Unboxing and more: WiFi Szenzor (Cape Networks / Aruba)

Unboxing and more: WiFi Szenzor (Cape Networks / Aruba)

Hello! We’re back with the next video of Unboxing and More
in which we’ll showcase the WiFi sensor of Aruba Networks. And the “More” part of Unboxing and More will be that I
invite my collague Péter Major to deepdive into the features Why do we need a WiFi sensor? Simply because the problems
with WiFi can be really complex and hard to detect. If one of our client has an issue with the WiFi, because
usually if there is some problem with the net access than the WiFi is “broke”… This is usually the first
reaction of clients because there are many issues with WiFi But this is a much more complicated question of course and
this device is designed to be deployed in the client network and it will continuously scan the LAN and WAN and the WiFi
of course to determine how well it performs on location. So let’s get to the unboxing: the unit comes in a simple
cardbox in a somewhat industrial style but with high quality with high quality ink, so we can see what’s in the box. We
got this from the Aruba office, thanks for it! Let’s see what we should know about it: firstly they are
very king to say hello to us this is really respectful Than we see the product itself which is 6×6 inch in size but
it’s palm sized like an accesspoint. We’ll dive into this shortly, but it has many extras… We’ll find a user guide, and a mounting kit. We get an
instruction manual and green smiley faces I dont really know what these are used for… Some papers
and a useful accessory to mount the device to wall/ceiling like other accesspoints: we have to mount
this and place the device on it. and we have also a secure mounting with which we can screw
the accesspoint on the backplate. and there are some plugs for mounting on various surfaces.
We have also an EU plug which we’ll be using shortly and also a US and UK version so that there aren’t more
localized bundles, which is a smart move from Aruba and we also have a plain PSU, but get’s the job done. Let’s
talk about the unit itself which is the WiFi sensor. Some info that might be interesting: Cape Networks was a
startup when Aruba bought them so the WiFi sensor bacame a part of Aruba’s porfolio which
was renamed to enterprise WiFi with Aruba User Experience
Insight So.. we can power it with the regular 12V PSU and also with
at/af PoE which is important because it has an Ethernet port which means that it can also monitor the network activities
on Ehernet and WiFi as well. it also has a super capacitator dubbed as backup battery
which makes it possible to send a log message in case of a power outage through the internet. But how can it send a
message through the internet if there is no network
connection? It’s able to do it because it has an integrated SIM card
with a subscription so it will use the LTE connection to report about an
unexpected event like a power outage, or if we lose the main internet connection it will still be
able to report to the user experience interface through 4G. It’s not an over complicated WIFi solution it has a Wave 2
2×2 5GHz and 2×2 2,4GHz client it can also support 80MHz chanel sizes on 5GHz, and b/g/n
standards on 2,4GHz and detect the pros and cons of our network. So Peti I log you in and turn the controls over Thank You! I will show you the user interface of Aruba: we
arrive to a really nice dashboard after login where we’ll find a nice green smiley if everything is OK. We
can go over each test run by the Aruba, to see the results Let’s see the WiFi part first: we click on it and we’ll see
the wifi signal strength, datarate, physical rate channel utilization, what frequency are we connected on, and
which channel we were using at the time how long it took the WiFi sensor to connect to the wifi
access point. Everything is looking fine at the moment. we can not only see the last 24 hours but we can also filter
for a longer time period or we can zoom into an anomaly and we can analyze the selected timeframe much deeper for
possible problems with the wireless network. The wifi sensor is not only monitoring just the wifi but
also the DHCP part, the gateway or the DNS. If we check for DNS errors we can immediately see that we
had some in the past 7 days. Let’s zoom into these… We get the reults after a couple of seconds and we already
see some warnings and click on them and we see that the domain name resolution took more than
the set treshold of 50ms and went up to 128 ms. and since it’s higher than 50ms we received a warning but we
can also ask for an email notification. We can use custom internal tests besides the templates which
means that the wifi sensor hardware can monitor specific internal services. We click on one of the services and it
can monitor latency, packet loss and jitter or other ports so we can have other options than to use ICMP so we can add
more ports and it will use the as well. We can also test external services as well. Let’s check a
Dropbox service, we click on it and then the WiFi Sensor will check the service if it’s
operating fine. It not only means that it cheks latency, packet loss and
jitter but it also uploads and downloads a given file to Dropbox according to schedule testing the service in a
practical way. This can be a really critical service for companies who use
Dropbox or Google Drive extensively to check if the purchased services are running fine or the
problem is in the internal network. We can also add custom services as well like the monitoring
of a website like in this example… we added the monitoring of a webpage and we immediately see
the possible problems. It not only checks the basics (ping, etc.) but it can also
check the SSL certificate’s validity if it responds well on Http, so we get a complete monitoring
service from this device and we get the emails immediately if a problem happens. – So this is a brief overview, right?
– Exactly. OK! I hope we got your attention with this Aruba/Cape Networks
sensor, contact our (sales) collagues or product managers if you have any questions about testing or maybe even
deploying one for yourself. I wanted to mention that please subscribe to our channel and
also press the bell icon for notifications so that you don’t miss any future videos. Thanks for your
attention, good bye!

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