USB Sharing Port in D-link DSL-2750U router

USB Sharing Port in D-link DSL-2750U router

hello everyone today I'll show you how to use USB shedding in d-link router so you see here a USB 3.0 port in your router this router model number a de-esser 2750 you so first you connect your USB drive here when you connect USB then you see here a USB symbol now you upon your d-link router setting let's show you in my computer type one ninety two dot one sixty eight dot one dot one press enter and now you see a login page before username and password is admin admin so now you click on advanced step and in left side you see SMB a here you see your router name that showing your network sharing DSL soul leave this as it is and make sure these two eject in Mac you open your finder and here in left side you see your name DSL route there show here ok so click on that here you see your USB Drive so if you see songs that store in my USB Drive I also show you how to use that in Windows and iPhone and Android so later in Android phone you first download the application ES File Explorer then open this application and click this icon here here you see a tab called Network click on that and click Network here you see the outer name and if you don't see this name then click here a search button this is scan your network and then you see this icon here so you see it then if I click on this network USB and here you see your all videos folder that you store in that USB I show you one song play here okay now I'll show you this in iPhone in iPhone you download this VLC F or any file manager software so I show you this in ELC you click on here this icon and click in network you select this local network and here you see your USB that you share in your Wi-Fi click on that and click on this connector buttons that show here and this is your pendrive and I show a video so next I show you this in your Windows computer you open your PI X bar on my computer here in this day you die this link this is double slash one ninety two dot one sixty eight dot one dot one plus USB one underscore one and hit enter and here you see your USB Drive I play so for testing thank you for watching


  • Rohit Das says:

    Can you tell me what speed do you get when copying from the network drive to your PC? I am hardly getting 1MB/sec from a HDD connected to the router.

  • Amey Gupte says:

    Hi Mohit, this video is really useful and helped me to setup my local NAS using external HDD. Taking it further, can you help with configuration to make my storage accessible from internet / public network. I am using same D-link DSL-2750U router along with external HDD as a setup. Thanks once again !

  • Tapash Chowdhury says:

    Superb bro…………..Good Job keep it up

  • Siddharth Chhajer says:

    hey.. is this router still available, the one with USB port.. where can i buy it..??


    how can i use 3g modem

  • vishu singh says:

    I see in modem only USB light help me how I use again

  • Sharik Mohammad says:


  • Sunil Pawar says:

    Can I use printer in usb scocket

  • Anusha GBS says:

    Hi Mohit , If possible suggest me how can i use my existing Airtel4G hotspot (through any of the device ) to connect my cameras where wired internet connection is not possible??? expecting useful method in your reply…Thabk you.,

  • Ritwik Mondal says:

    can i connect my printer using that usb port?

  • Anusha GBS says:

    Hi Mohit, I have D-link router with USB port..can I connect 3G / 4G Dongle (any network) to access Internet via Dongle bcoz Broadband connection is not possible …. waiting for your reply asap…Thank You.

  • Hυzαιfα says:

    Price kia he ????

  • K S CHETTRI says:

    Hello Mohit, I have D-link router but no USB port exist as you shown in Video. I want to use the 3g/4g USB dongle. Now a days I see one USB 2.0 Female to RJ45 adaptor is available in Amazon. Can I use the adaptor to connect the dongle with D link router.

  • Tho Cao says:

    USB 2.0 connection is not him.

  • aman2kaher says:

    Hi bro i m using Macbook Air , i tried plugging in my Sandisk usb drive to the router (ADSL 2750U) , i can see the USB light on my router and i also enabled samba from configuration as you have guided in the video but when i went to my finder i m not able to see the shared device, kindly help on this issue. Thanks

  • Parish Raut says:

    Mohit, can you share the link to amazon which has this USB version. I did find one 2750U on amazon with USB but not sure if it is N300 or N150. I am looking for N300 with USB.

  • ashish patidar says:

    it is showing empty foulder in es file exlr on android

  • ashish patidar says:


  • ashish patidar says:

    on 2750u dlink.
    connecting usb pendrive it works.
    but if using wd hdd it wont.

  • ashish patidar says:

    brother how to connect wd hdd via usb.

  • Anagha Shyam says:

    is it the retina MacBook pro? Don't you think that the devices connected to this router works slowly in the mac? 'Cause I'm using the retina MacBook pro 2015 and when I opened the folders in the 'shared dsl_route' it was considerably slower than when connected through cable. Things connected through cable are theoretically and experimentally faster but so much lag? Did you get the same experience or is it got to do with the network? MY broadband is extremely slow, around 1-2 mbps bsnl stuff

  • Renegade says:

    can i connect jiofi to for routing

  • Vinay Kumar says:

    I just bought same model yesterday and it doesn't have USB port !!! wtf

  • mehul soni says:

    can we use dongle in it?

  • Harshvardhan Poojary says:

    Where did you buy the usb version from?

  • boogabooga says:

    thx man

  • Ashish Pal says:

    tp link

  • Ashish Pal says:

    my modem not in usb port

  • Anurag Kohli says:

    thanks. is there any dependency on file system of hdd? i ask coz I still use Windows xp?

  • Anurag Kohli says:

    thanks mohit this is exactly what i was looking for . one small favour though can you please test it out with a 500gb hdd and access you n/w via android device?

  • Abhishek Dhingra says:

    can we share usb drive in android phone

  • Abhishek Dhingra says:

    hi. can u compare this with Tp link td-w 8968. I want good wifi range and good printer sharing. so which is better

  • mohreza mohreza says:

    thanks dude helped me alot 🙂

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