Will a cell phone booster work with my carrier? | weBoost

Will a cell phone booster work with my carrier? | weBoost

Hi, I am Derek with weBoost, will a cellular signal booster work on your carrier? Well, the answer is yes, all of our signal
boosters work on any carrier whether you’re on Verizon, t-mobile, Sprint, AT&T
or anything else a signal booster is going to work for
you. So for a little more detailed explanation let’s take a look at the booster. Each
light is going to represent a different frequency range. For example on this
booster the top light is the 700 megahertz band which is used for AT&T
and Verizon’s 4G and then you’ve got the eight hundred, nineteen hundred, and then
this light covers AWS which is a mix of 1700 and 2100 MHz bands. If you’re
interested in knowing which light corresponds with which carrier then
check the manual that came with your booster. Then you can go online and
search for which band and frequency range your carrier uses. All of our
boosters whether they’re mobile or building boosters will come with lights
indicating the different bands and the different frequency ranges. Our 3G
boosters are only going to have two lights because they don’t cover
the bands that 4G signal is transmitted on, and that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. That’s it hope this was helpful, if you’ve got any
other questions please leave those blow please subscribe to our channel as we
released videos like this every week thanks and we’ll see you next time


  • Jason JA says:

    I'm in Jamaica and i don't really know if this would work for me…. I'm using Digicel 4g

  • Kristen DiGiacomo says:

    I purchased the $500 WEboost, and it didn't do much. I ended up returning it. Also, I found it kind of frustrating that the manual didn't tell anything about the lights. Just that they should be on. It was very confusing and frustrating. Mine had 4 lights on it. It didn't improve my signal at all. Still can't get phone calls inside of my place. ­čśę maybe it will work for others though. Just sharing my experience.

  • Franco Mussico says:

    hi! i'm from Argentina and i bougth a sony z5 in Italy. i wanna know if my phone works in Argentina with 4G LTE Signal. please answer me!

  • Dillon Parrack says:

    will straight talk and TracFone services work with this?

  • Dale Schultz says:

    Does the weBoost have to be activated by carrier like the Cisco Microcell?

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