We Played Minecraft Survival Island In 2019… With A Twist

We Played Minecraft Survival Island In 2019... With A Twist

either Schroeder on the internet and what you're seeing here is me bow and valpha skal youtubers playing a game of minecraft survival island little bit of a twist so was that me and Beau decided to do a drinking game without fail while we played the end goal being that Vale finds out that we were drinking the entire time and that's where we end it that didn't go as planned no but all you need to know is that when you hear the word Banares that's when I have the secret word to tell bow to take a shot and it went interesting to say the least oh we have ten challenges oh don't break them is people are you doing wait I didn't get the Apple oh here we go he's actually figured it out oh do you do not oh why am i Batman oh yeah I was hacked I remember this is this is Veggie Leora's account what you gonna do the fingering there's like a freeze frame like right now and explains it to its viewers you know what like a pause button in the middle of the sky you rightscale hey dude minecraft survival island where okay challenges go to three house with twenty windows we can't do that build especially since I turned that tree entirely into sticks build an aboveground animal trap what the hell's an animal where you go kind of thing you know they say they dress for the job you want Oh big enough for two ISP you can do a lot of loud plenty of room in the universe after you genocided the rest of the people come on way we could technically do the house 1 right which just make outs and like it's 20 plus windows what if we just made it out of glass okay do we really need that sapling over there though it's the only sapling we have that we can't bury you in foundry really don't get any more wood they turned all the wood it's a stale just trying to be helpful there look you're slowly turning the island around us into a frozen place nothing's gonna grow there anyway we do actually need that saplings we can't build a pickaxe so we literally have to wait exactly and watch that grow you have to watch I got a fish why do you always bend over whenever you go over to the tree wait a second he's like moving his arms around I don't know what he's doing what do you masturbating I've coming back to land and I've brought gifts or fish what I killed a fish and got bone meal to go go go on go use on the tree okay bow if this does to the growth of this one bow mill penis fat right now see okay okay Europe yeah it just doesn't work penis okay you ready I need more sticks give me those what I need more stick four sticks don't break the leaves both don't break the leaves because the sapling has a higher chance of dropping if you don't break oh I thought they can't come out of the leaves and if we think I never sapling that's game over right that means we'd have to cheat a snapping so which block is he's officially under this block there we go take him down that's not dropping this happy it's not as a there's only two leaves left in there's no sir no Annie maybe it's in the water and I speak on because it's bit like five minutes we can't do this though who could it do this one right here it's gonna drop one yeah I called it before we get week update we got the bone meal now we're gonna get another sandwich watch you ready right now please five four there's my hunger go three two – now two and a half free back down to two one Alex dropped his family weight and in reality you had a sapling I had a sapling this whole time failfish I don't know what happens I can't see there's coal hair so if Belle doesn't turn the next sapling into a bundle of sticks we can technically I can make a pickaxe we can make a pickaxe do you have the laws I have for now way but that will read you need a crafting table so you have to spend those four plates I'm laughing table I'm aware I'm just one step at a time do you want some sticks and what what what is with the ice I don't understanding reality it is whatever you want I want it to be to build a house or what windows are you MacBook Pro to use Final Cut to build your house to you I'm currently recording in GarageBand actually that's that's at least two stories we just need like a little bit in the middle we need a one block tutors signify the story needed so are we just gonna sit here and tell this thing grows it's a glitch in the matrix so just to confirm there's no like hostile creatures and because this is a an old map I don't think we'll get any of them right the ones that throw the Spears yeah like underwater Zulu's knowledge does not work it doesn't deny penis penis penis like your hearts burning I'll and Matthew's like expanded quite a bit over just the coffee needs of awesome generators but the I stood the oil company should hire us to fight like against global warming theory says I should pump oil directly into the sea that's the real solution to final solution as cut it now the final solution to global Colding you pump oil into the sea and set it on fire and it melts all this extra ice and you kill the fish so you can get bone meal exactly I wish we could like do some sort of mass extermination on the fish right now just get a bunch of bone meal okay so how do I use this on it right right click on the tree yeah left plate oh those click can I mine cold with my hands right now man can punch cold down with his hands it's a good thing man I'm doing this yeah I just do it what does it ask big fail right there but I can't leave you for you could do that no this game didn't eat here have some more six maybe that'll help got that stick margin did this take so much longer we could have been but instead I made like two stacks of sticks how many sticks do you guys have mad yeah dick fell we need Windows okay we need glass yeah where are we getting glass go sing to the tree or something that helps them grow sing what what's the tree chat move some like blackmail Sabaton does that make the tree girl yeah some Sabbath on but you didn't know any said baton sings happens on what are you talking about thing some Sabbath uh do you mean okay you can't make guitar noises with your mouth I'm shutting down Spotify while you was that a cat nothing great I can't do a guitar I can't think of a better way to spend my day than sitting and looking at this thirty pixel image of a sapling completely challenged how in stone the foam there you go just complete the challenge is the phone there's actually count this is actually if your ground case I'm down here I'm below sea level which means I am underground bow and that if I hit the tree down here underground tree farm be nuts right now Archy then this technically won't grow now that's oh yeah and a minute you groped and what are you doing with the trick no you need to fix it no I'm taking it and I'm gonna put right here is that how it works please keep it warm they'll breathe on it sit on how we do we do a chant to the fucking tree because technically that that trees a child veil so you're molesting it building a house do you like it remember length of the first free we ever had and the only tree by the work the first generally true isn't it going very far now yeah time this truth grow we could just walk to an actual bar just walk to the fucking mainland yeah with my hands are we making this whole big no no no no no ice please at the hands of Elvis number let's polka oh how did that happen here's all your shit I don't want it they always were my saucing my lips are on fire we must be nearly there right if we had like a third member of the team also helping maybe we get this clear yeah it would be really nice if he hadn't you hadn't drowned him in a sand like three threes guys where did it go to get along six-six-six telling gave up don't again stick you look like an addict Vale like that's trying to get his drugs why didn't you take the sticks yeah I said but I don't let me just shout at the whole of it like hey buddy yeah we're are peeing hey Bo we just completed a challenge then you know the pickaxe challenge I don't even see that but Bainer hey nothing big I am sweating so much right now bill can you wipe it off my foreskin no wait both fucking blockers on again bo you useless prick come on too late now it's too late so much down here I speed I need I need to give me to Kabul oh never mind I wanna know guys are leaving the mine beautiful I wasn't allowed into the mine there either you were at Chernobyl mine work is my fearless when this fellow explains a lot I was I was the elephant's butt once he was buffed from it then I became a catfish like the MTV show catfish or he's talking to lowly men on the Internet let's give itto both catfish male only singles in my area okay we have a furnace – what a tactic where's the first but he admitted boots it's our Adam stand I just broke the bottom of the cables and they value should have done this hold on here we go oh that's oh yeah yeah that would have been good it's how they did it with 911 you tell me al Qaeda went into the bottom and put torches under okay it was just like Al Qaeda with bow on the top and George boxer underneath my Grouch boys yeah hold them down into a cat's I'll take responsibility it's fine that was Vail I need one I need a call I'm gonna leave right now you got to put 20/20 windows on ask two-story house here which I'm gonna leave to you both so here's some materials to build a house with in speed you already built the house yep it needs to be two stories and it needs 20 of those classes so get to work there are so many no luck Jeff I've blocked one entrance this is not a story though this is one story with a roof though no look at that that's technically not technically the paper house leave the roof where'd you get this high quality glass from if you're making it out of sand Oh terrible mistake I know there's no we've lost our stuff is pewter oh yeah I've run away with it into the cave I went all the way shit I'm coming oh my god I'm safe I'm safe but I've gone way too far into the cave all of my sticks I know I am type in out of the ocean or is the second floor Bo where's the jacuzzi we now have a second floor where's the jacuzzi two-story building like that is modern challenge completed because they're producing themselves right reproducing bigger is that one of my factors that's a cactus farm right here just made it wait fire so every time it grows the the next one that goes on top of it it will break off perfect what make us one challenge we've already got it right now don't understand I don't know what both done to our islands but it's I don't like living here anymore oh oh no we just opened the mine it just opened the mine it opened the mine Baca Tosh okay and if I speak and even know why I need one more alright I think I've completed creeper no skeleton spawn trap complete complete they drown now why was that it now we just dropped to their deaths they get they get soaked up in water and they get sucked down up in there we can check that off the list we've done it Edward Bernays right there with bus they'll just climb up now though how does Brown they can't breathe I have no lungs yeah you got it got a point there no we got it you gotta push it further back so that the water goes how you do it okay here's the buckle and give me the bucket Oh baby two pieces of bread for you catch my glass sweet we had spare glass didn't at some point in some place of the island there was a stack of glass and I just found it actually like a door I am now powerful I made a wooden pickaxe Bobbo welcome to civilization then we walk away from me look at me in the eye now alright now tell me you've advanced so you go by look me in the eye and tell me you've advanced there you go you look this mean I survived I mean I made a wooden pickaxe s you're gonna in the mind come here this is a sword there's no I did that but how are you two doing on equipment this I had went from like a bear away into a jungle to even it's a jungle and a barren waste on that cross I that trumps completed right yeah yes bow a bow Venus right now penis I drank from that book there we go oh my god this is quite efficient yeah this actually works I'm surprised actually all I got armor oh no Jesus that's not what fan I was wearing if I remember correctly that please please though I remember I'm wearing leather armor okay next up we need to find the treasure which I think might be this way from this side of mine but we should get food before we go by the way I have 23 seats so we can set up an actual file if you have something I do I don't have a whole i'll take that XP all your stuff is sliding away cuz it's on I wait does that mean I just got bonus buy Vale v bo come here cuz I've got something you want to see hey away from email you need to stay away from me you need to stay away from me I can't veinous anymore here I'm making a farm they'll take me nice kind of weather for now run the ice is breaking up several places don't are you trying to tell me this ice is melting ice is melting guys what are you guys doing the mind what have you been doing not sure how much coal have you been burning oh yes yes sir absolute fucking Venus I don't want to click the reasonably button and give me the fucking thing in the world in here I'm gonna complete the challenges got a complete the challenges come on satellite we've been able to kill you so much you're preoccupied are you yeah oh wait we need water that's one that we need okay double down on it okay it's okay though fuck why is it still there go away there's no source block why is it still doing this Tokyo Drift fuck your disposal shit I'm holy I'm owning your way look what I just found he deserves it even though he found a new toy get out the bow i steam again yeah I'm gonna claim it before he does [Applause] eight Vanessa's okay belt line it up get us some food we're all going down there we're gonna find the treasure yeah take that kill I take that kill nah that's the ultimate Venus on the edge was bein a fuckin it's definitely like this way cuz there was a whole set of I just tried to I just tried to make a pic using planks for the handle why'd you break through the glass there's a door clean our favorites they're going into the mob spawner is wrong with you two what is this shit where are you you over here yeah come on call we're good we're good we're good legs up I had stuff and we'll recuperate the situation waetford me you bitch come on that's good I like the purple isn't it know that I look Pope of people I'd marry one okay please don't fail please That's not me I didn't touch you wait I found you free right now which means I can make an armpit cut I have a lot of sticks I have five chest hey Bo I got present are you your pics right okay okay bo has taken the mono as the secondary Explorer I just want the record to know that he is now in charge of mining collecting getting stuff building creating big content free over 400,000 subscribers I just you know you thought one you both got more he's got more sub cloud you can't do anything nice by now he killed me he absorbed the old yeah that's everything we just fired a shotgun it's a creeper what do you mean shotgun in the finest chest right a very weak I may be in a place that I don't know where is don't worry I'll come find you I have all read that again in English are you both all right you go hey guys I have Alton okay so all the way down there I see his name how the fuck where did he go yesyes all the way down there how the fuck do it how was he down there oh my god I don't have false head on there I do have an idea okay it might be wild it might be somewhat lacking because I I'm basing a break the fucking I know what you guys again exactly what you mean you want me to take my shirt off is be there girls – honestly we have to find if we find that secret we win by speech goggle in it but I found the Yogscast video on it and it's just a random iron door in a cave I fell down a hole inside what you mean oh where oh come on wait Val have you not realized the fact we keep saying beneath its supposedly here they are we could have stopped doing this I be like right explain it boat no okay I don't understand what Venice means and I don't know fail they all understand what I'm saying for like a split second and understand that only comes from a certain type of people what am I just cuts off why am i why am I I only understand it only comes from the certain type of people what is it on all know if they got your IRL like affliction all right so I'm a whole person no IRA a flexion like I've had so many finesse I'm finesse type my mind what is it dick no please free me from this prison man I had 24 Vanessa's why am i if you don't know what he's saying then that makes me feel better because I don't fucking get understanding right I can't say it for the life of me I can't say but please hold down the button right click on a door you can continuously shut down open would you find a drink drink drink would you drink drink milk no no no no no no no what's the challenge we drink a drink we'll see you were now allowed to stop doing this until you realize that oh did you take don't really every time every time well would you confirm that you kill some what did you say oh he's just telephone it's Li was 11:00 in the morning it's not like 1 o'clock in the afternoon that kinda thing didn't really occur to me and this guy said a


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