all right people hopefully you're having a great day or night I'm gonna show you an app that is in your Google Play Store it's called IPTV extreme pearl they also have a free version but I don't think it gets though updates on the premium features I actually did a video on this a while back and it's a very cool add-on what you do is you use your premium account for IB TV whether it's area 51 whether it's gears TV or nitro or what is it the cable TV guy whatever you use you can put it within this app and it functions you go well most of these have their own app some of them even have catch-up right I think a lot of the IPTV services took down the catch up I don't know for some copyright reason but this actually you can record on so if you wanted to record a show all you would need to do is click on say look at ESPN right here if I wanted to record it all I would do is click on it go to the TV Guide I'm using this on my phone so it might be a little different so if I click on look it I want to record sport standard live I would have to tilt my phone for the recording correctly added okay okay and I'm back to horizontal mode on your your Android TV or your Nvidia shield it actually stays horizontal so that's all you would need to do and where does it go okay you set a time right now you go to your menu right here you go to timers as you can see this is scheduled right here SportsCenter it's scheduled to start recording at what time was it did I put I think three o'clock so what's scheduled to to record in half an hour my time Pacific time okay very cool you can also add timers up here you would put your recording name you name it whatever you want you would select a channel right here whatever channels you have and then you would set the date and date and the time I don't like doing it like that it's too much work but you can do it like that as well all right so I'm gonna get out of there and your version might look a little different let me let that noisy uh motorcycle go by yours might look a little different than mine does I made it blue background I think I made the icons and the program or the channel name larger text all you would need to do is mess with that to get your preferences go to your menu and go to settings if you're using an Android TV obviously you want to you want to click Android TV you can also check for application updates at the application start so you can keep that checked if you want you don't need to have that and you can go down and you can check whatever you want you know if you want 12 hour format or 24 hour format and click on that if you wanted to start on your boot I don't recommend that some people want it to start straight in this app I don't so I unclick it and you can go through all of this guys you can have it show notifications when it's downloading your EPG you have chromecast mode see that putting your settings parental code or control some of you guys need that with your kids you can hide channels you're gonna have to mess with that if you want to hide the adult channels in your premium account again guys this only works in premium accounts doesn't work in mob drill doesn't work in any of the free accounts so I'm not trying to sell you any accounts you can use whatever one you want most people do have one by now so just put yours in I'll show you how to do that right now I'm just gonna show you the Preferences and everything right here so you can scroll through all of this and see what what you want fine-tune it you can show favorite group see your favorite channels I have that to come straight straight to the favorites when I get in I don't want to see the what are these all these IPTV channels I mean services say over a thousand channels I'm not gonna watch a thousand channels man I'm gonna watch maybe a handful at most and so I want those in my favorites so it's cool that you can do that and you can mess with all this and again like I said it has the time or recorder so see this built-in download manager I have it clicked and then you could put it to go to whatever folder you want right here whatever folder you want that's where it's gonna go obviously you can delete the file after you've watched it I'll show you that right now okay so app create application theme you can CH it change the themes you mess with that I have mine is dark blue is that I showed you already I think by default it's like grey or something like that I'm gonna go out to change the background color roll background color channel text most of this you can change and they have you get all the way out of the app get back in and you can see if you like it and then you can come change it again fine-tune it you change the channel name tech side size event size details size tells you what the show is about grid size etc etc you can make the icons bigger right here these are pecan pie cons but those are the icons and here's where you're gonna put your IP TV I'm gonna not drive BT be your EPG URL if you receive both a playlist URL in an EPG URL then you're gonna put your EPG source here I think you'd manage here you would click here oops I don't want to delete my source okay so you would come here manage and then you would add your URL you would name it and then you would add it you know what a URL looks like or you would have to ask your provider again I don't provide these URLs guys for any of your any of your services I only have mine and that's it so okay auto download EPG you click on that so when you get in and you don't want to see a blank you don't want to see the channel with you don't know what's what what you're gonna watch so that'll download every time you get in you can slide it the EPG forward minute or two more if you can so I have mine forward two minutes you can mess mess with all the stuff guys so you can add extra time to to your recording remember if you ask extra time for recording see if you're recording something from 3 to 4 you're gonna if you're trying to record something at 4 o'clock another show it's gonna overlap and your service might not let you do that so that's the settings when you get in here when you first get in what you're gonna do is put your URL for your playlist so you would go to menu also see playlists here on top you can click on playlist well that's if you have multiple I'm sorry so you go to menu on top menu and you would click playlist and then you would put in your playlist you would click Add playlist in here and again you're gonna put your URL your URL not mine not anyone else's it's got to be your URL URL because I believe it your URL the one they send you personally has your password password and username etc acceptor but it's a pretty cool pretty cool app like if I click on groups I have groups here so I have it in favorites but I can look at all on Sunday I can look at just Sunday Sunday Ticket 24 channel 24/7 again this this is part of your IPTV service if your IPTV service doesn't organize things in categories you probably won't be able to do that with your groups again area 51 you are able to do that you can also go over here and click on search and I can click on search and I can put say let's let's say hallmark I don't know I'm putting all mark just came to mind hallmark press next and there you go it has the hallmark channel's so I can click on it and it's gonna say either play it or go to if I press play it's gonna play if I go to it's gonna go to where it's at see that all mark and it'll tell me what's on cetera et cetera so I'm gonna go back to my favorites here and look at this also you see that when you hit groups it has well mine doesn't have video on demand I have area 51 and series yours might so you can use that as well but yeah you're gonna get into menu putting your playlist and get to it man but I said the cool thing about the premium or pro version of IPTV Extreme Pro is that it has a full TV Guide it's in beta mode right now but it does work so if I got in there look it it's a regular TV Guide so when I clicked on any of this see look at ESPN showing pardon the interruption if I clicked on that I can open the channel I'm not gonna do that no copyrights for me oh you should also play with but I think you can get that click play with it brings up my players alright it also has the event info and again from the event info you see what that is you can either add it to your calendar or you can add a time again record it if you add at a timer see so I'm going to click this add timer time record incorrectly added press okay I'm gonna get out I'm gonna get out and you can go to your groups from here groups I can go to again my 24/7 etc etc obviously 24/7 is not going to have a guide on it also NFL season pass it won't have a guide because they only come on on Sunday and it is Tuesday so I'm gonna go ahead and press back and hit exit and I'm back here and again the recordings go here you click menu you click timers down here and that's where your recordings are gonna be you see this so after you say if you clicked one on one of these if you clicked on it it's already recorded it would be green see that how it's blue and the other one's red if I click if I went over here and I clicked on it and it was green ready it's ready to play I go ahead and just press play that's in it you can also stop recordings if you don't want to record it anymore but after you watched it you can go ahead and click on it and you can go remove and delete file and there it goes it'll delete from your and you can press remove right there it'll delete from your timers so it's very cool guys check it out support the developer like I said it's 99 cents you want these guys keep churning out some great apps so thanks for watching please subscribe press like hit that Bell icon guys and thanks for watching peace


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