are you having troubles lately that especially on weekends when Premier League or other food tease your IPTV doesn't work anymore well that most likely happens to you if you live in the UK but it also happens to some in other countries and in this video we talk about why that is and what you can do about it hey folks my receiver's commercial TV thank you so much for tuning into this video today hope you hit all a great an amazing day and today we talk about IPTV no I will not show you one of this IPTV fear that's the ones I use usually and in case you're curious what it is it is the multi apk from IPTV choices they have a couple of services bundles I featured them in the past but that's not the topic today the topic today is more and more you see it on Facebook I see it on telegram telegram it's a chat tab like whatsapp but just paid off and they're lots of channels 5 PDB groups as well as their save myself and Facebook and you can you can set the time for it on Saturday when the EPL starts you've been Premier League or Champions League waiver or something else then suddenly the people come into the channels or onto Facebook or somewhere else and complain that their IPTV service is not working anymore so why is that and what's actually behind it and in this short video I just want to explain you it's not the IPTV service it's your ISP they say there's a thing going around the big 6-quart from UK basically the 6 big providers in UK have come together and after Premier League event occurred a year ago of one and half or two years ago basically they decided every time when the Premier League is life they block the big IPTV providers you can be lucky if you have a very small IPTV provider that you are not yet blocked or if your ISP is not under the SP who participate in that then you can also be lucky that you're not getting dropped but if you live in the UK and you won't have one of the major SPS or also in some other countries I heard recently happens in Ross I recently had a in u.s. for some high-speed likes our spectrum chata whatever how it is hardly scored so and these blocks always stopped when the footy message met you stopped and when as soon as coverage the live coverage from me from the Premier League is over a PDA services I accessible again so how does it happen and what happens exactly well what exactly happens is very simple there are two currently two methyls how there is peace block it the first is they obviously know the bigger ptb providers they are known and their services get blocked because they just buy an account they figure out their piece they don't even need to buy an account figuring out their piece it's not it's not very uh it's not a big task especially for network admins and they just block the access to this to this IPS for the time being the other option and that's what mainly happens to I speed outside the UK is cisco has developed a while ago actually the first public release or enterprise release came out around one and a half three years ago already they have developed the software which can detect streams the ice piece doesn't want and can either slow them down or can completely block them so it means the software is capable of learning this stream is a stream i don't want if it's a stream which is not belongs to netflix amazon to the big public streaming services this software learn instead and then act according the settings from the ISP in a block it or throttle it a tarantella and that's the reason why many people often have buffering from one second of another or the hippie service IPTV service for many months even years it always worked fine and suddenly it suffers completely that's not because their TV service can completely bad it's mostly because as piece using one of these technologies either with this self-running technology from Cisco and I guess other enterprise network companies there if they make provisioning software for Internet service providers as well or they on purpose block your service which you use on certain times such as the Premier League and that's what happens and there's nothing the IPTV service can do nothing your I speak can or would do and nothing you can do except there are a couple of things you can do you can use you can try to use some like hidden rohypnol or proxies or things like that or you can use the VPN does that work that's a different question yes for the most part it works and especially we PN work actually very well if you have a decently pen a paid one ideally circumvent in this block actually works because what you do is you connect via tunnel directly to the VPN and then from the VPN through your IPTV provider that means or whatever you access as well basically everything but you access from this from this device so basically your ISP can block whatever he wants as long as he does not block the IP addresses from the VPN service you can work around that and should you do is it legal to work around that well that first of all depending in which country you are and the second of all it depends are what you're doing technically your ISP is legally not allowed at least in most countries in Europe is legally not allowed to prevent you from accessing anything so I'm not 100% sure if what the ice piece in the UK do if that is hundred percent legal but apparently no one has challenged them yet so maybe someone needs to challenge them because if they would come with the argument the IPTV service you are watching is illegal which not every IPTV service is illegal by the way some are some not then why only block it to the Premier League times why not block it entirely and if it's not legally then they do something illegal with blocking it and favoring the Premier League which obviously has a huge amount of money in that so I'm not a solicitor or lawyer and I'm not the right person I cannot tell you that but what happens is in fact and I see it in the in the social media until I come in the chain I mean couple channels where IPTV providers are and you really can set the clock it's EPL starts half an hour before or 15 minutes before paying people come into the channel my PDV is not working anymore my streams are not working anymore and suddenly when they've got old use European suddenly it works again so it's quite obvious and yeah that's how it is it's currently very strong in the UK and it will come for sure in other countries as well maybe not now maybe in a month maybe next year I don't know I don't know what US and US size piece – I know for sure that some of the size piece are to block streams they are not basically acknowledged by them and yeah you have not much choice other than working around or leave it if you want to work around you need something which basically circumvents the block from the ice P and in my personal opinion as long as there's not a current ruling which says that ice P is allowed to block certain streams or to block access in my opinion what the ice P stars is not legally so maybe someone really needs to challenge them at some point but that not my decision and if you were affected by that and you don't want to go in front of Kurt just to get right use the VPN that's what I do and what many others – and it works fine if you don't have a VPN as always in my description is a link to a VPN with a coupon code where you get 56 percent off so it's basically a super deal with up to 10 devices but if you have already be paying and you happen if that is totally fine you don't need to buy my VPN that's not devices be this for and if you do you support a channel which is great if you don't absolutely fine he also can try a free VPN you probably won't get the speeds out like from the premium VPN I made a speed test a while ago between premium VPNs where you pay for it and free VPNs you can check that out if I don't forget a link it up there and so if your premium EPN for a couple bucks a month you basically save secure your ISP doesn't see where yourself cannot use your data for any advertisement and sell it etcetera etc and also cannot block you if you want to watch your booty so alright folks that's it for this video just a little short video to explain you why you might run into these problems I really hope you don't do but if you do you know know what you can do and I hope you enjoyed this video if so please give it a thumbs up if you didn't enjoy it but didn't like it give me the thumbs down please don't read it understand just because you didn't like the bad news and share the video greatly appreciate it and now if you don't subscribe yet then by all means if you want to see more of this content click the button below and click Subscribe and click the button on the side gets you notified when new videos coming up for me and I hope to see him an extra happy great day folks take care bye bye


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