'Yellowstone' Exclusive Teaser Trailer Starring Kevin Costner | Paramount Network

'Yellowstone' Exclusive Teaser Trailer Starring Kevin Costner | Paramount Network


  • Kaven Gilbert says:

    This show looks sick

  • Leilababy89 says:

    This is my favorite show. Can't wait for season 2!! Costner still makes a damn good cowboy. And Beth, she's my damn spirit animal! But at the same time it's sad, because there really is a lot of these families losing their land that their family has had for 100 years or more because they cannot pay the inheritance tax… Such a fucking corrupt, thieving law.

  • donnalynnhope says:

    Every day I feel what a privilege it is to call Montana home and this show does the sweeping beauty of the Last Best Place justice. I'm Native as well, so this show was hyped here and has far exceeded expectations. The show is brilliant, gets your blood up, and the characters are believable and perpetually intriguing. There isn't one vapid moment.

  • Jane Marion says:

    Loved it! Finally something real, new and worth watching. It kept my attention.
    I want more, more episodes. I want to watch reruns!

  • Valerie Mangan says:

    Great show. Perfect vehicle for Costner. And Luke Grimes is terrific.

  • Valkyrie says:

    Hei is this an actual trailer? and not a mini movie revealing the plot?

    IM A M A Z E D

  • kelela37clch says:

    Yellowstone has been quite an intense and compelling series to watch so far! It ranks highly among the few television shows on my weekly "must see" viewing list!

  • Vladislav Volkov says:

    I want the background music🎼🎵🎶

  • Mariano Aguilar says:

    I wonder if thats a good guy or bad guy at 1:14

  • CTW Atlanta says:

    Watched it tonight! Great show! I grew up on a small farm in rural GA and visited Bozeman once. It's a lot like what the show appears to be. A bunch of rich transplants pretending to be cowboys/cowgirls that visit their ranches. While visiting there I saw 2 women carrying Louis Vuitton purses while wearing boots and hats and driving a Porsche 911 Targa. They were the epitome of idiotic looking rich people playing cowboy/cowgirl for the weekend. I feel sorry for the true locals that have to deal with those morons that are encroaching from all sides.

  • Kenneth Zinke says:

    Marisa Miller making a come back that looked sick, this is as American as apple pie, I trust Marisa Miller – one of my favorite women in the world, Marisa Miller is a rare gem, ❤️ Marisa Miller, is she a cast member of Paramount Network's Yellowstone?

  • Farm Wife says:

    Can this be watched on regular TV channel?

  • Roger Milla says:

    This looks fucking awesome, and anyone wanna tell me who that MILF is at 1:11?

  • Dave Sanatore says:

    This looks awesome

  • Captain Goomba says:

    This looks sick as Hell!

  • Edgar Garcia says:

    This looks a lot like Longmire and Longmire was freaking awesome and this looks just as good if not better

  • PaulBodyBuilder says:

    I want to b a COWBOY

  • PaulBodyBuilder says:

    Holly Shit

  • Knightwarrior29 says:

    If Yellowstone doesn't go boom movie is not worth it

  • MrJonnyCole says:

    This looks great

  • Taylor Sessions says:

    It's a new season of Longmire!

  • Movie Trailers 2017 says:

    Very good movie

  • Fantasy Movie Trailers says:

    Good trailer

  • A L I E N S says:

    Sicario? sign me up!

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