Year-End Job Search Secrets + 14 Day Challenge: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita

Year-End Job Search Secrets + 14 Day Challenge: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita

Hey everybody its Andy welcome to my
weekly show where I help you build a career you love and today we got a great
one we’re gonna talk about secrets to finding your job at the end of the year
I got some year-end job searching secrets loads of fun and in particular
we’re also gonna talk about three great tips for finding your job at the end of
the year or the beginning of a new year I’ve got a lot going on today we’ve got
a 14 day challenge that we’re actually gonna do together I’ve got about five or
six freebies tis the season I’m very excited I mean I give stuff away a lot
throughout the year but I’m extra generous around the holidays and in
spirit of the holidays I actually want my project shirt for you today because
if you could see the rest of my house it literally looks like a buffalo dressed
in plaid ran through it and throw up everywhere I’ve got black and red and we
got green and red everywhere I got one of the I actually turned my my camera
around today you’re looking at the other side of my office I got one of the one
of the eight or Christmas trees that are in my house behind me not eight nobody
has eight Christmas trees in their house but we do have four
we do have four that’s one of them I’m on this level of the house so and I had
nothing to do with with putting it up but I’m in the spirit I’m in a giving
mood I just I’m thrilled to have you with me
and and I’ve got a lot of great stuff for you today oh and I have I have a new
thing every week now I decided that I’m gonna show up to live office hours with
a mug just my outfit that matches my outfit wait can you can you see that how
close is that how close is that so I got my latte I’m ready to roll we’re gonna
talk about these tips we’re gonna talk about the secrets we’re gonna talk about
some myths we’re gonna talk about the challenge but before we get into all of
that I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately it’s been B not been on my mind I
know it’s been on your mind because I’ve been getting a lot of emails about it
and people have been sharing a lot of great stuff with me on the blog on the
YouTube channel in my email where they’re you
this one word and somebody emailed me the other day I hadn’t gotten an email
from him before he used this word and it really touched me and I wanted to share
this with you and it bears on today’s discussion it’s a wonderful topic I
think to warm us up because of the time of year it is and it’s it’s a lesson in
and of itself that and things that I go through and I hope you can apply it to
your career and your life in general and I think you’re gonna enjoy it so I I
just I wanted to I wanted to share this with you it to give us a running start
whenever I undertake any kind of task whatever the task is whether it’s
something even small or a big project or if I’m gonna write a book or when I
changed careers or made some career pivots I always think about before I
take the step whatever it is before I take take that first step
I always make sure that I clarify for myself what this assess success metric
is that I’m going to use so I’m gonna undertake something and how am I going
to define my success if that is dialed in correctly you will likely be very
happy and be very clear about why you’re doing it and what matters to you but I
uh and I also go as far as writing down what I’m not going to consider success
where I might be susceptible to measuring myself against that so when I
few years back when I decided I was gonna make a concerted effort to become
a coach in this format where I’m gonna be offering live stuff to downloads for
you articles blog posts videos podcasts training programs and all that good
stuff I had to become clear about what was going to define victory for me and
one of the things that was not going to define victory for me was that I was
going to teach you the steps and that it was my goal to have you follow the steps
that I taught in the sequence in which I taught him and the way in which I wanted
you to execute them and so on a lot of trainers measure themselves that way
that’s not something that I consider victory for me another thing this may
sound a little weird to you but but hang in there with me is when I look at your
goals and the goals that you set for yourself your ability to accomplish your
goal I’m not going to that’d be my victory whether you achieve
your goal or not don’t get me wrong I want to I want to do everything I
possibly can I’ll give you every asset that I have as much time as I can
possibly afford to get you to where you want to go on your journey but the goals
that you set for yourself there’s entirely too much out of your control
there’s a lot more I can’t control I don’t even know if you’re setting the
proper goals for yourself and so on so that’s just not something that I
consider the measurement of victory for me but there is a Holy Grail that I have
that I wrote down three years ago that I keep in mind and look at every week and
this is what what what I’m leading up to is that if I can teach you whatever it
is that I teach you and it opens your eyes to ideas and ways you can execute
it and things you can try and you go through the process and it raises your
level of confidence in your ability to try or to take those that first step or
take those chances or run the risk or whatever if I’ve raised your confidence
that is my victory that is my victory and I got an email the other day from
Amato I don’t know if he’s here I know he shows up at these cuz he told me so
in the email he’s 62 years old he said I’ve been following you for a number of
months I come to some of the shows I read your stuff I try your things you
encouraged me to get out there get in motion and do these things I started
applying for these jobs even though I was overqualified for them and while I
was in motion and doing this because I have a lot to offer and I want to work I
got a call from a nice recruiter lady who worked for the parent company and
the company that I was applying to and she said hey I see you’re applying for
these jobs that you’re into sleeo overqualified for how about we talk
about this job that I have for the parent for this parent company that owns
the company that you’ve been applying to because I think that could take
advantage of your skills and your experience how about that hello new job
and and on he goes and and so you know he talked about it raising his
confidence level to try to get in motion and I always tell you that it’s easier
to redirect an object in motion than it is a stationary one so that’s what today
is going to be about I want to give you some insight that will open your eyes to
things that are incredibly second nature to me and
probably completely foreign to you but once we talk about them I think they’re
gonna it’s gonna open your eyes it’s gonna give you a new way of thinking
you’re gonna be able to pay attention better you’re gonna be on higher alert
you’re gonna put it in motion you’re gonna become more nimble and you’re
gonna be better positioned to get that job once you understand it I think
you’re gonna say yeah that makes a lot of sense I just wouldn’t have thought
about it so I want to bring that stuff to the surface because I think once you
start understanding what’s happening behind the scenes you’re gonna become
more confident and you’re gonna know you can so that’s a big part of what today
is about I’m gonna give you the insider secrets we’re gonna go through the three
tips we’re gonna go through the 14 day challenge and so on now place I always
like to start place I always like to start is with the myths about this time
of year wait I got to take a sip of my triple-shot latte out of my buffalo
plaid coffee mug hmm that my wife and I got at Hobby Lobby
the other day okay so I get a lot of you know hey should I mail it in this time
of year because everybody’s on vacation and companies aren’t doing this and that
and the other thing and everything moves slowly and so on well first thing you
got to know is right now is my favorite time favorite time of the year December
January and February to look for a new job my as a recruiter this is happening
now my phone is ringing off the hook with referrals from people who got my
name from somebody who’s worked with me because these people work for companies
and they’re hiring people and and they need to get going and all that good
stuff so it’s happening now it’s happening now and one thing that I want
you to make sure that you can do is I want you to get out in front of the
panic that employers are now going to start to have because they need people
in their in their product in the seats in the projects and all that good stuff
off off in January for a fast start so if you can become and position yourself
to be more nimble than a lot of other people who either are stuff in their
face with their holiday food they assume that this is not a good time
to be to be searching they are waiting to find out if they’re getting that
promotion they’re waiting to collect their bonus they’re waiting to find out
if they’re gonna be able to transfer units or whatever those people are in
delay mode they are they are gonna be slower to react and the other thing is
those individuals if they are actually interviewing at the moment are also
likely to be more costly for employers because they have bonuses that they
anticipate they want the employers to buy out the bonus if they want them to
start earlier and those kind of things so if you can position yourself to be
the low-hanging awesomeness that’s in the front of the line for those
employers who are gonna get ready to start putting filling those seats either
this month or this in January or orin orin sorry or in December or in January
you’re gonna be way way ahead of the game so let’s talk about some of these
kind of these insider these insider secrets and this first one I want you to
be aware of it’s I’m gonna give you a little secret them and tell you what I
what I want you to do the first one here we got the note cards is I want you to
be aware and on alert for new jobs I’m not talking about a career change I’m
talking about the fact that this time of year for whatever reason for whatever
reason employers decide that they want to be creative in December and January
they want to try new stuff I don’t know what happens between February and
November I don’t really care but right now December and January they get very
they want to be creative they want to try new things this didn’t work last
year maybe we ought to rearrange the team maybe we need to put a person who’s
a hybrid of this or we bifurcate that or whatever so there are a lot of things
related to jobs and let’s call job descriptions positions new positions
those kind of things this is especially important if you are an executive or if
you are a very versatile resource where you can do a number of things business
analyst project manager sawing technologists who is multi multi
discipline approach or knows many technologies mark a market marketing
person who knows you know four of the nine
different ways to market those kinds of things you should be on high alert for
that so that’s the first thing that I want you to think about is that more so
than than the other say ten months of the year the ten months of the year
between February November December and January is when companies feel creative
there’s new inspirations there’s new budgets there’s new projects so they
start they take chances they take chances and they start they start to try
to think out of the box so here’s what I want you to do if you are in in the
interviewing process the the this first one is not necessarily something new
it’s something that I want you to put a more concerted effort into doing which
is targeting organizations so regardless of who you are
I’ve talked at length in other videos and in my job search masterclass and in
a whole bunch of other stuff about the balance of how much time you should
spend identifying organizations targeting them and so on but what I want
you to do now is I want you to go nuts I want you to go absolutely crazy and make
your primary focus no matter who you are concentrate concentrate on targeting
organizations if you do not know how to put a target company list together back
in January so ten eleven months ago I did a live office hours on how to create
a target company list for your job search so we’ll need to go and I want
you to identify organizations it’s gonna be part of the challenge I’m not giving
this away but I want you to focus more on that now you might say well Annie
geez you know you tell us to do that all the time I do but I want you to do it
excessively now and the bigger point I want to make on this is Part B which is
I need you in in spirit of what I mentioned about being open to the new
jobs is I need you to adjust your covers I need you to adjust your cover letters
your emails your introductions about yourself
your elevator pitches you name it I need you to adjust them so let’s go let’s
step back a little bit and I’ll tell you exactly what I mean if you’ve been
following me I know some of you come here every week and I know some of you
watch my videos and I’ve a number of them uncover letters I’ve
got several different cover letters that I recommend for different occasions if
you are not familiar with them there’s a whole cover letter playlist go knock
your socks off and in those cover letters there’s there’s typically one
point that is a common thread among all of them that is you need to hammer your
highlight you’re who you are at the core and where your area of expertise is and
usually I only want you focusing on one thing which is what you do the best or
what you did the best that was in relation to that organization and what
it is that they either need from a product and service support standpoint
or from a position standpoint one but this time of year here’s what I want you
to do because there are so many opportunities for you to actually get
plucked into a new role or be pulled into an organization because of your
secondary or tertiary skill you need to expand your cover letters to highlight
your versatility feel free to use that word in the cover letters versatile
range including and then list out the skills that you have so maybe it’s the
three skills not the one major skill that you have because what will happen
is people are gonna look at you and they want versatile resources in the
beginning of the year they’re not sure how things are gonna go they might want
to create those new positions they might hire you because you’re a great cultural
fit you got good foundational abilities and one of the skills or experiences you
have even though it’s not your primary one could be the reason that they pull
you into the organization or invite you in for the interview so that’s the
distraction so watch watch your cover letters the next thing is because I know
you are all putting my tactics in play in the interview so now you get the
interview what do you do there I need to look at my note card first okay I want
you to be on high alert I want you to ask I want you to ask about this so
here’s what I mean so the first thing is when you get into the interview when you
get into the interview and I know you’re you may be going in for a particular
position even if you’re going in just for a position you got the job
description hand I don’t care when you get in there I need you to be paying
attention to what it is they’re speaking about what their project goals are what
this particular person is going to do for the organization is gonna do for the
organization but I also want you to pay attention to see if you’re picking up on
things that they’re dropping where you have skills in these other areas that
you might be able to speak to the other thing that you can do is I want you to
ask them when it’s your time to ask questions say hey you know what I know
it’s the end of the year it’s the beginning of a new year I know a lot of
companies they’re actually they’re starting new projects they’re hiring
different types of of individuals they’re trying to come up with new and
creative positions is is is is this company is your company doing any of
that that may be the jobs aren’t out there yet or or you’re still trying to
craft them or are you doing anything differently ask them that ask them that
you will be wildly amazed at the stuff that they’ll tell you that you couldn’t
find on their website that you couldn’t find a job that was open that you that
perfectly fit you nicely wrapped and all so just ask them about that and you
might also hear them talk about something that is a fit for you that
they might not be ready to hire for yet and you might be in the middle of a
process for one thing that may or may not work out but if it doesn’t work out
there’s something I want you to do a little later but these are things I want
you to be paying extra special attention to things at the begin at the end of the
year because of their hiring for the new year and at the new year because they’re
hiring for the new year things are much more dynamic than they are the other ten
months of the year than the other ten months of the year so I want you to be
on high alert and I want you to make an explicit effort to ask for that to ask
for that alright I also I also want to go on to my next thing oh here’s another
one that I often tell you to do but I want you to do this like on steroids
like on steroids I want you to network like crazy I want you to network like
crazy now I’ve talked to you about networking
I’ve told you how important it is if you are a junior or younger resource or if
you are a senior or older resource and that you have a one-in more than a 1 in
or chance of finding your job through somebody you know if you earn less than
a hundred thousand or you’re under 50 and I’ve also talked to you about you
having about a one in two chance forty six percent if you are a an older worker
over fifty or or you earn more than a hundred thousand dollars and then I also
talked to you about targeting your networking in fact I’ve got a video
coming out in a couple of days on job search networking and then I want you to
do it in a targeted fashion that’s how I would normally teach it but for this
time of year I want you to go nuts I want you to call every person that you
know and the one different thing about this time of year that you don’t
have at your disposal at any other time of the year and truly at any other time
and I’m I’m talking about because of the cluster of holidays whether they’re
us-based holidays or everybody or whatever you celebrate I don’t care but
Thanksgiving all the holidays season the new year and so on all of that stuff
gives you a great excuse to reach out to anyone that you want now if you can do
it in a targeted fashion go ahead but you should be spending a tremendous
amount of time networking right now calling everybody you know and using the
holiday excuse if you need to so if you’ve been bad at networking and you
haven’t been keeping up with these people but you need to talk to them now
because they can help facilitate your job search I want you to call them and
say hey tis the season I’m reaching out to all my pals and my colleagues and I’m
trying to reconnect with people I know I’ve been bad at this but I want to
connect can we have dinner coffee cocktails ballgame I don’t care what you
do but use the excuse because it the excuse is there for you to use and that
way you don’t have to ask him for any just say hey listen I want to get
together I I’d love to talk with you then then when you do get together I
think there’s where I’ve taught you before about how to get them to help you
with your job search in in potentially connecting you with an opportunity but
this time what I want you to do in addition to that if it if it maybe is I
want you to gather intelligence I want you to ask them what are people
doing at your company what are they hiring for what area seems
to be hot have you heard of anything do you know of anything hey just want to
let you know I’m looking and all that good stuff but if you gather some
intelligence and you really get a feel for what’s going on out there
you will be amazed and who will connect you with whom for whatever so it’s ok
it’s ok to be a little bit more a little bit more aggressive hold on one second I
just want to okay there we go just wanted to make sure I saw something
beeping at me sorry like that okay so I just want to make sure that you’re doing
that it is okay to be more aggressive in the networking so this here again
detraction from what I normally teach you but if you could line up two people
a day for the rest of the year and for the first and second week of January go
do that go do that get on the phone with them I don’t care
what you’re doing make the time because if it’s important to you then make the
time the other thing is people are lazier around the holidays they’re
around they’re around they’re not working nearly as hard they take more
coffee breaks right they work half-days they go shopping go shopping with them
if you have to do whatever you have to do but but it’s there trust me
don’t assume people are not working don’t assume people are not around and
don’t assume people don’t want to talk to you okay so I want you to know why
you gonna alright number three number three there are two kinds of companies
this time of year yes just like that’s all year but they’re especially like
this now two types there are the pan occurs and there are the ones that are
overly patient rarely do you find a company who’s got it dialed in
appropriately so you tend to have companies that are in panic mode and
companies that are overly patient what do I mean by this okay
those that are panicking they need to hurry and find people before January
before January starts you know the kind where like if your butt isn’t in the
seat on January 2nd the project is already behind because somebody’s not
working the stuff okay and they’re so panicked because it’s well right now
that we’re recording this November 29th or whenever you’re watching this I don’t
know but they know that people are out on holiday
they know that the hiring officials aren’t always where they need them to be
anyway they’re starting to scramble then you have the other side of the coin
though these people are the ones that are patient they think well January
we’re gonna get lots of candidates and we’ll be able to take our time and
really vet them and come in with the perfect you know come in with the
perfect person which is actually wrong but that’s what they think I don’t care
what those companies do I just want you to be aware that basically those are the
kinds of behaviors that occur right now right now okay so what can you do well
the thing that’s most important for you is I want you to know which come which
type of company you’re dealing with which type of company you’re dealing
with are they a panikker and they’re in a hurry or are they patient and waiting
it out don’t assume that they would tell you that so because I don’t want you to
assume that what do I want you to do well I want you to ask them when and
what happens when and what happens how often do you ask a company when do you
want to make this hire by what’s the date what happens if you don’t have
somebody on that date what happens how many of you I don’t know raise your
hands yell at me in the chat how many of you
actually ask those questions when you go to interview when you go to interview
but I’ll tell you what how beautiful is this you’re in a screen with a recruiter
or an HR person or the email or whatever and you say hey I’m just curious what is
your target hire date perfectly acceptable question what happens if you
don’t have the person by that day so if they say well I need somebody to it’s
deliver tonight I need somebody to start on January 2nd otherwise the project’s
gonna fall behind Panicker Panicker well you know everybody’s out for the
holidays and so I’m the recruiter and I’m starting to get this in motion I’m
starting to build up the candidate pipeline so on it you know the recruiter
jargon and so on and you know we really expect interviews to really pick up
after the holidays after everybody gets back to work
patient okay so what are you what do you do all I want you to do is
either pick it up or slow it down based on which which type of company you’re
dealing with so if you’re in the panic er mode you’re dealing with a panic er
hey I’m around I’m available I’m ready to roll
I love you I’m willing to move now so if you would like me to be you know
accommodating and rearrange my schedule be happy to do that
where you press your communications or you send them more frequently than I
would normally advise you to do you get in there you got to get out in front of
everybody who’s being patient and all that good stuff if the organization is
being patient and they’re kind of pushing you off to the new year but you
need to roll now because right you need to pay for the holiday food then what I
need you to do is I need you to communicate with them and stay in touch
with them and make sure that you are to the extent that you can either just
staying in touch or if you are moving along with your interviewing processes
and you’ve got companies that are looking promising so you need to
communicate that back to the patient patient organisations hey just wanted to
check in let you know I’m on with so-and-so I’m gonna be going into a
final interview or whatever I just wanted a check to see if you wanted to
get engaged before the end of the year that kind of stuff so you just you can
kind of play and make the adjustments cuz I know a lot of you asked me every
week you ask me well how long should I wait to do this or how long should I
wait to follow up on the app or how long should I wait after the interview figure
out whether they’re a panicker or more patient or whatever you know we want to
call those people and so I want you to adjust I want you to adjust accordingly
all right so wait so those are I can’t even count all right those are the three
tips right so I want you to I want you to make sure make sure that you were you
were on high alert for those new opportunities new positions new types
new things you might not have heard of or whatever that’s number one number two
network like crazy use the holidays excuse and number three determine
whether there being a patient organization or a panicking organization
all right those are those three now I got a bonus for you because it’s the
holidays and we got it has the bonuses all right this one I’m calling my
January bonus January bonus are here’s the next thing I want you to do as you
go through the next you know six weeks of interviewing or whatever
is a bunch of things are gonna happen you’re either gonna get hired hopefully
yay all right so you know you’re gonna go through the process if you go through
the process so between now and let’s say the middle of January it’s like the next
six weeks give or take what I want you to do is if you get rejected rejected by
any of these organizations I want you to make sure that you follow up by the end
of January okay so what do I mean well I just got done saying that there’s those
employees out there that drag their feet they’re waiting to see if they got
promoted they’re waiting to collect their bonus whatever it might be okay so
those those those people that you’re competing with for these jobs
well those companies you’re interviewing what they have those people – so what
happens those people leave people vacate the company that you were interviewing
for now don’t assume that when that happens that the employer is just gonna
call you back it doesn’t mean they don’t love you it’s just a lot of times they
don’t think that way they’re always looking forward that’s just how
recruiters are but for you if you get rejected and you truly love the company
I want you to go check out if you have not already
I got a rejected video it’s called how to get the job after being rejected so
for any of these next weeks if you don’t get hired by an organization that you
really like I do not care what the reason is check that video out I give
you the exact language as your parting letter to them to go out with some class
I get dozens of emails every week from people who’ve watched that video who’ve
done that thing who’ve now gotten jobs because of that video it is my single
number one emailed about video so go check that out and then whenever that is
so between now and January 15 then at January 31st or really early in February
send them an email and say hey I know this didn’t work out but I really loved
organization I’d love to know if anything is have you hired somebody for
the position maybe maybe yes maybe no um has anything changed has anything new
come up or whatever trust me a ton happens between January 1st
in January 31st why because when you put a planet in place you’re planning
typically with history in mind then you start executing the plan and what
happens you realize you weren’t you didn’t plan correctly you need to make
adjustments people left you didn’t know they were gonna leave and all that good
stuff so that will give you another excuse to reach into the organization
you will be amazed at how much will have changed in 30 days in 30 days don’t
forget to do that don’t forget to do that
so part with I got you know the rejected it’s a combo cover letter thank you
email and and it’s very very it’s very very powerful all right so I mentioned a challenge
this challenge is 14 days the reason the challenge is 14 days is because my
lovely wife Linda turns 50 right during your live office hours next week which
means I’m not gonna be here because we’re gonna be on a beach somewhere in a
bar that she’s gonna drag me to with a bunch of her friends and my friends and
we’re in a good time so I’m gonna be back the following week and here’s what
I want to do here’s what I want to do so that I can get you in motion and
focusing on the right stuff that I not just believe but statistically has
proven to lead to success faster and is a lot more fun and is a lot more fun and
we’ll hopefully recondition you in the way in which you approach your search
I’ve got a three step challenge that we’re gonna do every day for the next 14
days and I’m not just gonna throw this at ya cuz I invite you to email me and
I’ll be clear about that in a second all right first thing that I want you to do
is in like when we get off this session is I want you to identify three
companies every single day for the next 14 days that’s 42 companies that you
could potentially work at so for all you job seekers out there three companies
per day I do not care if they have an opening that makes no differences and
nothing as and nothing to do with job openings find companies that you would
like to work for or you could reach research or think might be a good fit
for you based on the product or service they
offer or the types of positions they and people that they need whatever it might
be location whatever your criteria is three a day now a lot of you can get off
this session and go do that in an hour you could and I encourage you to do that
but I still would like you challenge wise to do three each day because
different stuff will happen as you do is you have a steady diet of this each day
you will start to uncover things that you would not if you sat for an hour in
banged out 42 companies so three companies a day for a two companies
fourteen days all right next thing is at those three companies that you
identified can you find one person that you can contact potentially it could be
the hiring official it could be the recruiter it could be the HR person it
could be the janitor it could be the executive assistant it could be the
chief operation I don’t care who it is in the organization somebody that you
could find at least one person doesn’t have to be just one person but at least
one person and put them on a list that’s three companies one person four cup per
company so that’s three people per day that’s the minimum that’s the minimum
then each day I want you to take one step just one step is that song like
just one step okay just one step to move yourself toward working at that company
through that person that you identified so it could be contacting that person
directly sending them an email opening up a relationship I’ve got a boss
hunting cover letter that I’ll throw up in the card or wherever when this is
recorded it could be contacting them directly it could be submitting your
resume to them it could be sending them an email it could be emailing a friend
to contact that person or get an introduction hey I see you know
something you know Suzy over at company XYZ that counts taking one step so one
step toward getting to that person and then you have to get that person to get
you in and all that good stuff okay so that’s that’s the challenge now if
you do if you do the challenge if you do the challenge here you go I think you
you know you guys are all mathematicians that’s 42 companies it’s 42 individuals
and it’s 42 steps those steps could be emails phone calls texts tweets fax I
don’t care what you do but something that moves you to reach to that to reach
out to that person to put it in motion to get you into that company every
single day now I have two other things on this the applicant tracking system
submission does not count zero points okay put in your resume into an
applicant tracking system does not count zero except the only exception is hey I
found a company hey I found a person hey I emailed the person the person said hey
thanks that’s great can you put your resume in the applicant race isn’t that
already counted so but applicant tracking systems count zero and then
here’s what I invite you to do here’s what I invite you to do anytime between
now and December 13th I want you to email me at support at mile walk comm
just email me and tell me what’s going on
tell me what’s happening tell me what you’re struggling with tell me what your
killing what’s your nailing what’s working what’s happening all those
interviews you’re getting all that good stuff
because what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take that stuff and then I’m gonna look
at it and then I’m gonna address it next or a week from Thursday so on December
13th when I come back welcome back to you then we’ll go we’ll go through it
and I’ll you know we’ll I’ll call out whatever you know whatever the issues
were and then I’ll give you more tips and tricks but I want to I want to pair
this together because I don’t want to just throw a challenge at ya not be here
for ya know who does that okay so so that’s that’s the challenge
that’s the challenge now where am I now okay I wanna I got stuff for you okay I
got stuff for you let me see wait this I had a list cuz there was so much okay on
Tuesday I think I mentioned this I got a video coming up on networking so that’s
Tuesday it’s one of those recorded fashion ones it is about targeting your
networking all that good stuff but I want you to keep this content
mind as you network Sabean be on the lookout for that
I’ve got a free live event coming up Kara could you put this in the it’s in
the description but can you put it in the in the in the chat I’ve got a free
live one time no replay event on December 14th at noon Eastern it is job
searching for executives as well as professionals over 50 now you don’t have
to be an executive and you don’t have to be over 50 to come but it’s gonna be
some really really neat stuff and for those of you that have seen my resume
writing class it’s kind of like that I’m gonna give you some emails in advance
with some lessons you got a register by December 10th so I
don’t know when you’re watching this if well if you’re here with me live you
know you know what day it is but we might be past the deadline but either
which way I’ve got that free it’s free it’s live I’m there with you it’s gonna
be a ton of fun I got some really cool cool cool slick stuff all right I also
want to let you know if you haven’t grabbed interview intervention this is
the heart book is free and the ebook in the audio book and my other ebook how to
interview the employer 75 great questions to ask before you take any job
all that’s free I shipped this anywhere in the world for seven dollars shipping
and handling if you haven’t I grabbed it please do and and I got a couple of neat
assessments and checklists I’m actually in a demo one right now for those of you
who are on my email list I love Michael Hyatt I’ve been with him
for years I’ve taken a ton of his training and I enroll in best year ever
every year there’s like 50 are running and so I’m introducing some of his free
tools to my community between now and like the middle of December he’s got a
life score assessment is a neat tool where you take it it’s a couple of like
ten questions different areas of your life takes about five minutes gives you
score gives you a video and then over the next couple of weeks um he’s got a
video series that’s free and a weapon in webinars free I attend all this stuff
but I love I’ve been using it it’s free I’m
bringing it out to you if you got the email from me yesterday check it out you
can you can sign up for his free video series and probably you know like I do
email you every couple days with with a video that’ll that’ll happen it’s
awesome and I’ll help you with your entire life all the major facets that
are typically important to people one other thing is I don’t know last year
and by the way I’m gonna show you the inside of this here in a minute if you
have not seen this this is my 10 by 10 job search formula these are the 10 most
important areas for job searching so wait I’m gonna I’m gonna show you this
here in a second and what’s inside it this is free I put it in the description
I want you to check it out this is okay so so here’s the here it is this is the
oh there it is there’s a little bit about me so you can have some links to
the things that I think will be important now in the spirit of being
able to assess yourself I lied ‘add the 10 most important areas
that I think everybody needs to focus on when their job searching the self
assessment and then I give you some some guidelines here you can rate yourself in
all you know in all hands there you go and all that good stuff and then it just
goes through investigation marketing yourself pitching searching networking
preparing interviewing continuing negotiating and so on and then you add
them up and I give you some some guidelines but wait a Toli I don’t just
leave you there ok so then then there’s a grid in the back of this thing that
highlights each of the areas the biggest mistakes that people make related to
them and then what the pro tip is that you should do instead so I give you this
whole thing and you know it’s a neat checklist it will help you immediately
diagnose the problem areas in your search this is it’s a great giveaway at
the back there’s some other things that we you know that we have but basically
you can check that out now one other thing I want to show you guys
this is not a sales pitch because I don’t have a I certainly don’t have
anything to offer you here but I want I want to show you something about my job
search bootcamp that I just want to make you aware of because if you enjoyed some
of the stuff that I just mentioned to you then what I want you to see is I’m
not gonna read the page to you my bootcamp if for those of you that are
not familiar it’s my signature course it covers everything it is the best deal in
town but I want to make you guys aware of this that we’ve got some extra things
in the bootcamp that if you are if you are loving this and you were interested
I want you to know this is coming up and I also want to show you something else
and for those of you that are boot campers that are actually here I want
you to see this now you know we did a resume session a couple of weeks ago I
covered every single scenario that I could think of that had exceptions to it
so you know things like unusual titles corporate acquisitions contracting
stay-at-home parents employment gaps and so on but what I wanted to show you here
is if you are loving this I’m doing a whole session on the 19th in my boot
camp it’s a private session in my boot camp where I’m diving deep on a lot of
the stuff that I talked with you about today so if you are interested in the
boot camp I invite you to email me at support at mile walk comm and I will
give you a little discount on the program for the base package but wait
but here’s one other thing that I want you guys to see that I’ve never shown
you and the only reason you’ve never seen it is because we just put it up the
other day so I know the boot camp is gonna help you find your dream job but I
have built a course that that I’m giving to all my boot campers because after you
get that job I want you to crush it so I built this $400 career accelerator it’s
just like the boot camp it’s five sessions and we go into your first 90
days we go into the twelve steps that you need to do
immediately like when you start your job like the day you walk in the office on
day one what do you do to make sure that you get promoted within that first year
what are the twelve steps that you need to do and how do you need to plan for
that I take you through my excellence planning well this one here is the idea
generation key to success what are the projects you should be working on and
then I take you through all my organizational stuff so all my tactics
everything master lists Quarterly’s monthlies weekly breakdowns how to
prioritize how to know what to work on every single day all that good stuff and
then the performance review and everything you need to collect and
prepare and reflect on and how to make your argument so all you bootcampers
we got the December 19th session coming up and then these are the jams so the
bootcamp is gonna be done live in January so if you if you are interested
in enrolling then what you can do is you can get right in everything’s already
recorded for you all that all the modules are already done and then I’m
gonna do the career accelerator with your life in February so you’re gonna
see me 10 times January in February and that’s just within the context of this
one program if you’re interested in it let me know it’s totally totally fun
totally totally cool and you have my undying love for ever and ever and we
make sure you get to where you want to go okay so that’s it
that’s all I had today 43 all right if you’re loving this click the like button
share it and all that good stuff let’s go to the QA and but I just I wanted you
to know that this really a lot of fun we’ve been working a lot of hard on
bringing you guys a lot of value on the free side and on the paid side and I
know some of you you know you always like to see kind of what’s inside these
programs but this is gonna be a really really ton of fun so same way if you’re
watching this on recording I’ll see you next week actually I’ll see you Tuesday
and video for everybody else let me go to the chat how we doing here 172 people
love it love it love it love it alright hope everybody’s having fun that was a
ton of fun for me I got a lot of time for you guys
all right Connie how are you Rachel’s Connie’s Rachel and Gino all three boot
campers Gino is our newest maybe well one of our newest boot campers I don’t
know if you were the last one in but you were you were recent and great to have
you great to have you and glad you’re having your coffee all right let’s see
what do we got Rachel it’s got a question counts 800 Rachel just right
right in the chat and in Rachel you’re a boot camper you have access to me 24/7
or sent in the system but either which way and I will be happy to answer it if
I come across it here Gino great to have you can we all give
Gino a big hug not only is he a first time live office hour
he’s a boot camper which we love Mike Morgan how are you appreciate we
appreciate you more we can accurately Express thank you for that please keep
on lifting you got it I’m not going anywhere if you guys ain’t sick of me
yet I’m gonna try to make you sick of me in in 2019 because man I am gonna be I’m
and I’m gonna be live so much you guys are gonna love it all right or hate it
let me see ya can break it up Ingrid how are youse a boot camp or Dan Morris boot
camp or ar how are you Danny’s a boot camper Monisha how you doing Julio is a
booking souza boot campers look at that Lisa’s a boot camper Sheree’s a boot
camp for Shane’s a boot camper Mae how are you may get in the boot camp two
shells a boot camper how are you just great to see you one o’clock in the
morning yes m-my sure how are you from one in case of boot camp or hey K
Claudia wellness at boot camp oh man you guys Amy Dee’s a first-timer
Amy I love your comments on my youtube channel thank you for those you lift my
spirits I’m glad I lift yours all right Stacy K how are you all right ooh let’s
see I love you guys are chitty-chat in here let me see all right welcome
welcome welcome Peter how are you boot camper hey buddy got your by the way by
the way the Michael Hyatt assessment thing
and for those of you that are AMA I know a lot of you’re on my email list and I
sent you that on Wednesday and I invited you to take it and email me everybody
who emailed me yesterday Wednesday when I sent it out I’ve emailed you back with
either tactics help or pat on the back support or whatever you need but it’s
great for me to know as your coach I love that you you know whether you’re in
the paid programs or you’re just in the in the free community I invite you to
take that life score and send it to me because we’re trying to work this in and
you were gonna get a lot more from me in 2019 on leadership organization life
stuff a lot of free stuff and a lot and a subscription that’s gonna have
leadership coaching so everything that goes along with that I’d love to hear it
I’d love your feedback and love to know if you enjoyed it
so I appreciate you know you engage in more Franklin I got your email hang in
there Mike Morgan I’m new but have a cold so no hugs alright but Mike well
we’ll give you it will give you the virtual hug the fist bump Denise how are
you alright Rachel here we go I received the interview invert invitation from one
of the target companies awesome although this is an internship okay I think it’s
a great opportunity to adjust yes Rachel I’m not sure okay wait I see it so by
the way for those of you who do not know Rachel she is in Korea and move into
Germany and if we have any German friends out there that can connect up
with Rachel and help her with the German culture that would be great we do that
in the mile walk Academy Facebook groups they’ve been supportive but the more
help the better I just want to get confirmation and advice would it look
okay in my resume later on after ten years of relevant work and then doing
volunteer work yes folks so think about think of it this way if you are making
any kind of wholesale change and I’ll give you some examples of what I mean
and Rach and Rachel this is this is actually Kara can you do me a favor can
we add this to the content list maybe we put a video or a live off
sours on this about when we make changes and and you know what are those good you
know good ways to make them how to prepare for them and how to do them and
then how to explain them I think that would be a great live office hours I
know a lot of you go through this we’ve got people who want to make career
changes we have people who want to make location changes like Rachel
we’ve got people career changes location changes we’ve got stay-at-home parents
we’ve got people who want to go travel the world we have people who simply have
to take care of their elderly parents or their children so we got you got tons of
things that people do that take you out of the workforce or or make you make a
change to something I love all of that and actually I encourage all of you to
do that if you want to you know I I don’t I don’t like the expression life
is short life isn’t short if you know we just if you don’t you know if you spend
it doing the wrong stuff it’s short but if you spend it doing stuff you love and
and things you want to focus on life can be very long and fulfilling in a great
way so Rachel you want to make the move I would make the move and I would do
anything I repeat anything that you can afford to do to move from where you are
to where you want to be geographically and any employer will understand
perfectly that it was important for me to relocate because whatever that reason
is family friends adventure I don’t care what it is it was important for me to
relocate because and the best way for me to do that at the time was to take this
position and it got me to the country and it got me great skills and insight
and so on that’s all you can package that up beautifully beautifully and I
can add as a boot camp rack and help me do that but but that is totally ok
that’s your story that’s the explanation and you’re a high flying you know
finance exec right I mean we worked on that resume it looks great so the fact
that you want to move it that’s easily explained and my guess is and trust me
when you get there it will be easier to find a job if
want to make another shift and if you are volunteering and you’ve been
volunteering for a month and you get into your job search full force that’s
totally okay that’s totally okay if somebody says what are you doing now and
you say well I’m volunteering and Here I am because it was important for me and I
felt to give myself a better advantage was to get into the country and look
while I’m here it to make it easier that that to me is your story that’s your
story I would 100% do it do it I have the confidence to go do it all right
Rick how are you it’s another boot camper Tony be your
new welcome a lot of new people you gotta have new people right watch all
your videos oh my I am in prep thank you for that thank you for that there’s a
lot of though there’s a hundred in like fifty videos on the YouTube show there’s
something like that I got a spreadsheet of all of them I
don’t know how you made it through all of them but god bless you
Jess how are you thank you for the tree I had nothing
hold on I had nothing to do with putting up that tree in my office my wife is
like a little mechanism a little tree put nut machine and I don’t think she
really wants me anywhere she just wants me to kind of sit in the corner you know
talk to her okay no we actually we do do a lot of stuff together but putting up
trees is not one of them all right let a me glad you like it Cecelia how are you
another boot camber Amy do you love the shirt thank you my actually no one shops
for me but my wife bought me this shirt – Jason Gary Gared how are you buddy
hope the new job is going well by the way Jason I I dropped your signed book
in the mail the other day Monday anything it was folks yet when you’re
when you’re in the boot camp you you get a free interview intervention book that
comes from the warehouse but lots of times people already bought buy that
book or pay the $7 shipping handling so then I send them another one and that’s
what it did and you and actually Dan Morris you’re here – I signed yours and
a bunch of others all right Dorian how are you
she’s our you Timothy branch hey how you doing buddy
candolyn hey blitz good to see you Carl Larsson hey we missed you at the
leadership thing man okay wait Rachel it isn’t that I would greatly appreciate if
you could quickly remind me of your ace interview prep tips I pray for the day
coming sooner Rachel I’m not sure what you mean you do have the interview
intervention book and you do have the ace your job interview eBook in your in
your bootcamp in session for all right Joshua how are you Wilma
okay wait the mugs I’m working on my lock Academy mugs all in due time all in
due time that’s probably gonna be in 2019 early in the year thing for the
boot campers I’m doing all the whole swag thing you know I think I’m gonna
build my own planner and write another book I got all kinds of projects going
on alright Keith how are you thank you boot camper good to see you Karen’s
journey how are you Steve Smith how are you another boot camp or hey oh hey this
is going okay Steve Smith I think I’m gonna I think I’m gonna I think I’m
gonna like this one we get this one a lot all right Steve’s asking I am
getting a number of inquiries for short term like three months temporary
positions obviously want more long-term permanent are they worth entertaining
Steve great question everybody here’s my advice it will never change this will
never change I will give you the same advice all the time as it relates to
contract work this is incredibly popular for people that are more tenured that
are more senior that have more experience that are more expensive and
what a lot of times what organizations are do and by the way contractors will
never go out of style okay so if you are a contractor knock
your socks off there will always be organizations who want to hire
consultants and contractors if you are a more tenured worker like Steve is and
you are on in the job search and you’re looking for your full-time
assignment are you full-time employment but you are running into a situation
where organizations want to offer you a temporary assignment I say if you like
the organization meaning you know if you like that job and you like that company
I would take it if if you you if you like the organization and if you feel
you know I mean compensation and and putting food on table is always a factor
but if you take that assignment which I do recommend that you entertain if you
like it number one you want to make sure that you you know you are clear with
them upfront hey is this an is there an opportunity to become a full-time
employee after 90 days or three months or whatever it is if so what do I need
to do in order to be converted get your success metrics I just got that we just
got not talking about that upfront get that and then you want to make sure that
your weekly or at least some you know semi-monthly interacting with your boss
and to see how you’re coming along get the feedback and so forth to work toward
that then what I would do while I was doing my three-month assignment is I
would be full-on job searching and because when you’re searching when you
are at least in a contract you have more leverage than when you’re unemployed so
go ahead continue to search hopefully you’ll you know if something
surfaces then what I would do in an if it comes to fruition then I would go
back to the company your country to it say hey I actually have an opportunity
and then you do want a couple things I like working with you is there an
opportunity you can convert me otherwise I’m gonna take this thing you don’t even
say that but you don’t I mean not in a defensive way but you say hey look I
would love to work here but you know I got to do what’s right for me everybody
L understand that here’s my two-week notice or whatever and you’re out and
you’re out and then you go to the other one so I love it I I say do it and and
especially for you you know what I mean get you know get when you do three-month
assignments it’s the best interview an employer can have you’re gonna meet more
P ball you’re working I’m assuming in your
space and you’re doing your stuff which is right is gonna is gonna keep you
engaged you know it’ll shrink whatever gap you have on your on your resume and
every employer in the world knows that this happens now it’s becoming more and
more popular because the the more senior people are more expensive so to try you
out on a three-month assignment or to kind of spot hire for projects companies
are cool with that they’re gonna continue to do it they will continue to
do it so in something that they’re gonna look at your resume and think okay well
that’s what you did that’s why I did what I had to do I totally I would do it
I would hesitate as long as you like it hey Davina how are you another boot
campers new su is a boot camper and snow in the ground supposed to be 72
I know sue I know we got a foot of snow by our house Sunday and then we had
another handful of inches last night hmm all right May if you started a new job
how early or long should you have worked there in order to update it on your
LinkedIn profile without giving the wrong impression to your new employer it
you start a new job may you can put it on your LinkedIn profile the minute you
start no problem no problem I that’s totally okay totally okay don’t worry
that’s what I would assume you would do that’s the new job you got a new job mark how are you Wow and Annie has a
really clear image today you know what you guys would not believe this the
lights okay so so you okay that’s the front of my office you normally see the
back of my office and you never see the sytem right the side of my office with
all the with all the books the light is literally like I could reach out these
huge big box lights they’re like I don’t know like a foot on the other side of me
when I sit the other way because there’s not as much light there the lights are
further back so I had to get them I had to get him real quick clothes we just
start seeing me sweating here in a minute
oh yeah thanks Daniel Gomez Florida we’re coming to Florida buddy not too
far from Orlando for my wife’s birthday coming to coming into Clearwater all
right good morning but but err I think that’s how you say it Keith how are you
I’m playing for a job online for each position in my career history it asks
for ad requires the following words go Oh Keith where are ya can’t find the
rest man all right I’ll keep looking for it Keith
by the way if I don’t get to that today either dump it on the recording here or
put it in the put it in the bootcamp Michelle Middleton how are you a beloved
boot camper I think you might have been in the first boot camp ever we just did
boot camp 6 we’re coming up on boot camp 7 all right Elena how are you
Barcelona I love it Gino Cypress California hope hopefully you’re not
near the fires buddy nice w-wait is that Patti I think that is Rory zombie review
how you doing Adam how are you Yemen Joshua great to have you blitz
nice match I know right like like check that out I couldn’t how weird is that
oh thank you I’m serious man I’m gonna like try to
try to match my coffee mug I I don’t know how far I’m gonna get with that all
right greetings from Athens Georgia blitz cool
bring the matching coffee mug I love it Nina good to have you all right May here
we go okay so wait May’s got a great one here after getting hired what does it
mean when a company gives you a little more than you made from your previous
job when you didn’t ask for an increase was i underpaid may great question
so actually I I would like this is so rich this question I want to I want to
bring it back a little bit like like I like I like to do because I want to you
know because that’s somewhat of a yes or no question and obviously I can’t answer
yes no because they don’t understand all the
circumstances but let me share some some things we have this everybody has this
notion that you know if I change jobs not saying I don’t wanna make a blanket
statement I just want in general roll with me on
this you you get my drift most people think hey if I’m gonna make a change if
if I’m employed and I make a change you know I’d like to have a pay increase cuz
that’s just what happens and there’s there’s pain and changing and it really
is no reason if I should change you know if you’re money motivated or whatever
and then there’s other people say well I’m gonna unemployed
I would be happy to make something near what I was making some people think well
I’m underpaid should I I want to leave for a big pink
pay increase I almost want to have all of you completely wipe your mind of that
that there is no such thing as market pay there is no such thing as you should
make this there really isn’t I know we talked about it and it becomes common to
discuss this or employers use this crap it’s just not true an employer
determines whoever that employer is what it is that they want to pay you based on
the value that they think you’re gonna bring what you can bring to the table
and in in many cases what they can afford what they can afford now I know
people who have tripled their pay by just moving I know people who’ve taken
pay cuts I know people who’ve gotten more or less the same amount there’s
many different things that go into comp and it’s nice to your salary it could be
your bonuses it could be your vacation time your benefits stock restricted
stock incentive stack all that good stuff so there’s many different forms
the fact that somebody gave you a pay increase is what is wonderful and that
doesn’t mean you were being underpaid and it doesn’t mean that this company is
over paying you this company could be theoretically paying you less than it
might have paid you so there’s III don’t have a definitive answer where you
underpaid or are you not I don’t know what you’re doing
but you were earning I don’t know what country you know that this was in and
all that good stuff the point I’m trying to make to everybody is you place value
on what you think you’re worth however you demonstrate that value in interviews
with employers the better you interview them and the more they like you the more
they’re gonna pay the more you like them the less you’re willing to take because
you want to work there and and you might have some other factors no one can tell
you what you should earn or what you should expect or any of that stuff and a
lot of times what I see is the is the biggest issue is that
people are worth more than they they they are worth more compensation but do
not interview to their potential at the time they have to make that impression
to put that on the employer and a lot of times people come to me and say well I I
got a I got an offer but I think I’m worth more in my typical response not in
a snarky kind of way is but will probably happen is you you just didn’t
demonstrate that or you just didn’t you didn’t convince them of that or you
didn’t hold your ground or whatever there’s many things that you could have
done and I actually I have a I want to leave leave you off with this may I do
have and and you know what if you if you’ve just got a new job it might you
know but tuck this away for later I’ve got a video out there titled why you
don’t get paid what you deserve I’ve got another one about the steps to
take to get paid what you’re worth and and they’re there they’re good they take
you through the interviewing process and and where you where you gain points
where you lose points and and all that good stuff but it doesn’t it doesn’t
necessarily mean that so you have you have to know that it’s just there’s no
hard and fast rules so I hope to help Marco first time maybe a lot of
first-timers here love it a cash great to see Brooks X bootcamp or love it
thank you for emailing me your results I love that alright and your and your
resume I think that was you – Robert Tatum great to see you
Robin is it week applying for a job in a country I have not visited before but
only researched I would not call it week I’d call you adventurous
would if I was your coach if I was like sitting down with you one-on-one the
first thing that I would tell you to do is write out a list to all your
requirements and all the things that drive your happiness and all that good
stuff and then because you want to move to a new country what are all the things
that you need in in your living meaning your your geography and the things that
you you know do you want to quiet do you like it busy do you like quick access to
places and all that good stuff and then I would try to match up you know whether
you know your requirements match up to the country that you’re targeting that’s
just just good research so that’s what I would do I I don’t have commentary on if
it’s weak or strong or any of that but what I would do Robin is I would make
sure that you identify what makes you happy you know around your life around
your you know right we bought this house a year ago we had to have requirements
of what we needed based on what was gonna make us happy it’s no different if
you’re going to a country I mean and it’s also really no different in the
relationship or anything like that all right Kevin how are you South Africa
would like to know the best way to get a job from Canada
I’m Baker who has 15 years of experience when I’m applying online for jobs they
don’t reply so I would not sure what the rest where the rest of that oh I’d like
to know how to get to Canada I don’t know how to answer that I do I do have a
video about how to get a job out of state and it doesn’t matter it could be
out of country or whatever I just have to title the video some which way but
there’s nine tactics I would refer you to that and I would check that out I
would check that out and that goes for any country in any state in the US in
any country in the world in the world that’s what I would do I would have the
same approach you know it’s what I advise Rachel to do trying to move from
Korea to Germany same same thing same thing alright if you guys are loving
this click the like button share it let me know by the way I’m gonna keep I’m
gonna keep rolling here for a little while
we’re gonna go another 22 minutes or whatever but what I want I want to say
this just in case I don’t get to the questions if ever if you’re ever at a
live office hours and I don’t get to your question YouTube records this and
then I leave it up and then there’s a you know you see the thumbnail or
whatever and then the post sits and you just go in the comments and drop your
comment in there and then what happens is because I do this on Thursdays
usually then on the weekend I try to catch up on those comments and I try to
be responsive you got the best chance of getting responses from me
the sooner after I shoot the video or the live stream or whatever and when
it’s released cuz then you know because we’re engaged and I want to make sure
you’re you know if you’re watching right away that I get to you right away
just just tuck that away all right okay a Deb all right how can I show employers
that I’m perfectly fit to the announced position and how to make them seek to
hire me okay so a couple things I want a Deb I want to I just I’m actually to
respond to you I’m gonna refer you to a couple or three different spots one of
them is I actually it’s a kind of a two-prong or the tell me about yourself
question and the walk me through your resume I have videos for each of those
they’re very popular videos check those out that’ll help you with the openers if
they do ask you to do that I also have a video and oh goodness I know I’m gonna
probably butcher this maybe Cara can drop it in the in the in the chat Cara
will see how if Cara’s on our toes I have a video out there it was a live
office hours that I did early in the year about how to spin the job
description you know how to leverage the job description to get hired I probably
had some catchy title to it but it’s about the job description how to use the
job description to get hired something like that if you if you search my
youtube channel for the titles for job description it will come
up and that’s how I would answer the question and map your skills to the job
description it’s a very very prescriptive video okay it’s like it’s
like one of these where I really get into it for like 20 or 30 minutes and I
show you how to take that JD and and and knock it out and knock it out but that’s
what I would do our t how are you hey man I got your email I I’m gonna be
catching up on emails this weekend and we will get you set up Marco how you
doing I’m in the process and have already had two interviews awesome I
have been told that there is a third interview of the panel okay it’s kind of
normal and present my ideas for the position in a 10 minute presentation yes
Marco awesome okay so first thing is when you are gonna go and have a panel
interview I have a video out there for how to ace the panel interview so check
that out okay that’s the first thing that’s gonna help you with the mechanics
of the interview how to interview effectively the engagement stuff how to
how to work the room and everything how to ace the pen it’s something like that
how to nail the panel interview or whatever I called it panel interview so
I didn’t call a group interview I called it panel and we just like you did the
second thing is when you have a presentation obviously you want the
presentation I don’t know what the presentation is about but here’s some
general things that go over well whatever it is you want to work it from
strategy down a design down to the tactics down to the plan okay so what
are the what’s the overarching business issue what is it that how does it fit in
what you’re presenting into the overall solution of what they need strategy or
what they are trying to implement in a solution that they need and then how
would you do it what and how okay when you create that presentation you always
need to assume something’s gonna go wrong like if it’s on a projector
if you like a scream like my TV screen here or
whatever or a computer screen or whatever they’re gonna video screen or
whatever assume it’ll break you want to make sure you have hard copies of
everything how many people are gonna be in the room hard copies of everything if
somebody is not gonna be geographically located with you it might be a good idea
to email them the presentation or make sure it is circulated they actually say
that consciously say that you will look like a genius if something breaks and
you have the paper or you have the whatever and the more engaging that you
can make it if you talk for 10 minutes and then they don’t say anything along
the way those are usually not as great they’re certainly not as fun but if you
can somehow make it interactive or or if you can’t if you can’t figure out a way
to make it interactive which you can always do in your in your speech and
your in your presentation is engage them in some way and have them confirm
something that you assumed so by that I mean so I you know I made the assumption
panel that we were gonna do this this way so then I’m gonna do this this way
because of that is that correct just some way to break up and make it a
little bit more interactive that’s it the easiest trick in the book to get
somebody to speak up and even if they don’t speak but they nod you at least
got some form of feedback from them that hey you’re on the right track those are
things that I think are just really easy to put in there doesn’t take a lot to do
that and but you know that’s the way I would go about it and without knowing
the content you know if you if I knew the exact content of what you had to
present I can tell you exactly what what the pitch but but that’s why that’s how
I would do that I hope that helped Keith how are you all right keith is asking me
online ant requires company address telephone numbers start and end date
okay starting and ending salary manager and telephone number can we contact want
them to contact to prior managers not most recent to recommendation
um yeah just say yes or no now I’m not being funny first off first off
okay I’m gonna go on a total opinion rant here
Dickie this has nothing to do with you I love you I mean it said nothing to you
I cannot stand folks when companies wanna call past employers I just I can’t
stand that because let me tell you why I know that may sound ridiculous but you
know what for umpteen reasons you might not have got along with them those
people might be morons right who knows who knows what happened so I would
rather take you through a thorough interviewing process and assess for
myself based on my evaluation of you and if I really want I could ask for some
references and I know you’re only gonna give good references and Keith said you
know he’s only you only wants them to contact certain managers and not others
but I just don’t think it’s fair to you to just ask them for your prior boss and
it’s especially if you’re if you’re actually still working at a company then
then they should not be contacting that company until it’s all sewn up if at all
so I don’t have a problem with you saying no I you can’t contact those
people I I’ve lost touch with them I don’t know where they are you know I
don’t care what you say Keith I would not be overly concerned by that what
most of them will do what most companies will do like 95 percent is you know
first off that’s a lot most companies don’t even ask it for that level of
detail like with past supervisors and so on most of them don’t
some of them do obviously but they’ll ask you for references and just if they
say why can’t we contact these other managers say well I had lost touch with
them you know it’s been you know I don’t know I’m just not in touch with them so
that’s that’s I don’t think you need to get into an explanation a big
explanation there I also question companies who do that stuff right I mean
you know come on means 2018 or 2019 aren’t we all adults here all right nice
dubby is 75 hiring manager ass me how I’d rate position from one to ten let me hang me okay wait let me see if I
gonna make sense of this I think it’s Patti right I think a hiring manager
asked me how I’d rate the position from one to ten I don’t know what that
actually means meaning like in your strengths and how you align I told him
it’s impossible at the moment due to unknown variables that’s right I don’t
work there yet I’m a finalist with another candidate did I answer his
question wisely so so here’s what I would do if if somebody asks me to rate
a you know a one to ten I need to understand what the criteria is so
you’re gonna have to explain to me before I give you a number
what’s a ten what’s a seven what’s a four and what’s a one okay so give me
that give me them give me the guidelines so what are the parameters and and and
then as you’re giving me those then I will ask you for more information and I
will make my assessment based on that and that’s all and and you know what
honestly here again I think it’s a stupid quest is not your fault I think
it’s a stupid question because you don’t have information it’s a totally
uneducated answer and how do you know you might you might undercut yourself or
you might oversell yourself itself because you didn’t you didn’t know so I
would I would I would say okay I’m happy to answer that can you give me some
guidelines what’s the one once a for what’s a seven once a ten and will you
clear and then I’ll tell you but that’s that’s what I would do I probably so to
try to give you a better feedback here I I would there is no K there is nothing
like all of you there’s nothing wrong with asking a question in the wake of a
question if you are asking for clarification okay when people say well
you can’t answer a question with a question that’s the dumbest advice I’ve
ever heard you didn’t ask a question well if you say hey Andy how old you are
are you and I say no how old are you that’s answering a
question with a question if if I’m asking for clarification so I could give
you a proper answer that’s not answering a question with a question that’s asking
for clarification I mean technically it’s a question but I need the
information so I would always if any of you are in a situation where somebody
gives you a question and you’re not sure because you need more information just
say I’m happy to answer that can I can you give me some additional information
specifically this this and this and then I’ll answer it or would you like me to
take a wild guess in which case my answer is not really a
value I mean that’s what I feel like saying them I don’t know if that helps
you that’s that’s I feel and you know what and by the way I know you listen I
know you all and I love you for showing up here every week and I know you’re
searching for the right jobs but a big part of me sometimes wants to say if
you’re wandering about and it’s not just specific to you if you’re wondering
about this stuff here and you’re wondering about it in an interview then
what I would question you on is is that the kind of place you want to work is
that the kind of place you want to work if they’re not gonna give you a fair
shake and assess you properly during the interview that’s the way I look at that
that’s the way I look at them it’s kind of silly I I we used to do a lot of work
with technologists and we would have clients who would ask them can you rate
your level of expertise in this this this this this technology I don’t on a
scale from one to ten well I mean it’s kind of silly why don’t you ask me
questions engage my prowess based on my responses that would be a more effective
solicitation of information and evaluation of me to know whether I could
fit and do the job so that’s how I feel about that I you know I got my fingers
crossed for you but I just that’s kind of how I feel about it Ravin is my
resume week having five jobs over six years career in accounting and Taxation
each jobs are from six months to two and a half years well I I don’t know it is a
lot of jobs and the one thing that I would suggest Robin is I have a a video
on YouTube titled the best answer to the jab hopper interview question and I
would check that out and I think you can squash that in an interview by the way
folks and I’m not being funny here if there’s anything issue wise I’m a
stay-at-home parent I’m a vet I’m veteran I am a jet feel like I’m a job
hopper I’m too young I don’t have enough experience I’m I’m too old I’m over 50
and what if anything that you can think of that’s relevant to you to go type
that into the mile walk blog or my blog and rule Acevedo calm or my youtube
channel and I I practically guarantee something will come up that will help
you for your specific niche issue so try that all right a Deb what should I do to
get a new job which is not related to my last experience okay so I’m assuming you
mean you want a career change I have a career changing playlist on my youtube
channel I would highly recommend that I literally walk you through the steps of
what to do there’s a number of videos some are
recorded style some are live office style but I think that will really help
you and-and-and-and I even have some resume templates that I think you could
you know the collegiate one that you might be able to use if you want to make
the shift if an educational component is helping you move so check check check
that out pansy how are you race be the message
was attracted hopefully we got we got that figured out
divita how are you alright you got the word versatile I’m
telling you man I need you to adjust the cover letters just this eight weeks all
right mark let’s see I’m not sure if that’s a question Daniel gomez
questioned hiring manager called me to say that I would be getting an offer
soon awesome his verbal offer is significantly better than what I
expected should I counter when I receive official
package I love it so first off yay seriously buddy I know you’re here week
in and week out and a wonderful part of my community so I love that okay
can we all get a you know a hug and a clap and a pat on the back you know what
I boom boom fist bump whatever we do to daniel gomez alright so everybody here
we go Daniel and I say this with the warmest heart if this offer was better
than you expected it just meant your expectations were wrong right look I
think more people should buy my training programs than do I think more people
should watch my youtube videos then do that’s okay my expectations are whacked
right so so a lot of times what happens is it’s just that you know maybe you
perform better ah maybe maybe they valued more what you said then you
valued maybe you have a skill and expertise or just lovable quality about
you that is more enticing to them than other employers or whatever maybe you
just got bad information don’t worry about all that okay doesn’t matter
pleasant surprise should you counter now on the counter and I have I have a video
out there that I you know how to negotiate your salary after the job
offer I have a video out there on how to get paid what you’re worth I have a
video on there and why you don’t get paid what you deserve and all that stuff
okay I want to I want to I would go watch
that stuff but here’s what I would also say if you if the offer is not obscenely
generous okay like borderline insulting for you to ask for more money
I would counteroffer I would counter offer employers rarely come to the table
with their best offer rarely why because they anticipate you’re gonna counter
they do not want to be you know viewed as strict and you know unbending so they
give you an offer they assume you’re gonna counter okay this insider stuff
they assume you’re gonna counter and then they want to give you a little more
and then you’re feeling great but a lot of times what happens people don’t
counteroffer so ask them for more and my my little expression is as soon as you
get the offer you know when you get it in writing or actually you got the
verbal so what I would have said to you before you get the verbal is I would
have immediately asked is there any wiggle room I like that expression it’s
my expression out here anybody else use it it’s better than saying can I have
more right but you’re basically saying that but doesn’t sound like yet so so I
would ask to answer your question yes all of you always counter unless it’s
obscenely generous and way over-the-top that it would be insulting so that’s
what I would do and go check those videos out because I go into some of
this in there and and the one on how to negotiate your job your salary after
your job offer that one I think I give you like a one-page checklist and all
that good stuff okay Shawn Laroy how are you uh hi Amy what
are your thoughts on taking a jab locally while continuing to look out of
state no problem I mean if you’re Shawn if your goal is to move then you just
keep by the way all of you you know there’s there are so many factors that
go into your decisions that that drive your happiness make you who you are that
make you thrive and operate at your best if Shawn if you need to move somewhere
for whatever reason adventure a loved one family whatever whatever just taking
you there education and whatever that’s okay
and if you need to take a job locally to earn some money while looking I say do
that I say do that I don’t you know I don’t
get me wrong I I want you all thinking big picture I want you thinking
long-term but sometimes we need to do these short-term things for ourselves to
make it manageable so go ahead and do that I mean I don’t it based on I mean
the two lines that you gave me there I don’t see anything wrong with that I
don’t say so I would encourage you to do that all right all right
but ear let’s see hi Andy I was invited for a research interposition interview
okay I felt that the interview went well good and the HR person responded
positively great – my answers but sadly was rejected due to the commute
interesting what you did not put in there is what was the commute
what was the commute so are you talking like an hour and a half or two hours
each way are you talking like you live in this side of the earth and they’re
over on that side so it’s hard to say but whenever you have issues like this
that are if for you I’m assuming that you recognize the commute you went and
interviewed anyway it went positively then you got to go back and say well
what would make you more comfortable about the commute
could you move could you I don’t know what what I flexibility you have at your
disposal but I would I would I would never take that for an answer
I would I would go back and I would fight for it if I wanted it you know and
is there something that can be done we have people like I got a buddy he’s a
colleague he’s a client and I consider him a friend and he you know he lives
that way and he works an hour and a half that way and so he you know he said well
I just I leave super early going and coming back and I go in the office three
days a week and I work from home two days a week and it’s like there’s a lot
of things that can be overcome and that commute would be horrendous horrendous
in Chicago traffic awful all right John K never but I’ll be asking next time I
don’t know when that was 11 23 but I’m guessing you were asking about the what
when and what happens and all that folks do that do that all right
Geno I will now ask those questions that’s a G oh man we got a lot of stuff
for you get into that boot camp start at the beginning all right man is hopeful
Geno hopefully you got my personal by the way by the way all of you who are
not in my boot camp what I would love to follow you naboo camp but I understand I
understand there’s a price to it and all that stuff but I always send everybody
who joins the boot camp a personal email I invite them to share their life story
with me so I can be a better coach I try to make that stuff as personal and in
tight as possible I know a lot of trainers don’t don’t do that I I just I
feel like if you’re gonna join my programs then I need to make an effort
to get to know you and there’s a lot of people in that boot camp but you know
what it’s a nice family and a community and they all support each other and I
like to get to know people so I can give them better advice and Gino welcome and
get back to me whenever you can and I hope we see on the 19th
and in January all right um see our team ask when but I never thought about
asking what happens good cool hey Alexis I think I got I think that was you who
emailed me go Alexi let’s see race B how do you ask
for a paid internship so I’m not I’m not I’m not really sure how to respond to
that one usually they’re either paid or unpaid and so I don’t know about ask for
a paid internship meaning it’s either paid or it’s unpaid so either ask
upfront is this a paid or unpaid internship and usually that is wholly
visible to anybody who’s looking I mean anybody who’s evaluating it ah ah da
Ayda oh hey that’s a good one ADA so hi Andy do you have some good
advice to use this high season of company Christmas parties for networking
here is my general statement so I love that okay so if you can get there
without being like a Christmas party crasher I love that movie wedding
crashers but I when I’m at a party so there’s okay there’s networking
events we’re all you know you’re decked out you got the business cards you got
everything right and you’re you know that we know we’re there for that but at
a Christmas party I try to keep it social and I I just maybe that’s just me
and I hope this comes through in our sessions here but this is like really me
I want to get to know you and I would just assume him I mean I know I have to
do all the talk in here and I got the microphone but when I’m at a party I
want to listen and I want to I want to get your feedback and I want to learn
you and I want to know what makes you tick
what’s interesting to you and so on and I would use those kind of parties
whether they’re Christmas parties or just your end parties or whatever they
are to meet people and and and to build a relationship with them and to be
sincere so that you are that you like you
you genuinely care because you can always come back some weeks later and to
say hey I really enjoyed meeting you I’d love to connect for coffee or on the
phone or bend your ear about this or whatever
I just I’m always always in it for the long haul
I’m always in it for the long haul and while I appreciate that you might be
networking for a job and that’s a short-term issue I totally I recognize
that but a couple of weeks it’s worth in the meet and the follow-up I liked it
you know I’d pick would you mind if I reached out to you after the holidays
just there’s nothing wrong with that but I would not put the full-court press on
unless somebody invites you to at the party that belly might get that we might
and the other thing is by the way I have a I have a video on networking it’s
called business networking how to build professional relationships and the first
thing I tell you is in networking your first step is to give me your second
step is to give two before you do and ask so I would check that out but Aida
that’s my advice I would I would really try to build a
relationship and not ask and not haven’t asked so all right let’s see Jess I
think wait bill hey based on interviews bill hey bill by the way I think you’ve
emailed me a time or two it’s in my it’s in my queue I read them all uh I don’t
you guys know this okay I just got done saying about the boot
campers anybody any of you who sign up for anything in the mile walk Academy
and you take a download like this this thing you go and you take this download
you get an email that says here you go and then you get a welcome email if
you’re not already part of my community that says hey thank you for this for
engaging with me here’s like two paragraphs on me tell me about you
I literally invite you to tell me and some of you email me and some of you
don’t but every one of you who emails me I read those top to bottom and I can’t
spawned to everybody but I read them all and I think Bill I think you you sent me
one god I hope this is you but I’m pretty sure it is and then you sent me
another one to say hey I see you said you read all your emails I did but I
don’t not sure if I respond all meals well I usually do like to the really you
know to the nice emails that say hey this is great and all that good stuff I
try to get back to you but I can’t like right away it just takes me a little bit
of time so but yeah it’s if that’s you welcome aboard all right Jess how do you
know if the company is panic or patient for the interviews are completed
well first off they’re in there if you you need to ask them when do you need to
have the higher body what happens if it doesn’t and you’ll know it you’ll be
able to assess if that’s a real deadline trust me
nobody and I mean nobody wants to get behind on a project that’s just starting
they don’t they really don’t and that will tell you that will tell you believe
me it’s nothing is worse than starting in a hole you see just scrolling down here Jeff
how are you yeah my wife she’s I can’t believe she’s gonna be 50 just trying to
catch me Madison Joseph that’s right keep
spreadsheets pancy how are you see what genome Alex all right we’re starting to
get to some you know how are you what’s his name
I’m not sure I’m not sure who you responding to Jess I got your email
about your results it’s in my it’s in my queue if you guys sent it to me
yesterday I got back to you if you sent it to me today it’s still in the queue or hang on I’m just looking for any
Karen wait can i I want to comment on this this is this is actually this is
actually okay so Karen is sharing her score so Michael Hyatt so Michael Hyatt
is a he’s a former CEO of a publishing company one of the larger ones and some
years back and I think it was probably I don’t want it maybe 2004 he became he
left and became a like a like me like a coach and he focuses on a number of
things he has his kind of niche and one of them is leadership and some of it one
of them is publishing like help helping people like me build a platform as an
author and that kind of stuff I do a number of things with him and one of the
things that he he he is a free to focus program which I use and he also has a
best year ever program which I use about goal-setting and as part of his best
once a year he offers this best year ever program because he does it at the
end of the year that’s it stand of the year and that’s it and you never see it
again for a year and so right around now he has these assessments free
assessments webinars video series and those kind of things that lead up to his
his enrollment in his program they don’t have to enroll in this program but his
tools are very cool so I rarely rarely introduce anybody to you guys i i will
not introduce somebody whose products i do not use do not know well and all that
good stuff so if I say this is cool it means I believe I would never risk the
trust factor but Michael I love so he’s got this life score assessment it’s cool
it’s just you know it’s a way to show you accounting graphically the strengths
in the areas in your life but a lot of you emailed me your results because I
like to do these things together with you I like to make it interactive and I
like to know areas I can help you now for Karen even though you got a lower
score and you look at some of those areas in your life a lot of times what
happens for you Karen and anybody else who’s doing this is one
the big reasons why your your number tends to be low is very usually very
situational my finances aren’t in good shape because my vocation is out of
whack because I’m unemployed okay and that leads to lower it pulls your score
down or maybe you lost a loved one or maybe you’re having marital issues or
maybe you know whatever whatever are the biggies those can impact and I Karen I
don’t know what your issues are but I’m gonna help I’m gonna do my darndest to
help you I’m the vocational stuff and some of the other areas Michael’s got
you know the video series and the webinars that help you with some of the
other stuff that I I can’t help you with or at least aren’t built yet to do that
so I like to introduce that stuff to you and it’s it’s it’s fun to support him
and he’s really helped me I’ve helped him on his pre you actually you know
what a lot of you help me with the interview intervention with this guy
remember we you know back for those of you who’ve been with me a while we I had
a whole relaunch party of this I had like 250 people in a Facebook group that
was private that we were helping me circulate that I did that with him with
living forward and it was great and so I’ve really gotten to know him and his
stuff and it’s it’s really good but Karen I hope you follow through with
some of his other stuff the video series and the webinars I think it’ll really
help okay yeah defeat is a character Amy she oh my
god oh oh oh oh I invited you I invited you guys to on the challenge
I’m the challenge here which I’m this guy where my ass
I’m the challenge on the challenge support at mile walk calm you can share
yeah I mean just share with me what’s going on and you know just let me know
how you’re coming along and what you’re struggling with you know I can’t find
the company I can’t find the name whatever just tell me what your issue is
and I’ll try to address it and I’ll try to address it you know in a couple of
weeks oh there she goes Caracara beat me to it may what are your thoughts on extending
a start date on a job because of an illness so I mean my answer is if you’re
sick you’re sick I don’t love extending anything and no one would I know you
wouldn’t excite you wouldn’t rather do that but if you’re sick you’re sick and
then just you know hopefully it’s nothing major so hopefully hopefully
that’s okay but yeah I mean I would do it if I had to okay so
Ludovico yeah this is great hi Andy I recently found this statistic
sixty percent of jobs are found through referral what about contacting people on
LinkedIn to ask for an informational interview after interview ask them for a
referral okay couple things I I’m not sure so I the way I will not dispute
your stat cuz I don’t know where it came from
in my opinion and based on the stats that I gather that number is probably
not so out of bounds I think it’s a little high I’d be interested to know
what the entire sampling of the group is like the data that I give you is based
on 15,000 data points over 15 years but 60% of jobs being found through referral
normally the survey stats that we get from employers are lower than that that
the the the the you know most of employers hover around 24% or lower for
internal referrals that’s only because of the magnitude of jobs that they’re
searching for and the different means by which they get them some use executive
recruiters in combination with job postings some have great employee
referral programs and so on but and it also varies depending on your level some
some are just higher than others for example the lower earners and the
younger folks tend to get their jobs through
applicant tracking system submissions or job boards or other mediums like that
that that raised their percentages for those assets and decrease their
percentages on referrals but but regardless regardless networking in my
opinion is the best way I don’t care what age you are although I’ve balanced
out work plans for you in my job search master class if you want to check that
out I I would not contact people and ask for an informational interview I don’t
even like the words informational interview there’s really what you’re
doing is you’re networking and they’re not really interviewing you although if
they can help you and facilitate an introduction obviously you want to be in
your best behavior you want to be likable you want to be helping them and
all that good stuff and that it there’s nothing wrong with that I just the
nomenclature is the only thing I probably would adjust I would not use
informational interview in any contact or reach out that I make
you know there’s I’ve given you many different assets that you can you can
grab to do that but yes I would I would be now what can like crazy right now all
ten I don’t know what what you mean by the prices were stems we’re talking
about the boot camp there’s a lot of stuff in there all right anne-marie hi
Andrew you’re amazing I was love to hear that thank you a question took me three
years to finish your MBA awesome and to travel and now I’m coming back looking
for a job awesome what do you say about explaining this in
a job interview you just did you just did folks with Amory
first off I love that you did that I love that you took the time and got it
whether you did it part-time full-time whatever just explain it I went to
school I travelled a bit is a rare opportunity for me and I’m off and
running now that’s I mean that to me is everything
sorry everything that I would I would do everything that I would do
hanging a carrot is beeping at me here ah oh I missed that okay all right let
me go back let me go back into I can’t remember whose question that was but the
rating question it was nice w75 about hang on Karis told
me I missed something here if you are asked if you are asked how much you want
the job you want the job scale of one to ten ten so I hope that cleared that one
up and okay I missed who’d I miss Kevin colada he reposted at 10:54 let’s go
down to that Kevin sorry I missed you man I trying to get like I see it 11:58 I’m trying to go to Kenan I think I
addressed that yeah I think I got that alright she’s told me now I answer Mary
Jo is a bhoot camber hi I love it love you I love you back dear okay let me see
we’re what not Cara but folks I’m sorry yeah hang on let me I’m trying to get I
know we’re like way over what I said but hang on I’m trying to get as many of
these things as I can where was I pull done all right here we go I think I’m
back Gino with the thumbs ups and so forth there we go Annmarie sooo thumbs
up to be time they okay Jess come on how are you Winton how are you yeah take the
challenge folks come on man I’m here for you okay
Cara I’m at 1144 I got Andres let me know if I missed it you’re the slack
thing was behind it the other browser stuff that’s why I kept
missing it okay Andres I’m Andres 1144 is that that look right okay after up
okay so let me let me get the straight alright I’m at Andres after applying
using indeed I received an automatic message saying I need to do an automated
phone screen okay I have to record some answers which questions should I face
Andres what I would do is I would grab this book and if you do not have it care
maybe just pop in the link inside there is a chapter it’s it’s number six it’s
called my Silver Bullet interview here it is can you see this my Silver Bullet
wait I don’t know I got my Silver Bullet interview this inside this chapter are
the 14 most effective interview questions that you can be asked
43 variations of those questions why the employer asks them what the employer is
looking for in the very best responses when you get the book you don’t have to
so like when you guys when you order this book here’s what happens we get a
bunch of orders today and yesterday and the day before and so on seven days a
week Cara then gets pulls them out of the
system and we send them to the warehouse and the shipping company they pick them
out of the warehouse they pack them and then they mail them to you whether
you’re in the United States or whether you’re in the whether you’re out of the
country not usually so basically she sends it the next day and then they
usually ship them out the next day or sometimes that day and then it takes a
few days or it could take up to like 15 or 20 work days depending on where you
live but instantly you have access to the e-book in the audiobook and the
e-book is there’s a PDF which fits the Nook the Kindle the iPad the computer
anything you can read the whole thing and I I recorded the audio for you and I
broke it up by chapter and that Silver Bullet interview chapter that I just
showed you I recorded the audio of each one of those
Asians separately you can download all that stuff and listen to me in the car
or while you’re working out or whatever and I break it down and make it easier
for you to just say hey no I just want to focus on that one writes want to
focus on that once I didn’t record all that all together for you actually I
recorded that whole chapter together and then I recorded each of the questions
individually for you I was thinking about you guys years ago when I recorded
that but the only place you can get it is from my site you can get the e-book
and the end the in the book off Amazon but the e-book on Amazon is nine dollars
and the paperbacks twelve bucks and the hard bounds like 28 bucks so take it
from me I mean and then grab it and so I’m Tracy that’s what I would do and if
you don’t have it it is totally worth it and you get all that and then and then
on the other on the other side there’s a wonderful book with 75 questions that I
would ask the employer you’ll never run out of questions and I it’s a PDF ebook
that you can have as well yeah I just I want as many people to read interview
intervention as possible to the point where I will give it away okay let’s see
Mad Hatter how do I sign up for December 10th so I think what you’re asking is
how do you sign up remember I’ve got the free web live event the webcast by the
way in case your nomenclature if I say webinar that’s usually a recorded
session that you can watch when I have a live webcast I’m they’re sitting there
with you presenting it to you and answering your questions this thing is
on December 14th of job searching for executives and for professionals over 50
but I am now doing this thing with my live shows my live events where you got
to sign up 3 days in advance like the deadline is 3 days in advance
so that I can give you lessons before that you can look at they give you a
running start into the event and then I know you’re gonna be there I know you’re
engaged and I’m giving you the coaching instead of just letting you sign up for
stuff and then people blow it off and they don’t come so to
our tent that is there’s a video or sorry there’s a link to the page just
click it signup boom you’re in and I’ll be emailing actually will probably email
you tomorrow if you’re in the community just to announce this so if you don’t
want to sign up today just keep an eye out for your email tomorrow
I haven’t drafted email but I will we don’t I don’t do a lot in advance as you
could probably tell but it’s it’s good stuff all right Wilma
great Joshua great Rick good hope you’re doing well buddy thank you Andy I get
such a kick out of you hey you know what I kick I get a kick guys John you’re
welcome Amy you’re welcome Dan Morris dan is a good dude dan I dropped your
book the hiring prophecies in the mail now you got a signed interview
intervention and it’s signed tiring prophecies thank you for that nice
remark wenton great to see you gene oh you’re welcome Rick you’re
welcome Amy you’re welcome so Mad Hatter you will get an email tomorrow probably
like midday my mid day but there is a link in the description here and Kara
probably don’t care did you put the link in the thing for the event I don’t know
if you did that wait I think a my crystal I think I see Shawn was asking
me I think that was twice I bought a modern design resume template do you
recommend them crystal this is a great question this is a great question
crystal Adams wonderful okay I bought a modern designed resume meaning that’s
probably got graphics colors boxes icons I get it I do not recommend them number
one trust me when I tell you when a human is looking at them I know it they
think all the bells and whistles are pleasing but they’re not I’m just
looking for text and the harder it is for me to find it the worse I feel about
about the person’s resume I’m reading the applicant tracking systems if
you have to put that resume into an applicant tracking system it will have
an incredibly difficult time digesting the information the applicant tracking
system is a very dumb computer that is looking for zeros and ones it’s looking
for plain text if it sees hieroglyphics and funky smiley faces and tables and
things that are disrupting it it doesn’t digest it very effectively now I want to
throw a caveat in there if you’re a graphics person or design person or in
one of those roles where things need to be visually pleasing I give you license
to knock your socks off but I would not be sticking that in an applicant
tracking system it’s not going to go over well what you could do is you can
try to go into the applicant tracking system with the more plain template like
mine the one that I give you in the build build your ultimate professional
resume video you can down actually do it it might be links and I might have taken
the links out of this one but um but I don’t I don’t they do not help with the
80s so I hope that’s that’s crystal clear when you can get in on the 14th
with the link I care did you can you post that I don’t know if you posted
that in the chat I would definitely post the live event in the chat I don’t know
if I’ve seen it wait do you don’t think I’m telling look it’s my watch a man Amy
come on I make the stuff man I don’t I’m not like one of those TV shows where
they don’t have anything in their cups all right let me see ruch roof shop I’m
not sure how to pronounce that if I mispronounced it I always by the way if
you guys have names that are not intuitively obvious put the fruits
kitchen in there I like to call you out and I want to you know sometimes
phonetically it doesn’t always work but all right I thank you for follow my
videos they’re helpful glad to hear it do you have any additional tips for
international graduate students um you know what I you know
I get this every now and again I I I’m not at the risk of sounding like a nut i
I don’t I I it it doesn’t matter to me if you’re an international or if you’re
inside the US or if you’re a graduate student or recent college graduate or
don’t have a college degree the principles that I’m giving you most of
the time are tried-and-true across the board across the board so I’m glad you
like in the videos I think if you just follow that stuff you’ll be you’ll be in
good shape alright wait hey okay Amy you know I
love you okay this man makes me feel like I can conquer the well that’s what
I’m talking about folks you don’t have to do it exactly like I say all the time
like I just need you to get in motion and and don’t get me wrong I want you to
take the right steps and I want you to take them positively and confidently but
if if if that’s how you’re feeling that I know I did my job I did my job and I
do pride myself on having you I want to be unique in well I went out first off I
want to be me and I want you to be you and I want to be unique in what I can
offer you that you can’t just find watching somebody else’s ten minute
videos so you know I I think I told a lot of you this and I think I I’m I’m
I’m I feel good about this goal that I set for myself at the beginning of the
year I had two goals one of them was I want you to have through me I want to be
able to offer the second best might that my free training would be the second
best training that you could get in the market and my other goal is that my paid
training would be the best you know training that you can get in the market
and that I would I would offer it to you in a unique fashion and form it and that
I would be here with you week in and week out and on those weeks I miss I
make up twice the next week I mean next week I’m out but the following week I’m
here Thursday and you guys could all come on Friday to that event which will
which will be really really fun I’m gonna be talking about some things that
I don’t talk a lot about but I feel like you know that that group and that
demographic means that and I know a lot of you are
demographic better in my community all right let me see it’s one o’clock I’m
thirty minutes past where I wanted to be I gotta say so long folks cuz I got to
get on to something else I hope you enjoyed this I love having you don’t
forget grab this guy grab this guy keep check out the michael hyatt life score
assessment you know i sent you the email so you got the link for that I think
Kara put it in here check my social media page my facebook page or Twitter
or whatever and then and then I will see you Tuesday you’ve got a recorded video
Thursday I’m out with my wife and then I’m out with her in the weekend and then
I’m back the following Thursday December 13th and I invite you remember the
challenge remember the challenge support at my opcom just just a quick email hey
it’s going well hey I’m struggling with this hey here’s my issue I can’t seem to
do this or that what are your issues and I’ll try to reply back to you but at a
minimum believe me we will be collecting that and I’ll be talking about it in two
weeks so until then hope everybody’s great
work on the challenge have a you know I hope the holiday season is off and
running for you guys and I’ll catch up with you in a couple of weeks thanks a
lot for hanging in there with me the 123 they’re still here
guys are awesome I will see you will see in a week


  • R T says:

    Reposting my question from the live session. You said you may answer by email or this post, either is fine, Thanks. Also, signed up for Dec 14 session. QUESTION: I'm in IT security. Very recently laid off from 1st tier management slot, in mid 60's, like to work to 70. But IT very age-biased, and want job that is less taxing. How to do resume and search to go "down" career ladder and fight age bias?

  • Ludovico Riccardo Nocco says:

    Hi Andy! Thank you very much for getting to my question also this week! Many thanks from Italy! I mistyped, percentage of jobs found through referral was 40%. Here's the source:
    P.s. I never used the word "Informational interview". I just contacted them saying I'm exploring my career options and ask if they were available for a 15min call to answer a few questions about their role. I found online that this can lead to them offering a referral for you or also they start asking you questions if they like you and the "informational interview" turns into an actual interview right then! 🙂

  • Andrew LaCivita says:

    Thanks all for stopping by this super fun live office hours on the year-end job search secrets and I hope you enjoy the insider tips, 3 tips on finding you job at the end of the year, and I look forward to hearing from you on the 14-day challenge! I'll be back live on December 13th to recap your victories and issues related to the challenge! In the meantime, ask me your questions and pass along your comments below!

  • missy woodward says:

    Andy, you amaze me with the content you offer your community. You truly are giving back to help people find their jobs and dream careers. I cannot recommended you highly enough to people during their search. Thank you so much!

  • Vineca_Vineesa_ Gray says:

    Thank you for a rich 2 hours! I am going to take up your challenge and have registered for your Dec 14th session. You do realize that you will have to wear some foundation to cover up your suntan. Canadians are bit touchy about that….as we get ready for snowmageddon this weekend ;))

  • Sharad Srivastava says:

    Hi Andy, thank you for choosing this topic and sharing valuable tips. 👍
    My question is what would you suggest if someone not getting interview calls even after following all your job search tips (ats friendly resume, job portals and networking) if not getting interviews even with 11 yrs experience and versatile profile. Isn't it that mostly recruiters look only 1 or 2 specific skills and they don't care about rest of traits and competencies. Hope you got my question correctly. Plz advise. Thanks

  • taffy starxx says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I wanted to ask for your help with an email I’m trying to right. I want to send an email to a recruiter about a job opening. In the email, what sort of information should I include? Should I be talking about why I would a good fit or should I leave that to my resume & cover letter? I saw the job ad on LinkedIn & on their Facebook page. I would really love to be considered for this job. I want to make a good impression. Thanks 😁

  • SolidSnake120 says:

    There is something I'm really curious about, would you recommend Andrew reaching out directly to an individual, using the 4/7 sentence cover letter format for a job that is posted, or should you apply directly through the companies hiring page?

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