future liberal POTUS doing the same. Keep enabling it, it will bite us ALL, Conservative, Liberal, Independent…. in the a** down the road.

  • GraceFromGod11 says:

    Notice gasparino nervously stuttering., proven a fool right from the election start

  • 3LD says:

    Retaliation using the power of the office to chill a company from releasing legally requested records for personal gain, is another example of obstruction and abuse of power.

  • Papatiger64 says:

    Ihave been an att user for 8 years. Didnt know this will be going with someo ne else when i upgrade my and my families cell phone service

  • Donald Matthews says:

    Verizon stock is going to go up like a bandit.Little heads up.Oh and At&T stock down

  • Joe Blow says:

    Trumpy . LOL. bless his little heart

  • Renee Elliott says:

    I have an appointment with Verizon on Thursday. $35 per line unlimited. Buy one get one free phone. Been with att for 17 years. If they own fake News CNN, I'm out.

  • joel martinez says:

    I am switching to SPRINT!

  • Frankie Lee says:

    Media and Democrats have not yet realized in full of the impact, in their Mischievious ventures against Trump. Trump a Casino Boss, has been in a dirty and nasty business for decades after decades. His foolish enemies might have awakened his the other Mean and Ruthless nature.

  • Frankie Lee says:

    AT and T, staff and Stock holders must be sweating, trembling, wondering how much hurt and losses ahead of Trump Trade War with them, as he did with China, winning many hundreds of Billions, and he has the vast wherewithals of decimating a company into Oblivion.

  • Ramon Panganiban says:

    Headbutting with a sitting president is like banging one's head against a granite wall, especially so if the said president enjoys a populist support. Trump 2020

  • Marlene says:

    Mr. President, yes you should, I sold all my AT&T stocks, and now, I will cancel, my phone service, with AT&T!

  • jamie oxenreider says:

    ???Its horrible to attack a company that is corrupt and in a coupe? I think we should boycott pu$$ies like you.

  • feelings Are Not Arguments says:

    Reporting on a hypothetical situation..

  • Jeff says:

    I Agree with are PRESIDENT he's right !

  • davenetdog says:

    Not soon enough. Purged thousands of shares of ATT stock before the stock dives.

  • J Lew says:

    ATT is also the primary provider of smart phone service and network service for federal agencies and federal offices…… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm and it owns CNN?

  • JQ Chang says:

    This a Federal criminal offense and AT&T should be heavily fined and prosecuted.
    AT&T has been corrupt for over 50 years,
    They cared little for their employees or stockholders.
    Several of my relatives, worked for them and were happy to leave.
    At&T is more corrupt than Obama!

  • Rocky Mountain Ras says:

    If ATT has a gov't contract, maybe its time to find a new service. Boycotting ATT is not the same as using the IRS against those who dont support you. The IRS effectively suppressed poltical opposition in an election cycle, where a boycott is not about suppression, it's protesting with your wallet.

  • Robert Hall says:

    Annoyed? ANNOYED?! This is criminal and you gumbahs are using the word annoyed? Trump should argue for charges against AT &T, CNN and Schiff.

  • Dee N says:

    Is it me or is this Gentlemen on a fishing expedition like the Democrats. Its appears to me that way after watching him several times. It could just be me but I watch him interview many folks and he seems to put a bit of extra effort for the president. Him and that older Gentlemen Kuldlo.

  • L Paine says:

    I have had ATT service for nearly 20 years and they do an excellent with Customer Service …But…I was unaware of their connection to CNN so I'm ending all of my subscriptions to ATT—ASAP…Can anyone suggest a decent alternative?

  • degmd dgmdpa says:

    Just execute Schiff. Get it over with. The country will feel better.

  • michael demandel says:

    glad I got rid of my att phone years ago, never waste money on a corrupt phone company

  • Chatla Suresh says:

    AT&T with CNN itself a carrier of about anti-USA and pro-US of global population world.

  • Chatla Suresh says:

    What's Huawei with AT&T communications and CNN worldwide networking?

    The sky net is AT&T and CNN the cyborg Genesis kingdom!

  • Steve McAtee says:

    At&T is up to the same old crap that caused the breakup of MABELL AND THE CORRUPTION WHICH IS NOW BACK AGAIN STEALING EVERY BIT OF DATA AS THEIRS! ITS NOT! sm

  • BogeyJoe Sr says:

    So Randall Stevenson, CEO at AT&T desrves some stock manipulation on a downward trend back to half what it us now. Or just plant some drugs in his property then OOPS? Who called the Narcs on him?

  • The Cheese Factor says:

    Looks like im going with AT&T

  • Detroit Lady says:

    I left at&t years ago. Horrible service!

  • Justin Underwood says:

    Lmao… there is somebody playing you

  • Gdurant says:

    AT&t is obviously an anti-American globus scumbag entity

  • Gdurant says:

    And Charlie gasparino is fronting for these scumbags as well which means scumbag with them

  • d d says:

    Good job trump. Phone records private. At&t. Shady as f**k

  • passtime for civilwar says:

    🔥Trump doesn't need to call for a boycott, I do. If they will screw over members of Congress and reporters, they will screw you too.

  • Juju Rellama says:

    at&t, another name for Trumps hit list,

  • John Onda says:

    Hit AT&T and let the dominoes' fall cascade down …

  • mxp2000 says:

    Pull the PLUG!!!

  • Go Go's Youtube says:

    I have boycotted AT&T for years now! They are crooks. I use to work for them as a engineer and that company is crooked as HELL!

  • Victoria Blackwell says:

    Good, because I use AT& T and I feel like they are spying on my phone. I have called them several times, but I am having all kinds of problems (camera coming on and taking pictures, flashlight going on and off, static while watching videos and tons of robocalls). AT&T is my only choice due to my location. They should be forced to stop the crap!!! President Trump has my vote in 2020! GO MR PRESIDENT!!!

  • Robert Blakemore says:

    AT&T "reach out and touch someone's privacy".

  • Dana Church says:

    Already boycotting both

  • Karl Reichert says:

    DirecTV is crap

  • Brent Barker says:

    Boycott ATT

  • V says:

    Blame Schiff as he got the records on Rudy, if he’d not done that the phone company would not have had this exposure

  • terry broderick says:

    Who is the owner of AT&T! Soros owns a big share of AT&T! Go figure!

  • Chatty Kathy says:

    Don’t be so naive…President Trump doesn’t do his own tweeting….he’s too busy saving this country from the deep state.

  • thegrandfinale2 says:

    All of the directors and officers of AT&T should be arrested and placed in gitmo awaiting trial scheduled for the year 2200.

    (Isn't it awfully nice that I'm not in control of the law in this country — because you'd be in jail!)

  • Edison Valle says:

    All Armforce in America are control by AT&T communication since 1992 wow they switch even 1980 spring and bell in all military's base . That's way intruduce communist party propaganda.

  • Clyde Triplett says:

    Fire Horror witz ! this IG is a Traitor

  • ed s says:

    Come on Charlie, we Texans know what Dallas is, it's one of the lefts strongholds and has been for a long time now, Vegas odds ATT management based there are overwhelmingly left leaning…

  • Hunter BidenForPres says:

    I just wonder if it matters […that they handed over phone records with no hesitation…]. Yeah…really. What's the big deal? If the Politburo wants something done dammit… do it. Right, Cavuto? A boycott is worse than just handing out phone records? I somehow don't see it. We are Americans, last I looked at my passport. Still got all those "freedom" slogans on there.

  • Hunter BidenForPres says:

    I'm dropping both AT&T and CNN…done…dropped. You give out phone records, no fight, no notice…and especially those of a guy who is a reputable and upstanding citizen?

  • Hunter BidenForPres says:

    This is BS on a popsicle stick.

  • Elaine H says:

    I pulled the cable plug years ago. Buy yourself a Roku for Christmas-$29 on Amazon-get shows for free.

  • david Horsley says:

    So much for attorney/client privilege, at&t had no authority to determine which calls were privileged and which ones weren't. I would pursue legal remedy for releasing private information without authorization. Congressional subpoena or no.

  • Buffalo Bobby says:

    Direct TV = Cut


    At&t … anti-American kneeling political wankers! I dropped directv because of at&t 2 years ago!

  • Richard Segura says:

    I for see a lot of Trump supporters leaving AT&T 🤔

  • Ann Marie Schrage-Glaviano says:

    Vote with our feet…..

  • Ann Marie Schrage-Glaviano says:

    I never knew CNN owned them.

  • Charles Cruz says:


  • John KELLY says:

    I don't need Trump's call for a boycott. MY boycott is now in effect.

  • Michael C says:

    I will be canceling my at&t phone service today, 5 lines.

  • William Lee says:

    Boycott for what? If you commit a crime. The police can get your phone records. So do we boycott the police? Im so sick and tired of ppl and the crazy way they think. If i dont like you. Im not going to tell other ppl not to like you. Thats stupid. If you do this your stupid and immature. Your still a kid at heart and mind. Don't like him cause i dont like him or her. You had the problem with that person not me. I like at&t. So cause they turned your phone records over well like the cops or police say. Dont commit the crime if you dont want to do the TIME.

  • Donald Duck says:

    The left is pulling this kind of thing repeatedly with boycott after boycott. AT&T has earned this one. Let them know it cuts both ways.

  • Jessie James says:

    AT&T is no friend of ours any longer .

  • victor lamothe says:

    Horrible that’s what they been doing to Trump right from the start.

  • Tim Cross says:

    Enough with the "may be" "about to" screamed as though it is factual news. Of course, even this theory, is based on the assumption s of anonymous sources.

  • Anthony Egan says:

    You think Private, means anything anymore…..go where you get the best
    Deal, or real News. No to CNN.

  • michael myers says:

    AT&T is one of the worst run companies on the planet anyway. No one should ever use them.

  • Angelee thompson says:

    Thanks President Trump…You are the BEST! Yes, CNN and ATT needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE!

  • Cat N Hat says:

    I don't need to boycott AT&T, I'm already done with them.

  • u2mister1 says:

    4:40 Tweeting to an army of private individuals is the same as directing a one billion dollar government agency holding the guns in your face. Somehow I don't think so.

  • Black Swan says:

    3:10 Why is it "horrible for an ATT employee"? Crocodile tears from the guest!
    Employees can always leave a horrible company (ATT) for another, like T-M
    Users certainly should

  • crashingtiger says:

    Dump directv and att mobile.

  • John Currie says:

    Direct TV too

  • Landry says:

    Does any Republican or anyone in this comment section know what a subpoena is?

  • hunk5525 says:

    I’m with AT&T but with this news, I’m cutting my cord with them💥

  • Evil Ghandi says:

    The guys running AT&T may not be flaming liberals, there actions show that they are definitely not Republican. Rinos

  • Rita Lawrence says:

    AT&T is history! Bad people.

  • Chuck U Farley says:

    Trump supporters are so fuckin mindless.

  • Christian O'Brien says:

    Absolute garbage company. At&t has distorted constitutional rights and just handed over an American citizens telephone records. Stunning. BOYCOTT ATT BOYCOTT ATT BOYCOTT ATT. I AM SWITCHING IMMEDIATELY!

  • Peggy Englebrake says:

    Democrats paid for this 3 year fiasco with money stolen from our social security funds We should have a class-action suit for misappropriating funds from our paychecks to fund their criminal activities

  • JO WOO says:

    Wow no wonder I can't stand ATT and talking to their reps. They never seem to be able to answer questions about billing. Well get me a supervisor ….never seems to be one available…..blah blah blah. Too many issues with them to list here but ATT sucks!!!

  • bobo smith says:

    I got rid of AT&T 2 months ago because they are being nasty people they do not respect the people at all they try to rip you off my monthly bill was $235 a month and tried to to get more money out of me because my internet was not working right they screwed me over left and right you should boycott AT&Tthay needs to be put out of business because they are CNN and they will rip you off left and right boycott no more AT&T

  • Toga Tours says:

    we want the truth! Trump "you can't handle the truth" …rudy "truth is not truth" WTF it is not about AT&T stop the redirect FOXholes

  • David Smith says:

    I had AT&T and I had a cell phone. I couldn't call out and couldn't receive calls. It cost me about a thousand dollars to get out of the contract. I will go without a fone before using AT&T again.

  • Gary says:

    Its already started Att&T, CNN, Comcast Directv CUT the CORD

  • Jc B says:

    I don't use either after I found out that they can release your phone records to anyone without a court order… Telemarketers etc. Not a good company…

  • clayton mccormick says:

    sadly there was no court involved adam told at&t that he had a warrant congress has not delegated that authority to adams committee to issue warrants and at&t rolled over violating the constitution as there was no due process rudy should sue and barr should file charges this is a big thing unlike the phone call.

  • Betty Whaley says:

    They should be sued and arrested for breaking the law. I will never use them again.

  • Pal VB says:

    Passiveness in response to aggression is never a good policy. It only leads to more of the same. Go get them Trump, and no mercy until they behave in a moral and ethical manner.

  • Tina Fan says:

    SO WHO IS ABOVE THE LAW :comie adam mcabe lisa peter

  • Don Norcal says:

    So you wanted a heads up about factual evidence being given to the American people so you could tie it up in the courts and lie about it? So much for being "the most transparent administration in history". What flavor do you want your Kool-aid to be? Bwuhahahahaha

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