We used the Sonim XP3 rugged flip phone as a ball in our mini ‘World Cup’

We used the Sonim XP3 rugged flip phone as a ball in our mini ‘World Cup’

– Hi. I’m Sascha Segan. Lead Analyst with PC Mag and this is the Sonim XP3 flip phone. This is a $200 flip
phone for AT&T and Sprint and it’s the best of
its kind on the market. It’s rugged, it’s backed
by a three year warranty. Nice loud speaker. And to celebrate the World Cup which is going on right now, we’re gonna kick it around
in a two on two game and you’ll see just how tough it is. It’s got wifi. It’s got LTE. It’s got a hotspot mode. It has a really basic, lousy browser. Okay come on– (groans) (groans) I was too focused on the specs. It’s got T9 texting. No email though. Although, you may be able to– (groans) I was thinking about the email. So the important thing about this phone is that it’s hard to find a phone that does 4G voice calling nowadays. And is still a flip phone. Whoa, you’re on my team.
– Yeah. Wait a minute. Oh! And this one will do 4G
calling on both AT&T and Sprint which is relatively rare for a flip. It has a five megapixel camera. The camera isn’t very good. It’s running a crippled version of Android but you’d never know
because it doesn’t have… (groans) Oh, it flipped open. It flipped open. Foul! – Foul. – Flip foul! Outside screen is scratched up. Not broken. Uses tough plastic screens. I’m gonna make a call here. We’ve been kicking it
around. Turn on the speaker. – Hi I’m Julie. Amtrak’s automated agent. To check if a particular train is running on time
– still functions. – Working fine. Let’s throw it back in. (scratches) (groans) (cheers) Goal! So, we’ve finally kicked
this sucker enough to crack the screen but let’s
see if it’ll make a call. That’s the real test of
the ruggedization here. Oh, this screen is toast. Okay, let’s see. Connecting. – Hi. I’m Julie. Amtrak’s automated agent. To check if a particular train
– so, the screen is busted – is running on time – But the phone can actually send and receive call just fine
which is pretty amazing considering how much
we’ve kicked it around. Now, something that you should know, is that Sonim does have
a three year warranty. Now, while it is a warranty
against defects and not abuse. So, I don’t know if they
would replace this one. Sonim, in the past has been a really consumer friendly company when it comes to fixing broken phones. This is far more abuse
than we’ve been able to give any phone that I’ve seen in years. And so, the Sonim XP3
is a terrific flip phone and it is definitely our Editor’s Choice for phones in this form factor right now. (light music) Looks like I’m getting a call. Hello.


  • Nuclear Bullet says:

    What happened PCMag? You used to be my favorite magazine growing up. This video has no comments and as of this writing, only 561 views… I've been living in a cave and didn't realize Dvorak was let go from your publication. He was the only guy worth reading out of your drivel that you call magazine now. Your review videos are so late and aren't very good. Get your act together dude. Your HR should get on their hands and knees and beg for Dvorak to come back. What a shame…

  • John Carter says:

    Got me a new trap phone 🙂

  • G Laughlin says:

    I believe you said that it can provide a hotspot. Is that correct?

    I've been looking for a high quality, 4G feature phone that provides a hotspot, talk, and texting. That's all I need from my phone. With a hotpot, I can connect my iPod or tablet when I need other features and am not able to connect to wifi.

  • gabe321 says:


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