What If Obi Wan DIDN'T Leave Anakin on Mustafar (FULL MOVIE) – STAR WARS THEORY

What If Obi Wan DIDN'T Leave Anakin on Mustafar (FULL MOVIE) - STAR WARS THEORY

Hey guys What's going on? So as promised here is the full fan fiction uninterrupted of what if Obi Wan didn't leave Anakin on Mustafar I hope you enjoy and as always may the force be with you So something that always made me sympathize with Obi Wan was the level of pain that he must have gone through when leaving Anakin there Burning to death on the lava riverbank This is someone who was like a little brother to him who he spent almost every day with since they met and taught him everything That he knew in respect to his master's dying wish now one reason I think Obi Wan aged so terribly is because I can't even imagine the nightmares that he must have gone through and had about Anakin burning limbless Screaming at him in pain. I think if they do make the Obi Wan anthology movie They should incorporate all of his post-traumatic stress from the duel and his sleepless nights to go with it now What if he didn't leave Anakin there to die? What if he walked down the lavas riverbank as the soft soil sled him down with each step? Careful not to fall into the river himself as he fell to his knees next to Anakin Looking at what he had done And what everything had turned into How it wasn't supposed to end this way he grabbed him Crying and telling him that he loved him how he is his brother and that he won't leave him there as Anakin lay Disoriented in his master's arms his eyes burned with an orange haze of hatred and fury Wanting to reach out and choke him, but knew he was only a fragment of the man that he used to be Staggering to pick up his apprentice careful not to fall Obi one held him and began to climb the high ground Walking back to Padme's ship as he looked above and saw the Emperor fly overhead he had to move fast She was in labor, and he knew what he had to do connecting with Master Yoda and senator Bail Organa They immediately got added into a medical capsule and Padme to the delivery table separated by only a piece of clear glass Padme tossed and turned as she opened her eyes to the shocking image of a man screaming in pain as Medical droids began to work on his burned and limbless body As Padme began to scream in shock not able to keep her eyes away realizing by each passing moment that this was no random man This was her husband the hero of the Clone Wars and the most powerful Jedi to someday be Anakin Skywalker The pain of the twins in her stomach and the shocking image of seeing Anakin this way caused her to faint Immediately laying there lifeless as Obi Wan came over to her with Yoda and stroked her head so she would calmly wake up and proceed With the pregnancy as Yoda frowned and looked over towards Skywalker He entered the room where the screams were now amplified no longer dulled by glass walls Coming to see Anakin who didn't even seem human anymore just a feral animal and more pain than Yoda has ever Sensed a single entity to be he raised his alien like hand to send healing energy to Skywalker Touching his leathery burnt skin closing his eyes and beginning to feel the boy's body relaxed his screams Beginning to softened and able to hear an Anakin's raspy breathing He could feel something was wrong with his lungs as they were set on fire from the inside As he started to feel and against pain subside and the healing Opening his eyes and fear and shock He used the Force to run to the other room telling Obi Wan to leave Padme and to come with him at once Oh only one had already been at the front of the door when you had gone there He had felt it too as they ran past a confused Bale who followed suit They went outside to see clothes firing upon the native inhabitants of the planet as the Emperor stepped outside Of his shuttle and walked straight towards the two Jedi Masters surrounded by his troops Fire said the Emperor as the clones began to open fire on the last two Jedi Obi Wan And Yoda knew that they must finish it quickly before Sidious used the event Go to Anakin without even igniting his lightsaber or hesitating you wanna through all the clones into the air and pulled them together Breaking all their bones and necks dropping up before Sidious who smirked in admiration Master Yoda such a violent act Igniting his fear red lightsaber and twirling into Toby with the dark side of the horse screaming as he did just before fighting mace windu unfortunately for the Emperor, Obi Wan was a master of Soresu Deflecting the attack with ease as Yoda jumped behind Sidious and ignited his green saber This was surely a match that would harness all of the emperor's powers any falter in his technique And he knew the result could be fatal Sidious move to the side and push Yoda into the stone wall far behind him Master Yoda knew what he was trying to do he wanted to split them up He knew that if he killed the weakest link first, then he would be able to continue what they never finished in the Senate Swinging his lightsaber towards Obi Wan's skull Yoda was impressed at how much of a master of blocking attacks Obi Wan had become he was surely proud his fellow Jedi Master could see why he was able to stand up to Anakin and Grievous the way that he did as Obi Wan was thrown to the floor Yoda knew he couldn't take this barrage of speed and power from the Emperor for much longer When Sidious felt a massive body hit him from the side turning to look and being astonished at what was in the air It was Master Yoda. He had raised all of the clone bodies into the sky Spinning them using the force as he closed his eyes and shot them emperor with inhuman speeds. Sidious smirked He loved a good training practice. Swinging his lightsaber as if playing game He sliced and slashed through every limb and torso that came at him dropping his red weapon to the floor and sending a shock wave of force lightning through the bodies incinerating them to dust as he laughed and levitated his sith lightsaber into the air igniting it turning to Obi Wan and saying Now you will experience the full power of the dark side. Palpatine raised his bony pale fingers and points them at Obi Wan. Yoda knows the power of Sidious's as lightning is something not even Master Windu could handle He knew Kenobi couldn't handle the attack any better as well at the speed of light coupling sends a surge of crackling sith force lightning at the Jedi Master burning him alive if he screamed in pain. His robes beginning to Smolder as it arrived on the floor screaming for Master Yoda to help him. Yoda stood there in despair Watching as he saw Obi Wan crying in pain Knowing that there wasn't anything he could do, Palpatine was far, too Powerful the younglings dead all the Jedi at the temple all his friends gone Betrayed the galaxy turned against them is this what his almost 900 years of life had come to. No. It can't be this was the moment that he knew something had to change he had felt it for a long time Maybe he was wrong about it all Maybe it was time for the Jedi to end and with it the Sith the force wasn't to be Divided rather the darkness to rise and the light to meet it Yoda could feel it within him now He closed his eyes something broke from within him the chains of submission to the light and the fear of the dark for a Jedi Has no fear therefore. There is only the force Yoda opened his eyes the universe was different to him now No longer inhibited by his rigid Jedi ways he was now free Unbound by any law his chains were broken in the force was all that he needed leaping toward Sidious his hand Outstretched not easy will I make this. choking the Emperor with the force Light or dark that was no longer such a thing rather Just the full power of his near century long of training as he felt Palpatine's throat crush by his grasp the new emperor of the galaxy could feel the power of the Force take control of his breathing he tried to face Yoda But was frozen in place using the powers of his mind He controlled the sith lightning to shoot towards the direction he knew Master Yoda was in he could feel it hit the little green Jedi Master but it did not affect him Yoda moved with Swift speed and power Confidence through the barrage of Force Lightning that surrounded him emanated through his body and flesh it did not Impede his attack as he once used his hands to absorb the energy now His entire body could perform such a feat for if it was the force that he was hit with than the force would surely guide him Sidious knew what was coming finally breaking free? He turned to move Glowing green appear before his eyes as Yoda said Fear you, I do not. Thrusting his emerald blade into the Emperor's skull as the lightning attacks stopped within an instant flashing throughout the sky as Sidious dropped to the floor Dead Yoda turned to Obi Wan who is slowly returning to consciousness Summoning his cane with the force he limped like an old wizard back to the hospital Obi Wan wasted No time and followed the Grand Master inside returning to find the droids caring for twin babies a boy and a girl Seeing Padme sit next to her disfigured husband comforting him Anakin with his tie to Palpatine now broken is Inconsolable as the reality of what he has done Finally sets in the sith yellow, and his eye is now gone Revealing a hopeful blue behind flowing tears down his cheeks as he looks to Obi Wan and Yoda begging for the forgiveness for his deeds Cringing in pain as the droids begin to work on his prosthetics and creating the cellular structure Liquid that will mend some of the more severe burns on his skin as he tried to speak Through his cracking leather crusted lips. I'm sorry I let the darkside twist my mind till I became the very thing that I swore to destroy Master Yoda you were right I gave in to fear anger and hate I let the dark side I take over all I wanted to do was save Padme the way I couldn't save my own mother And if you looked at Skywalker he replied Many you have slain in your anger young Skywalker But wrong I was about the dark side light and dark together They must work in balance They must be neither prevail tenets at the expense of the other Obi Wan replied in surprise What are you saying Master. Yoda look to him change, We must balance we must achieve or repeat these tragedies We will as Anakin has put together this time with the light sides methods and the Republic's technology He almost looked just as he did before he turned to the dark. Yoda Obi Wan and Anakin travel to Ahch-To with Padme and the twins Teaching a new generation of force users in the way of the force not the light side nor the dark But rather just the force itself as they learned from the Journal of the Wills in the first Jedi Temple Teaching by example that both the light and dark must be used to truly understand the nature That is the force and in the end it was Anakin Skywalker's betrayal of the Jedi that ultimately led to the force coming into balance fulfilling the prophecy Or so, it would seem Our strategy must now change I Hope you guys enjoyed that fanfiction I like to really go in depth on what would Exactly happen if certain scenarios didn't play out the way they did or if they did a little differently let me know what fan fiction You'd like to see next and I will see you all in the next episode of Star Wars Theory until then my fellow Jedi and Sith friends remember The force will be with you, always


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